It's summer and there are no children in South Lake Union. And there are no children because there is nothing for them to do. The local city park has some strange and dangerous equipment like a mini zip line and a spinning top thing. I think there might be lawn darts available for rent.

Since SLU is billed as Seattle's most exciting neighborhood, I guess that children aren't part of that excitement.

But it's not really built for childless adults, either. There aren't any playgrounds for single folks because the bars are so overstuffed with Amazon employees that it feels like you've walked into a staff meeting. Well, I guess that means it's a great neighborhood if you're an unmarried Amazon worker. But do you really want to date coworkers?

Where is the live music? Where are the street performers? Where are the old men sitting in lawn chairs? Where is the dancing?

Seattle's exciting new neighborhood is a great place to work, to enjoy a meal or drink, and then to leave. recommended