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The Week in Review


I'm glad your going off about hand gun wielding psychos and not dog breeds perceived to be fierce.
Geez, lots of sad stories today. Except the Plan B thing- that's great.
dear watanabe left coaster / 'you are' contraction speller: i'll pay attn to dawg breedz and you pay attn. to spellin', deal?
x--what does meth in water taste like? ass? and how do you spike it so?
Dear sqolid,
You're a Dick!
Make that a continuous murder spree this week:
--NY American Civics Association shooting
--Pittsburgh police shooting

Holy fuckin' hell.
Thank God for SOME good news---at least about the Plan B rulings. Yaay!

Ugghhhhhh....about the murder sprees!
I agree with the editors of Last Days: how about suicidal psychos offing themselves BEFORE doing in a bunch of innocent people?

...just a thought.
WHAT the HELL is up with all the suicidal mass-murderers out there?!?

And in today's (04/05/09) news some nutcase in Graham, WA killed his five kids and then himself in a trailer park near a casino.
What a shock for Psycho Dad's surviving wife, who fortunately wasn't home at the time of the fatal shootings!

Okaaaayyyy... I know the economy is bad, BUT?!?

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