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High People Just Wanna Chill, You Dumbass


ahhh yes. the boys in blue...or should i say powder blue?

why don't you go make some real arrests?
Smoking pot at the crack in the jack parking lot has got to be the dumbest idea I've ever heard. You must've already been high, or don't go there very often. Everytime I've gone by that parking lot, there is always a crusier there. Did you not go in the alley, or across the street in the poorly lit parking lot across the street?

Sucks, but, really? Come on Schmader, you put better I, Anons up on the slog this week, jeez.
Ha ha, this is actually funny!

Jack in the Box. On the Ave? Dumbfucks who get high in the Jack in the Box on the Ave parking lot are the reason pot was made illegal in the first place.
In a dumbass cop's mind, a joint IS as dangerous as an AK-47. C'mon people were talking about the same cops who maced women in parked cars during WTO. The same cops who can't figure out that 2nd avenue is a drug supermarket after 2:00AM. Don't ask them to do thier job, they are still working out grudges they've held since grade school.
Ummm...dude. You can get that cop in a little trouble or at least totally embarass him.

Get his report and see what his excuse was for approaching your vehicle. It won't mention anything about pot, but if you lodge a complaint you can at least put as much effort into taking him to task and embarrassing him as you put into venting.

Venting is good though, don't get me wrong.

He should be respecting the voices of the citizens he's employed to protect.

Those citizens have decided that until every rape, murder, robbery and vandalism case has been solved they do not want their money spent on grieving illegal pot smokers.

It's worth getting upset about.
been there. it is pretty damn ridiculous to ask for backup and have 8 cops around you. reminds me of when I was fucking around with non-alcoholic beer as a joke, and about 12 RAs surrounded us in the dorm. i wonder if there are any stories of high people getting out of control and fighting with cops. one joint and you get a fine, community service... etc... And while they are busy surrounding you, people are handing out roofies and getting beaten and white collar crime is rampant- which wastes more money and causes more deaths than all violent crimes.
You don't say if you're in your car when this happened, BUT, if you WERE planning to DRIVE when you're BAKED, then you were a danger to yourself and others, just as much as if you were drunk. Eight cops does seem excessive, though! Best wishes.
Chill at home, not in your car, where you're a threat to yourself and others, just as though you were drunk. Best wishes.
Sorry, I didn't mean to post the same idea twice.
High people just wanna chill! Perhaps, but you're pretty close to winning a Darwin Award if you keep up your whining. Do it in private or accept responsibility for the harassment you brought upon yourself by its naked disdain for the law, low priority or not. Maybe get an education with the money you're blowing on your chill.
You got busted because, low priority or not, you're a worthless fucking loser who was blazing up in a Jack in the Box parking lot? What are you? 15? Grow the fuck up you pathetic cunt. The police might have over reacted, but it sounds to me like a night or two in jail would be goddamned good for you. Shut your fucking face, quit hanging out in parking lots and blaming everyone else for your problems.

You want to know why you got busted for smoking pot? BECAUSE YOU WERE SMOKING POT SHIT HEAD.
From this person's attitude, I think they kinda asked for it.
You can always run for president. Or stay at home with the bong.
As someone who regularly smokes on the Ave and all over the U district/ Seattle in general..... dude... be discreet.. the f-ing parking lot??? you're retarded. take a walk over to one of the nice parks or something... use your brain...however baked you are... and stop giving the responsible stoners like me a bad name... cause if i have a run in with the children in blue.. i dont need your image screwing up mine, vice versa.. ill keep my profile low for your sake... We are all in this together dude...

And to the fucking pig ass mother fuckers in blue... you're the type of people who burned ants with magnifying glasses when you were children, lower than lawyers... you say you protect the community.. Bullshit... go do something worth while. Id rather see weed on the streets than the guns attached to your hips. Please in the future, use your brains as well in assessing threats to our community... someone smoking a joint is no threat... at best they are mild entertainment.
How stupid. What are you like 16 and cant smoke at home like the rest of us, cause your mom will smell it or something?
Funny side story... I turned an old AK-47 into a bong and I smoke out of that. Ironic? No. Brilliant? yes.
Seriously? Really?

Anyone who is not smart enough to avoid getting caught smoking pot in public needs to get out of the gene pool before you reproduce and pass on that stupidity to a new little Phish follower. I hope this is your 5th offense and you get shanked in county lockup.
I agree this person is really dumb. I'm a hardcore stoner, have been for years and I've NEVER had trouble with the police. Why? Because I smoke on MY OWN DAMN PROPERTY, not in some public parking lot.

You might as well sit there with a big sign that says "arrest me." Yeah, eight cops is unreasonable, but we all know they're unreasonable and you can't just play with a rabid dog and then whine when it bites you.
Geez, take a chill-pill yourself. Try reading this week's Last Days. At least they didn't haul you off for raping a 13-y.o., denying you an attorney and forcing a confession out of you. C'mon, figure it out: Cops are not your friends, they're not their to protect you, and they will fuck w/ you as much as they want. Keep them at a distance & you'll be fine.
I can think of many places a block from there where you could smoke in peace. The only place I have lit up in public was Hempfest, Lollapalooza, and Bumbershoot, all in the mid-90s.
Fuck off, hippie. If you're in the parking lot smoking a doob, you're a fucking moron to begin with. Why not put a giant sign over your head that says "Darwin Award Candidate in Training"? Honestly, if you're doing something that dumb, in public, with a cigarette-shaped item, the cop ain't gonna come bust you UNLESS you were being a shithead to other people in the first place. So rather than being all up in the cops' face, maybe you ought to wonder what you did to piss off the people AROUND your stupid high ass?

Fuck your entitled self-pity party, you smelly patchouli passive-aggressive bitch.
At a college near mine a stoner was shot and killed when the cops came into his room guns loaded. I dont know the entire story but the kid wasnt armed. Possibly he made a threatening move but I doubt it.
Mutha Fuck the Police!!!
Wait - let me get this straight. You were smoking pot (illegal, ridiculous as it seems in this century) you were doing it openly in public, you get busted for it, and you're pissed off. In the words of my father: Why don't you use your head for something besides a hat rack?
Come on Dude - you made a stupid decision and got caught. Did they over react? Id' say so, but it was YOUR actions that started the ball rolling...
Wise up.
Jesus, who stands around that Jack in the Box on the ave??
Yes,I would definetely recommend staying at home when getting stoned, get the Jack in the box before hand, though
Can I have my own column, please???
You are a jerk. Officers have no idea what you have in your vehicle. That officer requesting an extra unit to back him had NOTHING TO DO with the pot. Your "rant" just shows that you have absolutely no sight, or understanding, about police work. Officers have to approach every single person as though they are armed and going to shoot them becaue GUESS THE FUCK WHAT? It could happen. FUck you, go whine somewhere else. Oh yeah, enjoy hating the police. Until you actually need them, at which point I am sure you will call 911, be a dick, and scream about response time. Fuck you.
Well at least you didn't have any PORN with you,O'Neill and his cronies would have had a field day,as that now seems to be a MAJOR priority on the hill these days!
Dear pot smoking asshole,

Let's see... Eight cops, and one stoner in a car smoking pot in a public place. Hmmm. You must have been being quite the idiot to get eight cops. Two cops maybe three cops, but eight cops. I'm going to have to say that whatever you were doing involved some wonderful form of mental retardation. Go watch some Chris Rock before you get high next time. He has some insightful lessons for your dumb ass.
Only in this stupid fucking company can people whine this much about police. Most countries, the police force will show you miserable chicken shits some REAL fucking terror. Try smoking pot in a parking lot in a Parisian suburb. Not only will there be 8 cops, they will beat the everloving shit out of you. Maybe try to get you deported for good measure.

Point is: most places on this planet the police are actually out to get you. Not this one, as much as you whiny, upper middle class white Seattle douchebags would like to believe.
No brains, no headache.
"Upright Seattlite" (should read "Uptight".) Do you even know what you are talking about? If you were truly concerned about police "respecting the voices of the citizens" you would be investigating the staffing issues that plague SPD.
Any person who is familiar with the police to citizen ratio in this city should be disgusted and terrified. Do some research, check out how many police officers we have on the streets versus other major cities. Verify the fact that we have the same amount we had in 72. Do some leg work. Then take your "upright" self and do some 'splaining. I.E. how can citizens be fully protected, when there are not even close to enough officers on daily patrol to cover the basic geography ? But oh wait, you really don't care about that do you? You live in the" I hate the police you better fucking do what I want even though I hate you" city. Don't you? It sure is hard to argue for increased staffing while also polishing your freshman-year-college-radical-up-with-people stance....
Thanks for wasting my tax dollars on the "lowest priority" officer(s) JackASS!
And to those saying smoking and driving is the same as drinking and driving, you are quite wrong. Im NOT suggesting its ok to smoke and drive but studies show that a driver high on marijuana tends to drive slower then even the speed limit so the lowered reaction times are basically equalized by the slower speeds and extra caution.
sounds like a small town cop with some kind of complex..fuck em
The U-District Jack in the Box parking lot?

That is the armpit of the District right there.

I'm glad the police have a no tolerance policy for that forsaken bit of real estate. Even so, it's still the nexus for every dropout juvi criminal and sociopath beat-down artist with nothing better to do in the area. And there seem to be more and more of them lately.

Maybe you don't live in the community and didn't know that. The cops are going to put on a big show for even the smallest offense 'cause that's how to nip that shit in the bud.
The Jack in the Box parking lot?

That is the armpit of the Ave right there.

I'm glad the police have a no tolerance policy for that forsaken bit of real estate. Even so, it's still the nexus for every dropout juvi criminal and sociopath beat-down artist with nothing better to do in the area. And there seem to be more and more of them lately.

Maybe you don't live in the community and didn't know that. The cops are going to put on a big show for even the smallest offense 'cause that's how to nip that shit in the bud.
double post, my bad
8 cops on one guy with a joint?
300 against 2 in Thelma and Louise....
no wonder they're never around when you actually need 'em!

Bad doughnut!
Driving while you're high isn't a threat to others, unless you're afraid of being left with a bruise after being hit by a car that is going only 7 miles per hour (even though the driver thinks he/she is doing 25).
Yeah, smoking a joint doesn't hurt anyone, and high people just wanna chill, but have you ever wondered about how the weed got into your joint? Your weed is soaked in blood. Read the news about all the death in Mexico lately.
ooooo, you're so bad, mr. i-smoked-pot-in-the-jack-in-the-box-across-from-school-and-got-arrested-by-8-cops-for-it.

i'm sure you have bragged about this to everyone you know and possibly even your grandma.

the only points i'm going to reward you with is for highlighting the fact that u-dist cops are never there when we need them. they are always off doing something stupid like this, instead of preventing the mugging and stabbing that happens every 1.2 seconds in the u-dist.

i live near that jack in the box,and always do beer runs at that safeway next to it. it's a totally exposed and open parking lot that little uw students like myself traverse through all night long. of course they always have an eye on it, you fucking dumbass!

and the cherry on the top of your sundae of stupidity is that there's nearly ALWAYS a cop inside that safeway at night, who stands by the windows! why would anyone do anything illegal (no matter how legal it should be) in that parking lot?

I'm guessing Policeman Bob was one bust short of his quota for the month, and so were his friends.

The polizei get a bit ornery when the Big Box O' Donuts is in jeopardy.
You should have gone to the designated weed spot on CapHill: Volunteer Park.
I smoke a bit from time to time, but as for you idiots who say that driving is fine when you're wasted, get a grip (on something other than a bong).

Yeah, so what that *reaction times* aren't significantly impaired by smoking pot? Reaction times are only a small part of driving skill, and are normally only crucial when there are sudden changes in traffic flow.

The major input into safe driving is *situational awareness*. And, dudes, if you don't get distracted by the pretty lights/scenery going by, the thumping sounds on the car soundsystem, and the cute babe caressing your thigh, you're not smoking the right stuff.
I have to agree that getting stoned in your car only means you are going to be driving stoned. And a stoned driver is dangerous to public, but since you obviously don't think so just shows how self absorbed and careless you are.

It is because of idiots like you who go around driving under the influence that pot is still illegal. If all the old ladies weren't terrified of stoners on the road we might be able to light one up without being criminals. Thanks a lot, shit head!
Hush, you're an idiot. You think all pot comes from Mexico? Please. The drug wars south of the border are about hard drugs like cocaine and heroine, not pot. Any stoner can grow pot in a closet with plant light. Please. Don't lump pot in with drug cartels that couldn't be bothered. You only make yourself look stupid.
The truth is we have way to many cops in Seattle and they are wasting their time on bullshit like weed, parking tickets and keeping porn of the TV at gay bars. I have friends that are cops in other cities. 50 percent of cops are just assholes. This is a job where they have a legal outlet to be assholes.

Fuck the PIGS!
its your fault for getting caught. seriously. pot is illegal and you need to act like it. be a fucking criminal and hide in the dark.
most of these comments are TYPICAL of low life crack heads shit for brains liberal communists like YOU

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