Bow down! I said, "BOW DOWN, you unworthy tub of crap!" Bow down before the wondrous exalted majesty of his holiness, C. Thomas Howell. WHAT?!? You did NOT just pretend to be ignorant of C. Thomas Howell's contributions to society. What kind of contributions? Oh. Well... like... like... The Outsiders, jerkhole! C. Thomas Howell acted the SHIT out of that movie as Ponyboy Curtis. (Like when he bawled like a baby over the peeling, blistered skin of burn victim Ralph Macchio? If I had been there, I would've thrown up!)

Like what else? Okay... like... mmmm, like... like... Red Dawn! Oh, hell to the YEAH! Red Dawn was extra awesome, because C. Thomas Howell went all ape-poop, killing hordes of stinking commies, and guzzling down jugs of deer's blood like it was strawberry Nesquik. (Now, THAT'S dedication to your country. Hippie.)

And what else? Geez, you're bustin' my sack here! FINE. Like... like, like... oh! Like SOUL MAN, playa! That's where C. Thomas Howell pretended to be black to snag a college scholarship! And while this role would've ended a lesser actor's career, Howell went on to star in such timeless classics as the volleyball movie Side Out, the made-for-TV movie Killer Bees!, and an episode of Battle of the Network Stars. Hmmm. Okay, maybe Soul Man kinda killed his career.

HOWEVER! Ponyboy! And that Russky-shootin' teen who drank deer's blood! Those roles alone are enough to seal his fate as one of Hollywood's most criminally forgotten actors. Happily for everyone alive, the Fox hit 24 (Mon, 9 pm) is single-handedly reviving the careers of many overlooked actors—including Designing Women's Jean Smart, The Goonies' Sean Astin, and Twin Peaks' Ray Wise—and will now be spotlighting the awe-inspiring talents of one C. THOMAS HOWELL. (Sob! We are so unworthy!)

But will this role live up to C. Thomas Howell's estimable talents? Judge for yourself! Thus far in 24, super agent Jack Bauer has been tracking terrorists who are threatening to squirt nerve gas all over an unsuspecting populace! (Jerks.) Meanwhile, Jack's daughter Kim (the hotsy-totsy Elisha Cuthbert) discovers her father is not dead, as she was led to believe, and for reasons that are unknown to me at this time, invites her therapist to help Jack deal with the escalating situation. And the therapist is C. Thomas Howell! OH, BOY! What I wouldn't do to have C. Thomas Howell as my therapist. My current therapist is a goddamn QUACK who keeps telling me my problem is that I need to get LAID. (Jerk.)

Anyway, I cannot WAIT to see these episodes. Maybe C. Thomas Howell's therapist is just as hot for Elisha Cuthbert as I am, and tries to sleep with her! Sure, that could be considered unethical, but maybe Elisha's "problem" is that she needs to get LAID. And if you ask me, those terrorists need to get LAID as well! But then, I'm no therapist. What I am is a diehard fan of C. THOMAS HOWELL: actor, humanitarian, inspiration. Stay golden, Soul Ma—I mean, Ponyboy! recommended