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The Week in Review


Oh no, Ann Romano is gone, and now we won't know what Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez did every second of last week!

Thank you, David! Much more interesting than Beiber & Lohan.
David!!!!! You're BACK!!!!! Oh, joy, rapture!!!

Okay---I've GOT to have a drink---a GOOD drink--to toast Last Days report from December 1st! Something like this must truly be savored.
Wha? No public groominng bits? Come on people let's pay attention out there.
Think of the poor paramedic who might have had to try to intubate the dying guy with "bug body parts" in his airway.
Now THAT was a week. Remember to chew, chew, chew your bugs.
@6 freesandbags: Ugggggggggghhhhh!! No thanks, I'd rather get happily snockered over the demise of Mitt Romney.
Sorry about Ann's tears but had Mitt won the election,
Americans would have been crying in public.

@8: You got THAT one right!!
And we would have had one bloody, elephant's butt-UGLY revolution had Mitt succeeded in buying the White House. That is what a heartless white collar criminal looks like!

Okay. Let us return to the celebrating. Happy holidays to all, and a healthy, prosperous 2013 and beyond!

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