Columns Sep 30, 2010 at 4:00 am

A Critical Overview of The Stranger


Another nice overview Frencho. Stay classy.
Chuck Norris is a teabagger. Only other teabaggers think of him as hyper-competent.

Everyone else just feels a little sad when his name is mentioned, like we feel when the most intelligent thing a person can say involves a sticker on the back window of their pickup of a cartoon Calvin pissing on something.

Now if you had said, "...since Jason Bourne doesn't protect French banks," that would have rung true.
hey, is Julien still around? He was only supposed to be here a month. Is he going to sneak back to Paris without so much as a goodbye or a party? I was looking forward to seeing a shot of him with a fish or a baguette in the Drunk of the Week feature.

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