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I Did Not Matriculate in Tent City


totally agreed! thank you for saying what I couldn't articulate, anon. the 1% doesn't give a shit about tent cities on a college campus.
Anon, I am really sorry that this is happening!

40 years ago, hundreds of thousands of people would collect in front of the White House and the Washington Monument in protest, rain or shine, until they were heard. Unfortunately, many were arrested, but not at the insane level as those active in Occupy. Police, among politicians and lawyers, can be bought.

Occupy needs to be taken seriously as a movement before any real progress can be made. College campuses cannot be trashed and turned into drug dealership sites! I wish I had some answers.
But how will they be able to become home owners and pay off their student debt if you don't buy their drugs and clean up their feces?
The 99% doesn't care about you or the rest of us.
@3 & @4: Unless you're deliberately being sarcastic, neither of your comments makes any sense to me at all. You're speaking for a lot of people you don't even know.
@3 & @4: Or is Kemper Freeman paying you off, too?
At this point, with the Occupy encampments being busted around the nation, wouldn't it be cool if we could somehow organize an "Occupy DC" march/caravan/movement?

Can't you just picture hundreds of thousands of disenfranchised American citizens pitching their tents on the Nation's front lawn?

Do you think THAT might finally get the senators' attention??
Oh look, another entitled, whiny little bitch.
@8 I dunno if "entitled" is exactly the word I would use for community college students...
You have to smell marijuana? Every day? Oh noes!

I suppose some of your complaints are legit, but you sound hilariously sheltered and prissy. (Hint: if you are offered drugs and you don't want them, all you have to do is politely say no and keep walking.)
@7 Nope. This isn't about getting the politicians' attention. They don't care; as flashy of a demonstration that several thousand people camped in DC would be, your representatives KNOW that it's a tiny, tiny sliver of the voting base. Occupy is powerful because its decentralized; because every person in every city is being a little bit inconvenienced by it, and while they might get upset by having filthy hippies ask them for a few bucks, very few people actually disagree with their message.
Using upper case words for emphasis is not okay either, but you're still doing it.
I support the ideals and goals of Occupy, I think, but the encampments are backfiring against public opinion and those ever so "undecideds" that we would like to persuade to our views. It really is turning into an embarrassment.
@10: Anon didn't go to college to get high. Or watch other people do it when s/he is trying to make something of their life. I couldn't care less if people smoke pot on their own property. I don't think it's unreasonable or prissy to ask them not to do it on public property, any more than a person's right to smoke cigarettes makes it enjoyable for the rest of us to walk thru their cloud of stink, or be forced to watch a drunk make an asshole of themselves while we try to enjoy a few drinks at a bar.

Bottom line: This protest, supposedly on behalf of the majority, is putting themselves first, just like they bitch about the 1% doing. Only they're doing it in a way that gives it that lovely white-trash aroma.
Occupy Seattle isn't Tent City either. Tent City has standards of behavior that, if violated, gets the offender kicked out of the camp. Occupy Seattle accepts everyone, no matter how anti-social.

I really don't understand why the Occupy movements are risking the entire movement on the "right" to camp on public property. A far more effective tactic would be for occupiers to show up at a public protest site every day after they get off work, or first thing in the morning for those who are unemployed. Having average people, well-behaved people, clean people showing up to protest during their precious free time would be much more sympathetic to the working, tax-paying, voting parts of the 99 percent, i.e. the people politicians might actually listen to.

Hell, if Occupy changed tactics to that sort of protest, *I* might even show up.
It might be that some of these folks are not politically engaged but are homeless and this is a better option than others currently offered. How many events does that arena host in Wenatchee? Seems like a whole lot of clean, dry space the state just paid for.
homeless people asking for money, drug use and drug dealing? how is this different from any other day on Broadway?
Seems like part of the plan for these monarchist thugs to destroy something that is actually helping the real middle class -- a low cost in-city college that delivers for a fraction of the cost of mainstream.

But that's the way they do things...
I don't think you have to be sheltered to not want drug dealers hanging out on your neighborhood corners. And I don't think it's prissy to want a work/school environment where people refrain from being blatantly high and/or drunk. Don't get me wrong, there's a time and a place for everything. However, the perma-stoners have to realize that some of us actually try and get things done with our day, and would like a respectful, peaceful atmosphere to work in while we do it.
If you think Occupy brought the drugs you are delusional. Come on, this is Broadway fer Christ-sake! This was a problem long before Occupy. There is even a statue across the street of a legendary abuser! It's just not so neatly cleaned up and tucked away now. It's in everyone's freaking faces, the way it should be, so that maybe something will actually be freaking done about it. These people(the homeless/drug addicts) have every right to be protesting because the system has failed them more than anybody else. There are plenty of other state college campuses in WA if you want to live in a bubble.
I still can't believe it's legal to camp on college campuses. It's not legal to sleep anywhere that's not your rented or owned property.
i think they should all be tear gassed , loaded into a dump truck and taken out to be dumped in a frozen tundra ..

I don't give a shit about their plight.. they are an inconvenience I don't want to see, hear about or smell..

they are idiots that don't deserve to breathe the same air as I do if they can't play by the rules..

I am not a 1 percenter, but I will raise my son to strive for it as his other option will be to be around a bunch of losers with a give me something for free attitude..
This post shows perfectly the troubles the occupy movement will have to be taken seriously by the voting majority that will elect or re-elect government officials that will make lasting policy changes on behalf of the disenfranchised. The Tea-Party as crazy as we liberals see it had the correct idea, and unfortunately image. They went directly to the state Capitals, had a focused message (no taxes, limited govt) and had an image that a delegate could respect and in many ways fear (white voters).
What is the 99%? While I agree that the discrepancy in wealth in the global economy is out of control, what is the occupiers message to fix it? The tea party has it down to specific bullet points. Occupy? All the public sees is what this poster is complaining about, drum cicling hippies that complain about how poorly we are mistreated but at the same time rocking IPad's & I Phones and giving there $$ to the corporations and banks they are protesting against.
Occupy needs to get its shit together. Clean yourselves up, bus to Olympia, align themselves with the unions, and stage coordinated protests. No one gives a shit, literally about kids camping out in westlake. I mean, what impact is that really making? You think UBS, BOA, or any of the other players are going to change policies because some face pierced ave rat is camping out in front of their building? Please go to the State Capitals! Only the politicians can pass laws to reel in the corporations ,they are not going to do it without the laws in place to prevent them from being the greedy fucks that they are. OK Im off my soapbox now, fuck it well all be dead in 2012 anyways.
Is it time for me to say "I told you so" now about Occupy Seattle squatting at SCCC? Because I knew that was a stupid idea from the beginning and I did in fact say so. "Occupying" an allied space is fucking dumb.
Completely agree. I was driving by this morning and saw a line of portable toilets and a fucking shit load of garbage. Who's paying for these toilets? I think I have a guess. Who's picking up the mess?

I agree with the protestors intentions but why does it seem like a bunch of homeless people looking for meaning and trying to get laid? Bring it on extreme liberals.
See, no one asked me, a student, if it was okay.

So everyone should check with you before they fight for something they believe in. Check.

I agree with @10 -- complaining about smelling marijuana and being offered drugs in college is immature.
@26, Perhaps you should pay for the writer's tuition?

And another thing, most of us smoked pot in college...AFTER CLASS. When you are trying to go to class, you know what you pay tuition for, it would really piss me off if I had to deal with stoners all the time.
@24 Absofuckinglutely.

Don't we have some big glass buildings somewhere filled with the ghosts of Seattle's consolidated banking history (SeaFirst, Seattle Trust, Washington Mutual, Rainier...) that actually contain some remote-controlled bankers in shiny shoes and bloated portfolios? Oh what the hell, just find some greedy bastards and set up camp. Can't be that hard.
These are all completely legitimate complaints.
@24 I'll join you in that chorus ... "I told you so."
the whole thing is bullshit , and has not and will never accomplish anything but make people sick of you hippie fucks . i can't wait for the weather to drive all you dead beat douchebags back into the holes you crawled out of . take a shower and get a job you fucking hippies and pay your loans off you fucking losers . you got the education , use it at a job . and pay back the money you owe for fucks sake . learn what it's like to be the one percent that pays it's fucking bills and taxes you ass holes .
"Walking into the bathroom and finding people sleeping on the floor, drug baggies on the steps near the campsite, smelling marijuana virtually every day, being asked if I have money, cigs, etc., EVERY DAY is not okay."

But dude...that stuff is what college is all about.

(...somebody else was gonna say it if I didn't, y'know...)
I think they've gotten so caught up in protesting, they forgot what they were fighting for.

They've essentially just turned into a giant smelly slumber party.

I agree with the fact that we need to make changes in the economy, but the way they are going about it is wrong. Maybe instead of blocking traffic, they could set up some sort of market and sell local goods at a low price so people don't have to buy mass-produced and expensive trinkets for the holidays. Seattle has amazing local artisans.

Or they could actually organize themselves and make a civil appeal to the government. Nobody is really sure what they want anymore.
I'd be interested to see if there has been any abnormal increase in crime statistics on the Hill. And if there is any direct causation due to the scum bags that are hanging out in the OWS periphery and using OWS as camouflage. Because it sure *feels* like there has been a spike in some serious crime up here since OWS moved into the hood.
I agree with the previous comments that occupying an allied space is pointless. The occupations should be at the capitals. They should be disrupting the government and the banks, not the lives of students at a community college.

A revolution for the 99% is not going to be pretty. Because it's the it will include the homeless, the druggies, and the crazies...but it also includes very intelligent and hard working people...hopefully the latter get to hold the megaphone.

Anon, I think your perspective on this is pretty immature. Maybe you need to educate yourself a little more on what this movement is about...what exactly is going on in this country(the big picture)...then you might have some compassion, some respect, and maybe even some gratitude for the occupiers.

This is funny because I was just thinking the other day about how clean and boring Broadway is compared to the 90s.
@32 -- that attitude is probably why you got a worthless liberal arts and crafts degree instead of learning a hard science or trade. College is NOT about doing drugs and being a filthy hippie. It's about A) getting credentialed so you can work a well paying job and B) indulging your lazy self just long enough to realize it's unfulfilling and that you'll fail out and fail at life if you continue down that path.

And I ask in general, what is the message of the occupy movement? No one knows because the only story getting out is how disgusting the occupiers are. Change tactics and change them last month. Occupying is backfiring obviously. Dress in suits, cut your fucking hair, get a job. That will work wonders. People may even stop rooting for the cops.

Anon is completely in the right to expect an environment conducive to their education. This is what someone who gives a crap about their future sounds like.
Speaking of piles of garbage, you might want to pay more attention to the filth in the hallways that would be there regardless of protesters on the lawn. Oh, and the fact that the trashed, disgusting bathrooms have been an issue for students and faculty alike for years, as detailed in the New City Collegian.

Oh, and you might want to take your self-righteousness to the group of students who hang out behind the SAM building and smoke pot there.

"What is the message of the Occupy movement?" + "Get a job!" = "I do not understand words or situations"
Where the hell were all of you during Occupy Bellevue?

I did score some Top Pot fritters, so I guess I won big.

@37, no one even hassles me at Dick's anymore. I just seems wrong somehow.
@7: Actually, I think I could. THe question is, will that happen?
This anon post made me nostalgic for the Odegaard Undergraduate Library on the UW campus back in the 80's.
@11 for the win!
@39 +1
@24 +1

I went to SCCC for 5 of the six quarters necessary to get my AA. Stoners were a daily annoyance, not outside, handily sequestered in tents, but right in class. Every day they ask stupid, were-you-even-awake questions that waste everyone else's time. Then they go down to the library and blab away to their pals while everyone else is trying to study.

Community College might not be the best place for you if you having to deal with stoners interferes with your ability to concentrate, or whatever.

Like 39 said, if a little filth, homebums, and pot smoke harsh your mellow, Seattle Central might not be the place for you, fellow!
As someone recently said: the movement is called Occupy Wall Street, not Sleep on Wall Street. It seems that absent leadership has caused this movement to go awry somewhere. I honestly think that a dedicated few need to step up and whip this sleepover into a grown-up protest. Who, though?
@46: That's the $64 trillion question!
Thank you for your insightful words. A lot of us are tired of these people. And the classes I attend are not full of potheads as some of the comments suggest. Many parts of the campus were clean and maintained, including the bathrooms and elevators, for the first time this year thanks to new people in charge. But now the occupiers are just bringing everything down to their apathetic level. If you choose to live in your own filth go do it in your own space.
Anyone who finds one or more of those drug bags (little square ziplocks with patterns on them), will receive $5 for each one that I don't have already. Get at me.
-Matt Clark
Anyone who finds one or more of those drug bags (little square ziplocks with patterns on them), will receive $5 for each one that I don't have already. Forget that OCCUPY nonsense, and make some real cash. Get at me.
-Matt Clark
I support the Occupy movement and what it stands for, but I do find it hard to take them seriously when they create messes and expect others to clean up after them. If they want to be taken seriously as a movement, they'd ORGANIZE (which they do NOT seem to be) and have a clean-up detail, food details, etc. Have it run like a well-oiled machine, don't unnecessarily inconvenience everyone around you, and you might get taken a little more seriously.
This progressive occupy movement has proved to be very unprogressive. The only outcome out of this has been shit tent cities across the nation for bums, anarchists, druggies and homeless to unite and dwell in their own feces. And guess who's footing the bill? The 99%'s tax dollars! It's time the authorities eradicate these 'occupier' tent villages once and for all!
@48 - Hmmm.... sounds like you're in the SAM building up top with the photo/design-heads. It's funny how the bathrooms and hallways get cleaner and better-smelling the further you get from the first floor of the BE building.

That said, if you think SCCC classes - and first/second year college classes don't have their fair share of stoners in them, you're not paying attention. If you're in a class where the stoners stay quiet... you're lucky.
It's unfortunate some SCCC students and community members have been alienated by the Occupy camp.

Here's my list of qualifications that "entitle" me to voice an opinion (just to offset the entitled presumptions about dirty deadbeats in some of these comments): I have a job, pay taxes, pay rent, have a Master's degree, and have done a shitload of pro-bono work with local artists, organizations & businesses.

I've also spent a good amount of time volunteering at the Occupy Seattle camp; I like to make up my own mind based on first-hand experience vs make a bunch of assumptions when I don't know shit about fuck like #23. I haven't seen the homeless flashing any iPads and fancy iPhones at the camp in any of my time there. I do know a sober, kind, positive-minded homeless man who is camping there while dealing with very serious health issues (don't worry- not contagious), going in for medical procedures on his rapidly-disappearing social services assistance, then returning to his tent in the freezing wet cold and trying to sleep off his pain. These homeless are neglected and ignored by our society and they are not going to simply disappear because you blink your eyes.

Occupy Seattle's not perfect but it's doing a hell of a lot more to address these issues than most of us are on our own. I agree alienating a community college is not the right move; my understanding is the camp moved there upon invitation of the teacher's union. Nothing is static, the movement can and will evolve beyond the camp. The Stranger published a great feature on all the hardcore activism that's been going down in Olympia over the past week.
Please de-occupy. If you don't like living in the US that much, just immigrate to China, Mexico, or wherever. I'm sure they'd love to have you and would grant you asylum immediately since you'd obviously contribute so much to their societies. Please leave the country to us 1%ers. And clean up your feces too.
Just because someone writes it doesn't make it so. If there really was a drastic increase in drug dealing (and who doesn't know of a college, esp. community college, that doesn't have drugs), then it would be all over the news, or at least Fox Noise. Most likely this I, Anon is someone being paid by a major financial institution to post crap like this. Probably #56 as well.
@ 57 If they are being paid, then they did a great job on their research...the tents are a joke, except to the high school kids who go home to their parents homes every night. The support they had at the beginning began to dissipate when students started asking real questions about how camping at SCCC was going to break "the man".

The Occupiers told us they would leave during the day and go to Westlake to protest. They never did, not during school hours.

They had buses to take them to Olympia on the 28th so they could occupy somewhere where real change could take place, instead it was business as usual.
@36 " Maybe you need to educate yourself a little more on what this movement is about..."


I can't stand this line that people throw out.

"You need to educate yourself"

If there is something that is important to you and you don't think others get it but YOU think we should, then it is YOUR job to educate us. To expect is to go out and spend our valuable time to learn about something that YOU think is important on our own is supremely arrogant.

If you are running a movement and people aren't getting what your movement is about that means that you have done a piss poor job of expressing to others what it is about.

"You need to educate yourself" is the lazy response of the self-absorbed.

If you want people to understand what your issues are then get off your ass and explain it in a comprehensible way. YOU put in the effort to get people to understand if you don't think they do.

If you expect people not an active part of your movement to expend the effort to "educate" themselves about your movement then your movement is as good as dead.
Big ups to #59.

Speaking as someone who's been involved on-and-off with many types of activism for over a decade, YOU HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF if the public can't understand your message. Most of the job of being an activist is educating others using accessible language. Real activists understand that, but teenage crust punks who just want to pick fights with cops do not.

One Occupier who gets tons of praise on SLOG (Ian Awesome/OneAngryQueer) told me when I criticized Occupy Seattle's bridge takeover/dance party, to "stop watching the Kardashians and start paying attention." Really, that is the best explanation you've got for your movement? And a person's sole two options are blindly embracing Occupy Seattle or being a vapid celebrity-obsessed bimbo? His comment sums up the entire intellectual and debating ability of the local movement for me.
Who cares if you matriculate? Your not gonna get a job, Anon! Or have you missed out what OWS is protesting?
@56: Gee, for someone who acts like he doesn't give a shit about the rest of us, you sure have massive bowel movements spewing out of your mouth.

You have my permission to leave the country anytime, frat boy.
And take your feces with you.
Wow, they make a mess and expect others to clean up after them. Wonder where they got the idea that such behavior is acceptable. Don't they understand that we are a society that thrives on accountability? Oh, wait...

And why does the poverty and addictions of others stir hatred in you, while the rich's perverted corruptions go unmentioned? Who has committed the greater crime-- a gathering of intrusive poor people, or a cabal of manipulating lobbyists and financiers? You call occupiers entitled, dirty, bothersome hippies, but they are nothing compared to the truly filthy entitled scumbags that have illegally disrupted our system and worsened the lives of millions.

It's sad to see what brings out the negativity in people. Where's the complaining about the banking system and dirty politicians leading us over a cliff? Is all the negative focus on the most disenfranchised among us? These "homeless people" you believe to be oh so lower than you in the faux hierarchy of humanity are inconveniencing you for a few months. A few MONTHS. Absolutely nothing compared to how the thieving upper crust have inconvenienced every facet of our lives for fucking years.

Oh, the tragedy of misplaced outrage and disdain. And you say the occupiers are difficult to take seriously.

@60: Were you deliberately ignoring everything else Ian had to say? Because I assure you, he said more than what you chose to focus on.
@48: Or it could just be that the students, you know, the people who trashed the bathrooms and elevators in the first place, are back to their old tricks. Old habits die hard, you know. Those bathrooms have been disgusting and pretty-well unusable for years before occupiers pitched their tents on campus.
@59: So you want to continue to have your hand held and information fed to you by people you readily admit you don't trust? Because by "educate yourself" we are merely telling you to get off your couch and come on down to talk to people. You know, do your own fact-checking, and stop allowing others to tell you how to feel. It's difficult to break away from that bubble, but you can do it, I promise.
@56: So you're completely okay with your rights being eroded? Because that's what happening in this country right now.
SCCC is, has been and always will be a dump. Quit your fucking whining ya spoiled ass cunt. Life ain't fair. If you want to do something earn some money and then attend a real fucking college.
The SCCC that you're describing doesn't sound all that different from the SCCC that I attended 10 years ago. If you find the trappings of an urban education distasteful, perhaps you should look into a more sterile environment. Bellevue College sounds like it's just your speed.
@67, Why don't you give me something to fact check in the first place? That's the problem. You want me to go out and find out what your issues are. There are thousands of movements and people with issues out there. How many do you get off your ass to check out on your own?

If you have a movement and a message it is your job to get the message out there. I have no reason to give you more attention than any other movement out there. If you can't articulate a reason why anyone should give you their time and energy then you are going to fail.

Every person out there has a million and one things fighting for their attention. A thousand and one things that demand their time and energy.

Give people a reason to choose you and your movement to focus their limited time and energy on, or don't and act all superior and condescending while your movement fails. Then you can blame everyone else for your failure because we all didn't do what you wanted even though you gave no reason for us to.

Perhaps if you didn't try "telling" people what to do, and instead tried giving people a reason to do what you want them to do you would win over more minds.

No one tells me how to feel. Not even you. You are as guilty of trying as anyone however when you tell us what we should do without giving us a real reason to.
Sounds like sccc (and the hill in general) when I attended in the 80's. If you have a problem with the urban environment, perhaps you should consider bcc or highline.
I suppose some of your complaints are legit, but you sound hilariously sheltered and prissy. (Hint: if you are offered drugs and you don't want them, all you have to do is politely say no and keep walking.)

Anon wants college to be college and the party to be somewhere else. Nothing wrong with that.
Ok! Listen up! I was at the meeting last night with the occupy movement...they passed a law:if you are using drugs,you will be evicted from the camp...TENT AND ALL...period!!! Any drug use off campsite is not the movement's will be delt with by the police!!! The occupy campsite at SCCC is now a DRUG FREE ZONE...PERIOD!!! NOW,I DON'T WANT THIS PAPER MAKING UP ANY MORE BULLSHIT ABOUT DRUG USE AMONG THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT CAMP AT SCCC!!! IT IS NOW DRUG FREE!!!
@74: Good for you for helping take action at Occupy SCCC!
Occupy ANYWHERE needs to continue as a globally growing movement of people out to end the gross inequality and out-of-control irresponsibility of the super rich and corrupt.
@74 - What about my Medical Weed? Wanna see my card? I'll smoke WHERE I WANT, prick. You sound like The Man to me.
@74 - what about alchohol, caffeine and nicotine?

Looks like occupy caved on this one. That said, sometimes backing the F*** up is sometimes the better part of valor.

I hope it helps them carry on, but somehow I think it will just be more fodder for endless general assembly time wasting/douchbaggery by crazy fucking consensus retards. Too bad.
I too, attend classes at SCCC. Not once has anyone approached me regarding drugs, a cigarette, money, or anything for that matter. I walk past the courtyard at least twice a day with no incident. Yes, there will be homeless people there, yes, there will be people who do drugs there (whether they look like it or not), yes, people will want to bum a cigarette or money off you. Think about where you are, this would happen anywhere, not just in the occupied site. Have you talked with anyone at the site? My guess is: most likely not. There are educated, articulate people there who may be there for several different reasons. A movement doesn't necessarily have to have just one. I suggest along with your general studies, you also do a little research on the movement and reasons as to why they chose that site. You might want to invest some time reading about how the school plans to evict them. While you're at it, perhaps you should look into how much it's costing the school itself to provide outdoor restroom facilities and sanitation detail. Find out where THAT money is coming from, if you're at all curious. I know I am. However, I'm very FOR the movement, because I've done the research on it. I know why they're there and if you had any clue, you might be a little more scared of what is really going on and a lot more forgiving of the occupiers. Most of the occupy sites have committees that clean up the site and do their own sanitation detail. If someone offers to sell you drugs, you have the right to say no. Feel free to report the offending party to the school security staff, that is why they are there. Have you made your feelings known to the school administration? Do you know where the school stands on the whole situation? As a student, you SHOULD be very informed about what's going on in your school. Why does it sound like you aren't? I really like SCCC and I actually commute from Tacoma to attend classes there, even though there are two community colleges much closer. The occupy site has not had any impact on my ability to pursue an education at that school, and if it is affecting yours, perhaps you should stop complaining and do something about it. My best advice is, if you feel strongly enough about it, find out what you can do instead of expecting someone else to do it for you.
Sounds like Anon. is describing an SCCC and a Broadway that existed at any point in time over at least the past 30 years.

You know, this Occupy stuff would all go away if the job creators jobs.
I think we ought to organize around a WA State income tax. Fo' realz, yo.
It was a mistake to offer any camping ground to these misguided deluded protestors. If you want to make s difference that matters, you need to be protesting AT THE SITE OF THE ENEMIES YOU PROTEST you stupid fucks. Wash DC, Oly, Bank Property.

Not harrassing normal every day people, not staying permanently encamped like some asshole houseguest that will never leave.

Its not your place to tell everyone if you are bothering them or not. We are telling you that we are. And to this you say BFD, its for a bigger cause. Only .. what IS that cause? pissing off authority that matters? not happening. Getting your message into public debate? Arguably a little, but not as effectively as going to the sites of the actual crimes, not SCCC. Unless SCCC is now one of the 1%, which would be news to them I'm sure.

Effective protest action is not what I'm seeing walking past every day. I'm seeing a self-centered bunch of egotists who don't feel like working hard enough to make a difference squatting on public property and talking up their own game, then if you debate them violently responding, like you did with that guy with the "Occupy Someplace Else" sign. Apparently one guy questioning you is enough for you to snap and resort to physical assault. And I just bet he was one of the 99% too. Hell, he was even expressing his free speech. Why'd you trample his rights? Are you no better than the police???
Meh, welcome to the real world, and meet the real people.

Sorry you have to deal with the unwashed masses after paying so much money. Shouldn't it make you grateful, compassionate, desirous of change? Instead you're just a whiny brat. There is nothing inherently harmful about being subjected to begging, witnessing a fight, or smelling (onoes!) pot smoke. All of these things will happen if you venture into the wider city, anyway -- you just can't climb back into the ivory tower anymore and pretend it doesn't exist. Well, good for that!

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