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The Week in Review


I'm otherwise very progressive but for my believe that the death penalty should be applied to just this sort of sick sh*theel: an entirely unrepentant Tubaman-stomping murderer.
couldn't agree more with #1.
Would that be the death penalty for the manslaughter committed as a minor, or for the refusal to pay bus fare?
One month into '11 and no one has observed any gross personal grooming?? Get on it Last Days!! Enough of the shootin' and the stabbin' and felonious, asshole teens who should be put away 4ever.
Uh, the cops can open fire on someone doing absolutely NOTHING wrong, punch a guy they have on the ground and handcuffed because he was jaywalking, and yet there was no 'accident' with this punk? WTF?
I enjoy the stranger and I think it's a quality independent journal! I read someone dissing the stranger on the S. Post intelligencer, which I was introduced to reading by a writer at the stranger. The PI isn't necessarily a better paper, especially if you cost analyse the two. I hate/love this writer and I'm glad he's sticking to the news-facts this week.
Isn't the stinky feet shanker somewhat similar to a public grooming snitch story, with built in revenge? Although it didn't take place on public trans.
It was kind of Mr. Schmader to let a homeless advocacy group have this space last week. It kind of made up for the public grooming stories written here. Which I think are having a laugh at crazed homeless and poor people, at their expense.
Agreed with number one and two: what a fucking assclown, who does that?
So, is Billy Chambers a bastard son of Dubya?
His actions, like W's, are inexcusable!

I'm with @1, @2, and @7. Waste that punk!!
Oh, wait---Billy Chambers already IS a waste!

Okay, then flush the waste down, after smashing it to shit with Ed McMichael's tuba.
Jack LaLanne was still alive?!? Give him an organ blast, up on the black keys for the inhale, down on the white keys for the exhale.

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