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That's it. Enough. I've had enough of your fucking insults and your constant demands for loyalty. It's been 11 years since I stupidly let your miserable, controlling, worthless bullshit into my life, and I won't let you ruin my life anymore. You abuse me with your language of fear and control, you force me on the scale every morning, every night. You deride me for every piece of food I put in my mouth, and you guilt me into throwing it up. You force me to run run run off every fucking calorie and more. You couldn't even leave me alone on my wedding day, screaming at me to purge the piece of wedding cake that I ate. I'm addicted to your hate, to your abuse, to your promises of safety and happiness, but you lie. My life with you is nothing but sickness and sunken cheeks. So I'm leaving you, you fucking festering blight. I am worth more than anything you've ever given me, and I won't hang my head over your shiny white pit of broken promises anymore. FUCK YOU.