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Bitter, Bitter


GRC: You are an idiot, a moron, a pricktard, and a complete, utter, irredeemable bastard, and I only have a thin veneer of humanity stopping me from hoping your co-religionists don't condemn you to the fate to whom they've consigned so many: raped and/or beaten to death. Every penny you put in the plate funds Evil, GRC, and I can't stand beside you.

There will be no true freedom in this country until the last priest and/or minister is dead (of natural causes) and the last church is burned to the ground (by popular acclamation of the illuminated populace).
Who pissed in your cheerios, NT?

Not every religion out there is trying to turn their parishioners into zombies, or whatever it is you're afraid of.

Look up More Light churches (that's the Presbyterian version, there are equivalent movements in a lot of other churches, I just don't know their names) and you'll see there are a fair number of Christians out there who have absolutely no problem with homosexuality. For example, the interim pastor of my mother's church? Gay. And nobody has a problem with that.

Please, don't tar all Christians, and all Christian churches, with the same brush. Christian doesn't necessarily mean sex-negative homophobe.
Melissa Trible @2:

0) The Catholics. Also, see below:
1) I'm a man.
2) 1 Timothy 2:11-15.
3) By 1) and 2), we shouldn't even be having this argument, or any argument, or indeed any conversation.

You are livestock.

You exist only to bring Christian men into the world. (Some womb-bearing units will be collateral damage, of course, but raised as Christians, they can also help to make Christian men, so it's acceptable.)

That is the only purpose your scripture allows you to have. If you're happy with that, that's ok, but the moment you or your co-religionists go trying to make your beliefs into civil law, they stop being your business and start being my business.

And you know what? I don't want bishops deciding what health care is appropriate for me or my loved ones, I don't want Bronze Age zealots deciding which of my fellow citizens can exercise their rights as human beings, and I don't want an entity that lies to have any input into any decision that affects me at all.

"Sex-negative homophobe" is written in the book (1 Corinthians 7, Romans 1:26-27), and you can't disagree with that. So make up your mind: are you a Christian or not? If so, it's your duty to shut up and obey any idiot who happens to have testicles, and to breed more robots (derived from Czech "robota," which means "serf laborer") to carry on your faith and to exterminate those who don't. If not, there is a way out . . .

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