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A Little Misery


So when is that comet going to come and destroy all human life? Any day now? OK, good.
I had some eggs and toast for breakfast this morning.
About a third of the way in all I heard was "pfffffffffffffffff"
"I did everything in my power to be an amazing friend to you"? Oh, but I also slept with your boyfriend. Wow, you are an amazing friend.
I'm with @3 & @4.
That's OK. She filmed you fucking her boyfriend and it's now on Xtube.
Right on @5.

And WTF do you mean you dropped "uncool" friends? Aside from doing them a huge favor, it makes me think you're both still in high school or something.
"I gave up other friends who are genuinely good people because you didn't deem them "cool" enough. "
sorry but anon was a douche long before he/she fucked the boyfriend.
Operational definition of a Chode:

"I gave up other friends who are genuinely good people because you didn't deem them "cool" enough."

You give up good friends because of someone else? Hruh? Grow a spine already.
Wow. I'm so glad I'm not in high school or the trailer park anymore.
My farts smell like red bull today
It's okay, she fucked your boyfriends, too.
You sound like you're still in high school, Anon. Why don't you grow up? Dropping friends because they're not "cool enough"? Ugh, the only un-cool person here is you and the ex-friend. Sleeping with an ex? Meh, so what? He's single and so is his penis.
No, it's OK because she spent weeks beating herself up about it.

I am reminded of that Drunk of the Week with the hed: "Just look at that ass!" Remember that? There are just some things we are all the poorer for having seen. This is one of them.
You fucked her boyfriend? Ooh, burn!
"I did everything in my power to be an amazing friend to you."

and then

"I fucked your boyfriend when you were out of town."

I think this makes YOU the bigger cunt in this "friendship".
Fuck, can I unread this one?
growler FTW.
@19: I second it.
Boyfriend for the win. He got a piece of both those crazies, then exited stage left.
If your "best friend of a better part of a decade" was a "selfish, spoiled cunt", ever wonder why she hung around YOU for so long? I can answer that easily just from reading your self-serving bullshit.

It's because you two have so much in common.
Oh, and she probably fucked your boyfriend too. Birds of a feather, beeyatch.
Awww, don't worry little anon. even though you two aren't together anymore you two will always share a little something called herpes.

Agree with Cletus @22; Bofriend did win, alright. He boned it to both the crazy ladies, then split. "Crazy in the head, crazy in bed".
"I'm glad it happened, because you are a selfish, spoiled cunt and having a little misery in your life might actually make you a better person in the long run."
Besides being fake, this makes no sense. How will the ex-friend be miserable about this. First of all, it's her exbf, and her exbff, so she might not even care. But most of all, she can't be miserable about this if she doesn't know about it, because you're still U,ANONYMOUS
The problem here is the involvment of WAY TOO MUCH COCANE and a few 40's of St Ides...

Or, maybe not enough.

It's a toss-up.
Well of course you dropped everything to help your "friend" out and dropped the "uncool" friends because of her. You were hanging around like a vulture waiting for a chance to do her boyfriend (who apparently dropped your skanky ass after he got what he wanted.) Some friend you are.
I'm so glad I live a boring life.
I'm still looking for my trousers.
This guy you fucked is my hero.
Anyone who tries to be an "amazing friend" is a narcissistic cunt.
Yuck! Everyone involved probably lives a better life now that you are not in it. What a disgusting skank. You made me feel gross just reading this. "Be kind; Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." No one benefits from intentionally inflicted misery, dummy. If anything it just makes people bigger assholes. Treat others as you would like to be treated… did you not go to kindergarden?

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