Dear Local Rag,

For so long, I've trusted you. I went to the restaurants you recommended, I saw the shows you suggested. I even voted for the politicians you backed. No more! I forgave you when you backed a mayor who single-handedly killed your pet monorail. I said it wasn't your fault when he forced through puritanical strip-club laws and made our city a national laughingstock. I applauded when you grew some balls and opposed his pie-in-the-sky tunnel project. But now he is trying to enact de facto prohibition by creating draconian laws that would make owning a bar in Seattle impossible. I've had it, local paper. I'm only glad that I saw through your hypocrisy and voted for the challenger. I trusted you to lead the fight. But now it's clear you're just like all the other status quo pansies in this town, happy to take pot shots, but too chicken to stand up and fight. Content to dream but afraid to follow your big ideas.