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The Week in Review


Dear God. Please bring back news of bear maulings - I'm here to read The Stranger, not nasty bitchy celebrity gossip.
Can you quit it with this celebrity shit? This is The Stranger, not Star.
Wtf is up with last days lately? It's all about Kim kardashian and other no one gives a fuck celebrities and their ridiculously fucked up lives. What happend? Where's the news about real people, stories, or for fucks sake politicians. I don't care, choose anything, but this isn't seventeen magazine.
THANK YOU, @1 sahara29, also @2, and@3!! You beat me to it! Agreed!

Can Rush Limbaugh, Rob McKenna, Mitt Romney, John Boehner, or Rick Santorum get mauled by bears anytime soon? Pleeeeeeeeeeease???

Ann, could you please pull your head out of The National Enquirer and bring back Last Days?
Kim Kardashian is a "slithering sea-whore"

wow, really? Just when I'd almost gotten through an entire day without hearing a woman called a slut or a whore. I come here expecting David Schmader's greatness and am greeted with Ann Romano's gossipy woman-hatred.

You stay classy, Portland.
Schmader, the doctor TOLD you to be careful of infection after he lanced that boil on your neck. Get well and hurry back.
I agree with 1-6... couldn't read past Monday without manic flashbacks of last weeks dredge.

I'm sure there is a bottle of draino that would be less painful than this.
I am not here to read about celebrities. Fucking christ.
"But , this one goes to 11."
For the love of fuck can we get David back!? I don't give shit one about celebrity issues! Last Days used to be my go-to page for bizzare news but now it's like reading a vulgar version of People magazine.
Maybe Ann should get mauled by a bear...?

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