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Feeding Time


I hadn't before considered the morality of zombie sex. Once again, this column enlightens.
I love zombies, and I love Dan for seriously answering that question.
procrasturbate has been around for at least 5 years... like hell he came up with it
Sex with a zombie would be beyond gross, because the male zombie's --ahem--appendages would probably decompose and fall off anyways. GROSS!! You'd be left with an oozing empty space there.
that's define.php?term=procrasturbate
Procrasturbate is hilarious, even if she/he didn't come up with it first. But he/she did write to Webster's in 2004--and probably put it into the Urban Dictionary as a step in getting it into common usage.
Oh yes, I love procrasturbation! It regularly occurs in my life.
I'm procrasturbating right now!
Zombie sex - this is a burning issue? I hate to break it to people but zombies aren't real, and Dan's response wasn't funny enough to make it worthwhile. Procrasturbation sounds like someone who's too lazy to masturbate. Disappointing column this week.
It seems like zombie sex would run the same risks as sex with a lepper...they might leave a tip behind!
In response to #10, procrasturbation is masturbation, but used in order to procrastinate from doing something else. Just clarifyin'.

And did Hizzie never see Planet Terror? Yes, these creatures aren't necessarily zombies, but seeing Quentin Tarantino's goopy junk falling between his legs was enough to turn me off any zombie/deteriorating once-human...even if he was an adorable Dylan Moran from Shaun of the Dead.

This week was an interesting one Dan, but still great. I loved your response to the first question. Keep up the great work!
Procrasturbation! Now I know what to call it when I put off something important for some self indulgence. As soon as I saw the word, I knew that it filled a void in my vocabulary. Although if I call it "procasturbation" instead of just plain "masturbation" I'll have to start feeling guilty about it.
Definitely people's bodies are theirs to abuse or use in sexually productive ways, fine, and the minute to minute risk of carrying 30 pounds of extra fat around may be small (especially if he stays fit), but it'd be a mistake to suggest that's negligible weight gain. BMI wise that's about halfway to obese, and there is a substantial and measurable increase in everything from diabetes and hypertension to knee arthritis. If the whole country gained (another) 30 pounds it'd be an disaster. It's not negligible.
"Procrasturbate" is genius. It made me smile.
@14, it was my impression that Dan was saying that 30 lbs. was the max that the boyfriend could ever pack on during a series of binging/feeding sessions - not that he should put on that much and keep it permanently. He specifically mentioned gaining 30 pounds *and then* loosing it again through diet and exercise - 30 was the limit to how high he could climb at any one point.
Never thought to leave a comment before but just had to given the brilliance of the responses. What a masturdebater..!
All these comments must have been made by very cunning linguists.
Meh. I've been using procrasturbate since at least 2001, and I started using it after hearing a friend do so. That letter writer needs to get his hand off it and stop trying to claim credit for a word that's been around for ages (and is an obvious portmanteau).
Procrastibate also appeared in McSweeneys Brocyclopedia. Agree with google is your friend. This guy didn't come up with it.…
FFS about the feeding thing.

Actually, being 30lb "overweight" is probably healthier than yo-yo dieting. Sudden weight gains and losses put a hell of a lot of pressure on your body. There's also quite a bit of research that seems to indicate that yo-yoing your weight tends to make you put on MORE over time.

It would make a hell of a lot more sense if b/f maintained a constant weight by eating whatever and exercising consistently. And it'd be a fuck of a lot better for him.

(I admit to having a prejudice against this particular kink - because controlling someone's food intake seems fundamentally screwy to me - but that has no bearing on my remarks)
I know this.... it is a whole lot easier for people (me specifically) to get fat than it is to get skinny! Caveat Emptor applies in this case I think. Be careful of what you ask for you may get it. From FAT's description it seems that this is enjoyable now, but it could turn out badly if one or both of them lose sight of the "spirit" of this dom/sub thing.
procrasturbation - on the slipperly slope towards loserdom and being the guy (usually always "he")who cant get it together because he avoids dealing with real life issues by self medicative wanking. Of course, its all fine and fun if you keep it check to a level but where is the line? Depends for each person, I guess. But its a fine line and easier than one may think to allow the line to slowly move toward the region where it becomes a crutch to relieve anxiety and avoiding facing challenges head on.
@4, he did say that he contacted Merriam-Webster's 5 years ago. Of course, you'd have to know how to add in order to know that 2004+5=2009. Regardless of whether or not he invented the word, my guess is that he only wants it to get into the dictionary so that he can sound half as cool as Ashton Kutcher when he uses "I invented the word 'procrasturbate'" as a pick-up line. Sadly, it will be just as effective as any other pick-up line and will only work on the deaf, dumb, or blind.

@10, Clearly you take yourself and this column too seriously. Learn to laugh a little. Life is much more enjoyable for the easily amused. The zombie thing was a joke, even though some part of your post suggests that you don't ACTUALLY believe that zombies are not real.

Personally, I loved the zombie question and the response about the Axe body spray! Hilarious!
Yo-yo dieting seems like really bad advice to me. Not to mention, most research shows that each successive diet tends to be less effective - i.e. it's harder to lose that 30 pounds when you are trying to do so for the 10th time. Better advice would be to let the boyfriend decide what he is willing to do to his body for the sake of sex, and then let him eat what and how he chooses to. If he keeps up the exercise and makes sure he's getting some good nutrition (vitamins, enough protein, etc) on top of whatever else he eats, he should stay pretty healthy even if he does end up fat. Fat people can be healthy too, you know. And chances are, his metabolism will even it out eventually so he'll balance out at a new stable weight and not keep getting fatter and fatter forever.
Procrasurbate. Nice neologism. Of course, it could easily have been thought of by multiple people.

(Or is that a...neolojizm?)
@27 - a good sexual neologism is a neologasm. Duh.
Anh, you're an ass. I'm gonna have my deaf and blind friends (and a couple big, dumb ones, too) come smack you upside the head.

LOVED today's column. Perfect freewheelin' fun. I don't get y'all who aren't just having fun with the zombie debate. Hilarious question, and a straight-man (sorry, Dan) answer was the perfect reply!
I was surprised to see Dan Savage get a mention in the Canadian show 'Being Erica' on CBC last night. The characters on the show where looking for someone to write a sex book. Dan Savage was the first name mentioned, Sue Johansen was second I think. The only follow-up reference to Dan was being a newspaper columnist from Portland. Guess they figured you were well enough know to the general public that no further explanation was needed. COOL!
Yo-yo'ing in weight is far less healthy in the long term than carrying some modest extra weight. Is yo-yo'ing less healthy than continuing to gain weight medestly until you are huge? I doubt it.

The boy clearly needs to decide what risks he'll take with his health. The she can manage the situation as she sees fit, with the handling thereof and reponsibility for taken out of his submissive hands.

Personally, I think this feeder needs to add a new fetish as a drill sarge and get the best of both worlds.
"If he keeps up the exercise and makes sure he's getting some good nutrition (vitamins, enough protein, etc)"

Whaaa? When was the last time you met a fat person who wasn't getting enough protein? This isn't subsaharan africa; we get tons. And vitamin deficiency? Why would this be a concern when intake is only being increased? US diets are full of fortified foods, although we should all know a doughnut with vitamins isn't any healthier. Unless he lives in Seattle and needs D, he's only got to worry about the fat.

"Fat people can be healthy too, you know. And chances are, his metabolism will even it out eventually so he'll balance out at a new stable weight..."

Fat people CAN be healthy; you can take bareback cock and not get HIV. You can ride a motorcycle without a helmet and remain uninjured. You can fail to exercise and not have a heart attack. But it's not good advice. And what reason do we have to believe that his weight will just even out? Getting fat does several things to make us keep gaining: we learn bad habits, its harder to exercise, your body "defends" the new weight, and you tend to obtain fatter friends / make your friends fatter (see JAMA article on fat friend networks), and its much harder to lose than to gain if just for the simple reason an extra slice of pie is nicer than starvation daily for months to years to lose.
Dan. I. Love. The. Punctuation. Parody. Thanks. For. Making. Me. Laugh. Out. Loud. At work! Now. Everyone. Thinks. I'm. Even. Weirder.
Hey SLUT, it's true, there are married people in open relationships. Obviously Dan's advice is good, check with the wife, then go have fun! It's possible his wife will enjoy/get off on hearing all the juicy details later.
@32, you can be fat and still have nutritional deficiencies. It's easy, if the majority of your calories come from pop, chips, cookies and french fries. I've met a lot of overweight poeple who never touch a vegetable that doesn't come on a burger, and only eat fruit if it is in a pie.
Isn't the 30# mark what actors/actress' use for weight gain/loss for film roles?

@14 A person's weight gives you absolutely no clue as to what that person's BMI is. Weight is a very, very poor measurement to use for comparison. 30# will mean very little to a person who is tall and fit where it means a great deal to a person whom is short and not very active.

I also think the 'yo-yo' dieting worries are a bit of an over reaction. Aren't we expected to fluctuate 5-15# on either side of our ideal as a part of normal metabolic cycles?
Dan, HIZZIE's letter is the stupidest one you ever indulged, ever. Why did this one make it to your column?
He didn't make up procrasturbate, or procrasturbation. I've been using it for years. And I didn't make it up either. My friend Sara may or may not have made it up. Most likely not.

It's been listed in the urban dictionary for a while, and the website has been sold (dammit!)
I was convinced I'd made up 'vagenda: A list of men you want to fuck, but haven't yet'. And then found that the website was already taken and it was listed on the urban dictionary. Double Dammit!!!

Great minds just think alike.
i've got one too.... Oblication. it's when you get stuck using vaca time from work to visit family members that you don't particularly want to see but you have a responsibility to visit them.

"So, you're going on vacation eh? Have fun!"
"eh... not vacation - oblication. visiting my mother in law. wish me luck."
oh, dang, guess i wasn't the first to invent mine either...
Don't know if justme came up or is just passing along oblication, but I like it!
@29 I'm curious what makes you say that I'm an ass? Because I made a comment referring to deafness, blindness, and dumbness? In case you haven't noticed, I was referring to a social situation, not making derogatory remarks about social classes or persons with actual disabilities. There are plenty of people in this world that act figuratively blind and deaf. Whether or not they really are is irrelevant to how dumb they are. Not to mention that I said nothing about believing that just because someone is deaf or blind that they are dumb. I know very well that is not the case. There's always three fingers pointing back at you when you point the finger at someone else -- such as calling someone an ass and then threatening them. Try paying attention to the context more than just the words.
I wish santorum were in the dictionaries. Then I wouldn't have offended my (sadly) republican husband when I exclaimed that we had gotten it on the sheet last night. He accused me of maligning an actual man's name, rather than of using a word in the correct grammatical context. I maintain that I did both, but at the time I honestly wasn't thinking of Rick Santorum. The word has flipped in my consciousness, from a proper noun to a very improper one.
As for procrasturbation, I'll try to throw it around. It's as good a word as any.
Yo-yo weight gain/loss is worse for your health than substantial weight carried around throughout a person's life. You'd think Dan might consider actually consulting a medical professional before dispensing irresponsible advice, but I guess Mr. Savage is yet another Credulous Fucking Hack.
This actually raises an interesting philosophical question: is it wrong to have sex with something that doesn't exist? After all, if it doesn't exist, it cannot consent, and therefore any putative sexual action would necessarily be rape.

On the other hand, since it doesn't exist, it can't be harmed in any way (including emotionally or developmentally) from being fucked non-consensually, and therefore passes the campsite rule.

Quite a conundrum!
My friends and I were using the word "procrasturbation" in the mid-1990s (and I have the emails to prove it), though with us it meant something closer to "procrastinating in a self-indulgent [i.e. masturbatory] way". I doubt we were the only ones -- it's a pretty obvious coinage.
Shenanigans? Oh boy! Lemme get my broom!
For serious consideration of Zombie sex, I suggest one watches "I, Zombie" first. Some things to porder there...
The Axe Body Spray -- my girlfriend works at a middle school and they can tell when a young man hits puberty as they seem to take hourly flea baths in Axe Body Spray !
they had emails in 1990?
My current going word is fuckery, an alternative to the gerrund, fucking to indicate a conceptual or metaphoric equivilant to fucking. Used typically in compounds.

For example: Phillip is really into buttfucking. means that Phillip literally likes anal penetration during sex (most likely providing, but not necessarily).

On the other hand: Phillip is really into buttfuckery. means that Phillip enjoys worrying about others who might or might not be buttfucking each other.

Inspired by past SLOG exchanges, and the Jon Stewart's recent meal of rump of CNN which featured goatfuckery.
my only objection to procrasturbating is that, while it bills itself as a particular KIND of procrastinating, it's not -- it's just plain old procrastinating, under a new name. Pretty much all procrastination is procrastination to please oneself. If it's for another reason, you're not really PROCRASTINATING x-ing, you're just too busy to x.

So "procrasturbation" isn't really a useful addition. It doesn't really mean anything different from "procrastination."

"Fuckery" isn't a new word. I can remember more than a few occasions during my childhood in which my cousin and I would take things just a little... too... far...

And suddenly, my uncle would yell, "Stop all of this fuckery right now!", at us. We'd stop, because he was (and still is) a very large Jamaican man.
"What kind of fuckery is this?"
- Amy Winehouse
Riding without a helmet will not shave decades off your life unless you crash. If you don't ride Dan then you can't evaluate how pleasurable a rider might find it. Zombies? Really practical subject for the lord of sex advice. I guess you can't be brilliant all the time, eh?
I'd say to SLUT... if the wife says yes enthusiastically, go for it... if she gives any indication that something's rotten in another nation... then run. Just run. He's not worth it.
Great advice to FAT, Dan! As usual, you understand the issues involved and how to make them work.

But to SLUT, how does someone read this colunn, and not know that open relationships exist???
Hey Dan,
Did you at least get paid for the Zombieland plug? Product placement hits the columnists.
The weight advice is awful. He'll gain the 30 lbs, and he probably won't lose it again. It is much, much easier to gain weight than to lose. 30 lbs is actually a pretty substantial amount of weight. Many women will gain that, or a little more, in pregnancy (including weight of baby, amniotic fluid, and placenta)--and look how many fail to lose it afterward. When you gain weight, your metabolism adapts and learns to maintain that weight. Losing weight is, for most people, the metabolic equivalent of walking up the down escalator. The only surefire way to avoid being a failed dieter is to not gain weight.

This was a ball drop, Dan.
re reply to SLUT: Ha. ha. ha.
in other words, what TaniaLeeKarate @33 said.
My authors and I have debated the zombie sex issue extensively. To see what came of it, check out some of our books this Halloween.

Meanwhile, the ethics of sex with imaginary creatures? I have to take this up with my incubus, obviously!
You know, in Graveyard Alive: A Zombie Nurse In Love the chick actually gets HOTTER after she becomes a zombie.

Otherwise? Fantastic column this week!
thanks for the mental image of 'seeping' santorum...
I'd like to chime in on this important zombie issue. I feel I have a uniquely pertinent perspective as the only individual, to my knowledge, who has actually had public canoodlings with the reanimated corpse of Zac Efron. Just last Friday, in fact! On stage at Trannyshack, Seattle!
Is this reader's question a few days later a mere coincidence?
Or perhaps we share one mind!
In any case, my conclusion on zombie romps-in-the-hay is that they are super gross, but CELEBRITY hay-romping is the trump card to end all!
If YOU are curious about the mechanics of cadaver courtship, come see me and my new boy-toy, zombie Zac Efron, in our new romantic musical act!
We'll be at the PINK DOOR in Pike Place Market this saturday at 11pm or at Hard Times' Halloween Hootenanny at THE WAR ROOM on wednesday 28th.
Hope I can continue to join Mr. Savage in providing clarity on these pressing issues.
-Ben DeLaCreme, Star of Stage and Street.
check my performance calender at
64 would have been funnier if it were "Clem de la Creme," but then again, maybe Clem isn't such a good stage name on the Coast, after all.
@48- Another excellent flick to ponder re: sex with the re-animated- "Otto-or Up With Dead People". Fascinating and the corpse-sex is almost (but not quite) hot.
Well, the creepy neighbor guy in "Fido" had a teenage zombie sex slave. The girl died suddenly of an aneurysm or something and he just happened to have a zombie capture collar on him at the time. She wasn't falling apart, but getting oral sex from her seemed to be on the same level as sticking your dick in a motorized nutcracker on speed.
dear FAT: perhaps faux bulemia, post-coital and out of your sight, could be your mutual friend? Is it the feeding or the weight gain that turns you on (i.e. do you love stuffing his mouth, or get wet when he steps on the scale/has to try on new clothes?) If it's facestuffery, then the boy could learn to gag.

@11, and 27: Oh my. That was Pungent.

28: Better.

@14: "If the whole country gained (another) 30 pounds it'd be an disaster"

I think the phrase you're looking for here would be "'d be 2020, give or take a year".

@29 / @42: the "dumb" in that cliche doesn't mean stupid. It means mute. (Like Lavinia in the later acts of Titus: Tongue gone. Hands optional.)
Oy! Kids these days.

@55: w/r/t zombie sex advice crit: It's october, there's pagan holiday coming up, and some zombie sexplay will be ensuing, at least in Seattle.
I suppose you also believe every word you read in the Stranger when it comes out on the first day of April?
Dan, your response to FAT was such a breath of fresh air. I would like to point out that research (see Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon & shows that the health risks commonly linked to obesity have also been linked to yoyo dieting. Continually gaining and losing weight is harder on the body than just being fat. So it might not just be a year or two shaved off of FAT's boyfriend's life, but chronic illness as well.
speaking of procrasturbation.....

that's what i do in my free time. i need a life.
@35, yes you can be fat with nutritional deficiencies. Almost al of these people had gastric bypass which deliberately creates malabsorption (other causes include sprue, lots of women lose iron, obviously; old people often run low on B12 and folate, people who only drink ethanol get thiamine deficient, etc). Otherwise, it is breathtakingly difficult to get a vitamin deficiency in the USA--eating only vegetables that come on a burger, and only fruit in a pie is sufficient. It might not be optimal, but we already knew that. Case in point: some vegans do ok without b12 pills and b12 ONLY comes from animal sources--there's enough animal crud and insect parts in the PB to meet their need. And most fat people aren't just eating crisco, they're getting their MacD's and Cheesecake Factory and Crappo Cereal and there is plenty of variety and fortification to get along. Trust me I've worked in medicine 8 years and I've never met someone with a nutritional deficiency that wasn't from a specific disease state or was mentioned above. Show me a fat guy with scurvy and I'll change my views.
OMG - i use to procrasturbate ALL THE TIME in high school -- especially my senior year. i'd come home from school, set all my homework on my desk, and then watch tv and procrasturbate until dinnertime. so happy to finally put a word to my fav way to NOT do what i'm supposed to. :)
"dear FAT: perhaps faux bulemia, post-coital and out of your sight, could be your mutual friend? Is it the feeding or the weight gain that turns you on (i.e. do you love stuffing his mouth, or get wet when he steps on the scale/has to try on new clothes?) If it's facestuffery, then the boy could learn to gag. "

Worst advice i've heard in a long time. Its spelled "bulimia", can become incredibly addictive, and is significantly more unhealthy and life threatening than weight gain.
PROCRASTURBATION doesn't exist. There is no time WASTED in pleasuring onesself.
this is my official 'help me I am in hell' comment for this time of year. fuckery aside, but the necrophetishism that I highly recommend for the straight boys is, I know I will be booed and rightly so, is Zombie Strippers, Rbt. Englund, Jenna Jameson, et al. I have *never* wanted to use a baseball bat on a zombie so much so as Jenna when she did the undead pole dance. thanks for the column, continue the promcrasti-whatever.
Bulimia, or more specifically, purging, is merely arguably more unhealthy and not at all more life threatening. Way to overstate: only the dehydration and electrolyte imbalances are deadly effects of purging (and could be partially mitigated by Gatorade, no?): the rest are tame compared to the cascade effects of obesity (apnea, renal failure, stroke, diabetes, heart failure, infertility, name a few).

I'd hoped Faux-bulemia would be acceptable by the community to spell incorrectly, since it's, you know, faux. However, thanks: correct spelling duly noted.

By the way, Dear GrammarCop:
Nice glass house you have there. The contraction for "It is" is spelled It's.

"Kettle, hi this is Pot: you're black!"

At least you spelled/used 'than' correctly.
Neojism, neologasm, "I created the word 'procrasturbation'" as a pickup line?? The responses to this column were more fun than the column!

On a serious note, as a large guy who has serious trouble LOSING weight, and a far easier time gaining, I disagree with the advice given. Consider, Dan, what your response would be if the dom wanted him to have his legs cut off or his nose removed. Would it be "well, if the sex is hot now, maybe you should consider it"? I doubt it. So, considering the health risks--even the minor ones--I'm calling "bad advice".
"Its spelled "bulimia", can become incredibly addictive, and is significantly more unhealthy and life threatening than weight gain."

Does anyone not know that all the bulimics are FAT anyway? It doesn't work for weight control very well because it takes the brakes off consumption.
79 sex with a vampire necrophilia?

I'm surprised Dan would support a word which places a negative slant on masturbation as a time wasting activity.

As for the zombie question, I was surprised to see Dan answer this. Because it will only encourage people to send in bogus questions, yet he still managed to answer it in a way that gave clarity and substance to his previous statements on bestiality and consent. So... a wise and intelligent answer to a silly question, in knowledge that many people love zombies.
gotta agree with rdm @37. the zombie letter was pure stupid, and if it hadn't been for the chance it provided you to "resist" poking fun at zac ephron you would have shit canned it.
"Even a zombified Zac Efron�I'm going to resist the obvious joke�would be too repulsive to fuck."

What's the obvious joke?
My advice to FAT would be to get a convex mirror, the kind that you get in 'Hall of Mirrors' at fairgrounds and rubbish museums and the like. Then watch your man in the mirror eating some healthy snacks (I recommend carrot sticks and hummus) and imagine that he is getting very fat.

My advice to FAT would be to get a convex mirror, the kind that you get in 'Hall of Mirrors' at fairgrounds and rubbish museums and the like. Then watch your man in the mirror eating some healthy snacks (I recommend carrot sticks and hummus) and imagine that he is getting very fat.

Having sex with a flesh-eating zombie gives a whole new meeting to the term "eating someone out."
My advice to FAT would be to dump her current squeeze and get a fat boyfriend, if she prefers that body type. She might even be able to find one who likes to eat a lot of junk food (not all fat people do, in spite of all the assumptions that are being thrown around here).

Feederism is a dangerous fetish. It's a bad idea to f*ck around with someone's weight regulation system. It's not the weight gain that's the problem. It's the overfeeding itself. Look what happened to the guy who wrote/filmed "Fast Food Nation." He made himself must more unhealthy than someone with reasonable habits would be at his (heavier) weight.

A lot of fat people are healthy. People (whatever their size) who yo-yo diet or who eat huge quantities of junk food generally aren't. And, I'm pretty sure that barfing it up - as some people have suggested - would only make matters worse.
Thank you Digital Coyote for remembering the Fido scene. I was going to post about it, but then I saw your post, of course eventually he trainied her not to use the "teeth" and played with taking off her collar during BDSM scenes while she was tied up, so it was more than that. I'm sure there has got to be ways to keep your zombie "fresh". Perhaps talk to a mortician. You could always offer to "crack open a cold one" after work and get him to share some of his necrophilic secrets with someone who likes the "jello" version. Heh, Halloween is cumming up, so it's all in good fun!

Ah yes, I forgot an apostrophe. Good point calling me grammar cop when I was correcting bad spelling.

But you sure did sound smart in your you win!!

I suggest you take up bulimia immediately and test your theory for yourself.
Also, to #76:

An imbalance of electrolytes is not the only side effect of bulimia. This imbalance can actually kill someone who has purged immediately via a heart attack. Also, there can be a stomach rupture or the esophagus can rupture. These are immediately life threatening.

In the long run, there are consequences just as severe as you mentioned accompany obesity. These are:

Internal bleeding and infections
Loss of tooth enamel
Suicidal depression
Esophageal reflux
Depletion of calcium
And the list goes on...

So, sure, it is "arguably" more dangerous than being fat...but ask almost any doctor and I assure you that the consequences mentioned above will kill somebody FAR before they should expire.
@89, yeah, bulimia is terrible for you. But while throwing up can cause your stomach or esophagus to explode causing terrific mediastinal infection, or cause a life ending hypokalemic ventricular arrhythmia, we all know that's not common. You've thrown up, right? Me too. Here we still are. It's not different when you're bulimic. The consequences are largely due to the chronicity of it all.

And I think the mood "consequences" of bulimia are an impossible to sort out chicken and egg problem. You think perfectly happy people people eat 6000 calories of crap and puke it all up??
@79 It would be, technically. But it gets dicey as far as philosophy goes. Zombie's technically don't have souls, while a vampire's soul is trapped within his body, which is why impaling them kills them, and usually can't cross running water. Vampires are also capable of self awareness and thought, so you may be able to argue you're way out of looking like some kinda sexual deviant for screwing a vamp. . . lol then again maybe not.
I understand that there are many fetishes out there, but how on earth could someone get turned on by watching their partner gorge and get fat?
Holy SHIT Batman, I LOVE this column!!! Dan the Man, you continue to ROCK!

Procrasturbation!! I love it!

Here's hoping Tim Eyesore gets hit in the SANTORUM and I-1033 loses, and Referendum 71 passes for equality for all!
"A zombie's sex life is actually pretty good for the first few weeks, but then it drops off."…

Gotta love serafinowicz (comedian and voice of Darth Maul!)
'procrasturbation'? I call that 'working from home'!
Dammit. Why are all the gay guys who are into feeding fat lovers all, like, gay, and shit?!
I think. Dan, you are. Terribly funny. On top of being. A bit smart about things. Thanks!!!!
dude, procrasturbation!! omg now i can finally put a word on something i seem to always do!!
I've never considered the ethics of zombie sex before because, well, ew. But I guess you learn something new every day. I like the word procrasturbate a lot because I do that sometimes. I'll help put it into every day use.
Hmmm, as it's so close to "procrastinate", I'd say this "creator"'s use of the word is off. To procrastinate is to put something off that needs doing, not waste time. I'd say procrasturbation is more along the lines of "well, I'd like to date...but ya know, I'd have to find a club to go to, or take a shower to go out to the bar...and I could use some new clothes first....I think I"ll just stay home and procrasturbate instead!" :)

As for zombie sex, I don't think I could fuck anything that was rotting. What if his junk snapped off in your vag????? EWWWWWWWWWWWW. And some dude that wants to eat your brain isn't gonna make sure you get off before he does so! Doubtful that zombies are considerate lovers.
I sure engage in a good deal of procrasturbation.

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