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I haven't spent any more or less time in bars since the smoking ban than I did before. Generally, I appreciate that I don't have an ashtray smell lingering on me, my coat, or my hair after going out for a few beers. I prefer to come home with my eyes not desiccated. And with the amount of time I spend in bars, it's refreshing to know my skin's a little healthier.

What's not refreshing, however, is the phenomenon I shall refer to as bar farts. Without the cigarette smoke to mask the smell, it's possible to be accosted by many different patrons' gassy emissions in one night. I'm sure these people aren't farting any more than they used to, and maybe they do it thinking they're in a crowded room and nobody will know it's them. It's disgusting, and there should be a 25-foot rule for this as well.