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The Week in Review


Ok.. SO ready for Mr Schmader's return.. If I gave a rat's ass about this celebrity "news" I'd read my girlfriends "Us" magazines.. Then shoot myself.
Ok.. SO ready for Mr Schmader's return! If I gave a rats ass about this celebrity "news" I'd read my girlfriends "Us" magazines... Then shoot myself.
@ Oly Bro:

No kidding!! How about actual news? When does Schmader return??
Yeah, where's the disgusting acts of personal hygiene conducted whilst riding the Metro? In fact, where's ANY Seattle news?

Come back to us, David!
You know, this is actually a refreshing change from the usual child-molesting/killing, obese person fused to sofa, senseless murder that we usually hear about. I'm looking forward to Schmader's return, but I've enjoyed a little break from reading about THE MOST HORRIBLE THINGS THE WORLD HAS TO OFFER every week.
Yes, why?? Why won't Dick Cheney just die already?
@7: You just asked my question perfectly. When does Dick Cheney DIE already?!?
wow, you guys are jerks! Of all the things for people to get upset about, this is the by far the lamest.

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