It had to happen once this year; heck, even a stopped clock gets it right twice a day. Still, the fact that this week's news section—devoted almost entirely to last week's horrific shooting spree at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle—turned out so well is tantamount to a miracle. JOSH FEIT and BRENDAN KILEY (yes, Theater Editor Brendan Kiley) have filed such an exceptional report on the history of gunman Naveed Haq that I have little to complain about. There is, however, a lesson in this miracle: As I've been saying for some time, even the addition of a theater pansy would harden this supposedly "hard-bitten" news team. Turns out I was right. PLUS: In the Hall and In Other News

FEATURE:Gay Marriage

Following last week's ruling by the Washington State Supreme Court upholding this state's Defense of Marriage Act (a ruling whose recognition of the "binary biological nature of marriage" is sure to upset both of my wives), The Stranger's arsenal of Leviticus-spurning "gay rights" whiners evidently went into full-on ballistic mode. Hence this package, featuring such "luminaries" as ELI SANDERS, DAVID GOLDSTEIN, EVAN WOLFSON, DAN SAVAGE, and JOSH FEIT waxing exquisitely victim-like over the ruling.