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Good-Bye, Ana


... and then you went and got counseling, I hope. Body image problems don't just go away with cheesy well-wishes from friends.
I've been there, Anon. I've been there.

Best of luck in your recovery. Be prepared for some of your body systems to not function well for a while.
Get into therapy, fast. Eating disorders are perniciuos. @ 1 +
Have to mirror what the others are saying, please do not think you can just get better by eating more/kind words from friends.

The first step is always the hardest, but it is still just the first step.
LW Thank you for sharing that life altering moment. And honoring the person who reached out and pulled you up.

Congratulations for stepping into that moment & into your truth.

Everyone else is right. You've opened the door of recovery and now comes a lot of personal work best done w a therapist who is familiar with eating disorders.

:) it's so cheesy but this always grounds me AND makes me laugh, Al Frankin as Stuart Smalley on SNL
"You're good enough!, you're smart enough! and DOGGON IT!!! People like you!"
Thank you I, Anon, this brought tears to my eyes. I have been there as well.
This rings true. @1, don't be such a cynic.
Wonderful I, Anon! Thanks, Anon- I'm happy for you. Please get some counseling, too...please?
PS- Where's the malt liquor and piles of cocaine for this one?
@9, I think you just did ..
This reminds me of one of the most powerful commercials I've seen in a very long time.
9: That's been replaced by "Bullshit she's obviously just a lying, cheating, MAN-HATING psychotic BITCH just like my WIFE!!!!!!!!!1"
kuh-riste. where are the kudos for the friend? instead of calling friend "Cheesy" how bout a "good for her/him, for paying attention and for caring enough to say something."
sure LW should now get counseling, but from the way she writes, friend is what started her on the path to salvation.
thank goodness for friends. counselors are crucial, but you'll never get their help without actually going out and finding one. good friends find YOU.
@7: It's not cynical, it's reality.
This is lovely. good for you and your friend. i hope you are both doing well.
Anon, I'm glad you had this moment of realization, and I hope you've started counseling as well.

I also hope you were able, or will be able, to share this message directly to your friend. Although you may not be ready yet, I know from experience how much it will mean to them to know that their words got through.
Cured! That was easy.
Except that regular coke is full of High Fructose Corn Syrup. Nobody has to starve themselves to lose weight, just be more careful about what you eat. HFCS is the one thing permanently banned from my diet.
I doubt the LW needs to lose weight.
@montex: Woah. You missed the point.

But still I'm glad you shoehorned in that anti-HFCS point. This is the first I'm hearing of it's negative health effects. Tell me more!
@Montex, STFU. The last thing an anorexic needs is diet talk in any form.

Anon, I'm so glad your friend was there for you and that you were able to hear her. Some counseling would definitely REALLY help you on this road to recovery.

To get started, you can give the National Eating Disorders Hotline a call: 1-800-931-2237

Or take a look at their online referral service to find a treatment provider in your area:…

Anyone else who can see themselves in this story, please also give treatment a chance!
Thanks so much for writing, anon. You and your friend are beautiful!
It's just like in Silver Linings Playbook, when Bradley Cooper and that borderline mess of an alcoholic woman fall in love and start dating in the end.

'Cause true love makes mental disorders all go away.

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