Squirrels are one of the worst animals in existence. They are like crows but even harder to get rid of because so many idiots think they are the cutest things ever.
Have you ever tried to have a bird feeder? To feed birds? Eff squirrels.
I used to capture squirrels in my back yard and release them on Mercer Island.
Those rats with fuzzy tails spread disease and dig up my plants.
I hope my dog catches one of those damn things one day.

To the Squirrel lover: I hope one bites you and gives you rabies or the bubonic plague or at least gives you fleas.
Squirrels are assholes. If you don't believe me, read Achewood.
Hey, I love squirrels. I also love raccoons, deer, possums, cougar, salmon, and elk. I don't enjoy them in my backyard, I don't like them hurling crap at people, and I don't like the urban rats of Seattle. The guy who catches squirrels in his backyard and releases them on Mercer Island has a really good idea - but why stop there? Let's catch and release raccoons, coyotes, and the whiny self-absorbed bitches that cake themselves in makeup to go to Fremont on a Friday night to get wasted and release them all on Mercer Island.

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