You are an AA celebrity. Your meetings are a big hit—you have to come early just to get a seat. What people don't realize is that you use your power, your razzle- dazzle, to manipulate and hurt people. You choose your prey, usually a young white male with dark hair who is totally powerless and confused because of his alcoholism (they don't have to fit the physical description, they just need to be desperate). You get them dependent on you, you groom them, tell them they are so special, that they are a child of god. You will read "spiritual literature," then tell them that they must be denying their homosexuality, and that is the root of their troubles—not their alcoholism, but that they are really gay. Then you will make your move, you will suck their dicks or reach down their pants in the name of AA. You fucking sicko! Does anyone in the meeting wonder why your protégés disappear? It is because they now hate the only thing that could help them with their addiction; they hate the program. All of us sit here and let you do it, but since there are no rules in AA, I cannot make you stop. I can't even smear your name, because it is not "spiritual." The program tells me to pray for those I am resentful toward. I pray that karma will take you out or that you get some help. I'll do this until I figure out a "spiritual" way to empower those of us who know, and find a way to combat the evil within you.