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Oil-Spill Chemistry



Yeah that shut off valve would've cost a measly $500,000. Current cost of spill: $600,000,000. You'd think BP would've sprung for it just to cover their own asses... oh wait, they're only liable for $75,000,000. Thanks Bush/Cheney!
Ok, PART 3 PLEASE. In the last part you kinda suggested that EVERYTHING WOULD DIE... so maybe a bit more about that?
Jon and #1: It had a BOP (the "shut-off valve" you're referring to), the 500K price tag you're talking about was for an acoustic BOP (which aren't widely used at present), but that will now undoubtedly be federally mandated.
Mr. Golob, I think you should ask for a longer column.

Here, I'll do it for you.

Dear The Stranger,
Could you please give Jonathan Golob more column space?

Thank You,

I hope this helps.
Oh no! We can't have a longer science section -- it might cut into Drunk of the Week. Plus science is sooo boring. And we definitely don't want it to cut into the third-rate Ad Busters mimicry going on over in New Column(!)

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