Columns Dec 31, 2009 at 4:00 am

Anonymous but Sorry


I regret only what I have not done.
I got confused with all the first and second person tense shifts. Best I can tell, someone that possibly shares a vagina, and is totally hot, loaned her chemo money to the Valentine's Day rapist, jerked off on a mannequin, and now her baby could have swine flu? Wait, how did the SS Uniform Guy get into another I, Anonymous?
I regret that I didn't realize this was a compilation of the year's I, Anonymous until I was halfway through reading it.
5 was a summary of 2009 column...duh!
Can you say end of the year round-up?
It's not about I, Anon. It's about the heartless and inappropriate reader reactions to I, Anon. Let the beating commence.
@5- I know sarcasm is hard to recognize on the internet, but I'm pretty darn sure that was a joke.
Ahhh, I'm a big dummy, I didn't read it the way it was meant. You guys are doing weird things to my fourth wall.
Incorrect usage of quotation marks "hurts" my dead brain.
I, I saw you in "Pat Garett and Bill The Kid", and damned if you didn't look just like Bob Dylan. When he was younger.

As I remember, you were pretty handy with a knife.

Thanks for your great work this year. Any chance we could get a look at your picture?
who gives a shit?
what about the guy beating off while driving? I think it is a sport that most men will deny they do as they secretly blow their load when they see some broads face or poofta's ass they would like to see it dripping from. HA!
Poofta? Isn't that spelled with an h?

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