I've been called many things: a sissy, a nancy boy, a flower, a fop, a dandy, a girly man, a fancy lad, a prissy pants, a ponce, a Little Lord Fauntleroy, and even "Senorita Sweetlips" (though I don't understand why that's such a bad thing). In actuality, I'm the badassiest of badasses. I rarely if ever get my nails professionally manicured, and sometimes... I even use substandard clippers! And when I'm goaded into drinking whiskey shots at the bar, I say, "Screw that," and ask for milk—even though I'm lactose intolerant and may end up with a case of the fanny burps.

Need further proof I'm tough? One time, my car broke down in the middle of nowhere, and I had to wait THREE HOURS while my driver walked six miles to buy me rose water to splash on my face. Naturally, the idiot returned with the wrong brand, and I was forced to attend the National Scented Handkerchief Convention smelling like a hobo. Now, you may not consider that "tough," but these scented-handkerchief bitches can be real "feelings hurters"!

Now, I realize that some of you are much more "fey" than I, and may need some toughening-up lessons. Therefore, may I suggest the toughest network on TV, the History Channel? Suddenly, this once boring channel for retired veterans with dementia has become the "go to" network for testosterone-fueled tough-guy TV.

For example, there's Tougher in Alaska (Thurs 10 pm) where meatbag host Geo Beach guides us through the harshest, most brutally dangerous parts of Alaska—where I'm pretty sure I won't be able to find my favorite eye cream. Then there's Ax Men (Sun 10 pm), which faithfully depicts the rough-and-rowdy loggers who risk their lives chopping down trees in the Oregon wilderness, just so I can pluck my ear hair with redwood tweezers. (Thanks, guys!)

But perhaps the toughest of all the History Channel's shows is Ice Road Truckers (season premiere, Sun June 8, 9 pm). Professional truck drivers risk freezing their juicies off while transporting goods across the frozen ocean north of the arctic circle. And if that ice happens to break? Kersploosh! In less than a minute, they're popsicles. Naturally, I'd be able to withstand such a grueling job thanks to my high tolerance of cold, and a coat made from ermine and the finest clubbed sea otters.

However, while the gentlemen featured in these shows may indeed be "tough," I'm fairly certain they'd poop their panties if they had to participate in the new show I'm pitching to the History Channel entitled DEATH DONKEY TRAIL! Here's the premise: a thousand crates of extremely volatile Ebola-infused nitroglycerin must be delivered over a dangerous and narrow mountain path. Why? Don't pester me with details. All you need to know is that the only way to get it there is via a squad of crippled donkeys, ridden by death-row prisoners. If they aren't blown apart or infected by the Ebola virus first, the surviving prisoners will receive a full pardon as well as a scented handkerchief and kiss on the nose from "Senorita Sweetlips." And what's so fey about that? recommended