Stranger: I find myself in the position of devil's advocate on this one (no pun intended) ["Rock God: The Holy Spirit Comes to Neumos," Jonah Spangenthal-Lee, Nov 20; see also "Crossed Out," page 17]. While I am a liberal agnostic and have no interest in the Mosaic Community Church and would probably disagree with their politics, I must say that I feel that they have a point. To be blunt, Capitol Hill IS a godforsaken hellhole. When I do plug my nose and go to a show at a club on Capitol Hill, I can't help but get the feeling that I am in the coldest and most heartless place on earth. I want to take a bath when I get home. I say that Mosaic Community Church should have a presence on the Hill; they couldn't make it any worse than it already is.

Steven Martin


Dear Editor: They pay, let them be. Neumos has always been a popular spot for up-and-coming artists; why can't the MCC be thought of as the same? If you don't agree with the message, don't listen. Simple. I'm sure this won't last in Capitol Hill, but give them their 15 minutes.

Dani Johnson


EDITOR: Mormons are annoying, but so are you ["Let's Mock Mormons!" Nov 20; see also "Let's Mock Mormons... Again!" page 9]! I agree that it's frustrating that the Mormon Church used their power and influence to get their members to pay their way to a Prop 8 victory, but I think it's equally frustrating that The Stranger is so juvenile when it comes to handling the aftermath. How about using that creative energy in other, more productive ways? Like, say, actually having a lucid debate column analyzing what has happened instead of referencing magic underwear two times a paragraph. Cheap shots and disrespect will only get you so far.



Editor: The Washington State Bartenders Guild's number-one goal is to expand our state's awareness of cocktails, spirits, wine, and beer—and Bethany Jean Clement's story we believe really hit the spot with what we believe in and what we will achieve in the coming years ["Spirit Portfolio," Nov 20]. As you sit at the bar of one of the bartenders of the WSBG, you can feel pretty comfortable in knowing that this bartender really cares about the drink that he or she is making for you, whether it's a classic pre-Prohibition cocktail, perhaps a cocktail of their invention, or a great wine or beer. There are many spirits at our bars that most people are unaware of, and you can trust a WSBG bartender to find great uses for these liquors—so stop in to one of our bars, sit at the bar, and ask the bartender to mix for you your new favorite cocktail.

Andrew Friedman, President, WSBG


EDITOR: I understand and respect both sides of the Proposition 8 issue ["Anatomy of a Protest," Nov 20]. However, if marriage was traditionally a Christian practice, then why are we rewarding that practice with tax breaks, benefits, etc. for married couples? I have no problem welcoming gay marriage and various other gay rights. However, there will need to be massive changes done to our current legal and tax laws.

We should revoke every religion's 501(c)(3)—a federal tax exemption for charities, research organizations, and various other organizations that are of some benefit to society. How many charitable organizations have the massive buildings that religious organizations have? Do we see scientists with Armani suits, lavish homes, and flashy automobiles?

The funds that are created from the taxing of religious institutions should go toward fixing our legal system and tax codes so that people who truly want to get married should be able to do so and do it for the reason that it was originally intended: love.

Matthew Thomas Cornwall


EDITOR: I'm one of those people who—since the election—feels proud to be an American for the first time in eight years. To show it, I've decided to buy an American flag and fly it from my house on Inauguration Day in January. I've never owned a U.S. flag before, much less displayed it on my house. But it feels right to do it now. I sure think it'd be cool to drive around Cap Hill—and the rest of Seattle—and see flags everywhere. After having our patriotism questioned for so long, isn't it time to show those Republican/red-state SOBs that we really DO love our country just as much as they do? Let's reclaim our flag from the lapel-pin gestapo.