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The Week in Review


LOL!!! Okay, now here's a bear story I DON'T mind reading about! I'm sorry about the damaged car, though. That's a bummer straight out of The Great Outdoors. Where's John Candy when you need him?

Boiled beef fat injected into human flesh?!? What next, a remake of The House of Wax??
Deep fried butter?!?----SICK!!!!!!
If I want high fat content, I'll eat some Haagen-Dazs.
I wonder what Texas did to make God so angry at them.
@2: A lot of them supported Dubya. These same people are now blaming Obama for Bush's costly mistakes; are pro Rick Perry and seem to be putting profits over people by irreparably desecrating the earth as harshly as corporately possible.

I sure wouldn't want to be in Texas right now.
Fuck! I worked at PEMCO and would always go to that Vivace and talked to Brian all the time. I now live in San Francisco but am grateful to have known Brian. Damn life, you scary!
Rest in peace, Brian, and condolences to all who knew you, like @4: ikelleigh.
Why is it that a state with so many wildfires never had the sense to mandate rooftop water collectors on every newly-built house?
@6: Because that state's legislators don't think that far enough ahead?

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