Here we go again: The Stranger's Election Endorsements, this time for the actual election (as opposed to that primary nonsense in which no one who reads The Stranger partakes). By now sensible citizens no doubt know the procedure: Scrutinize the list of candidates this wretched rag endorses, then cast your vote for the opposing candidates. Don't want to be seen in public with the paper? The Stranger's editors sympathize: they've seen fit to print a handy "cheat sheet" which can easily be pocketed for clandestine cribbing.

The Disgruntled ProfessorEnsuring this week's issue is only read by tireless wonks, ELI SANDERS continues the politico scribbling with a profile of underdog mayoral candidate Professor Al Runte. Mr. Sanders's piece is agreeably readable; Professor Runte's campaign, however, should be called "Snowball's Chance in Hell 2005."