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What a stupid bitch. ;-)
There's one for you.
"..a bunch of dead foreigners?" and this from a Christian? Are not all lives sacred?
This is why I hate Christians. So ignorant and so patronizing, and they don't even see it.

"Infected with AIDS" really? No one is infected with AIDS, people (gay or straight) get infected with HIV, and a subset subsequently develop AIDS.

Really -- being a good Jesus-loving neighbor means "cleaning up" the neighborhood? Do you mean you're going to pick up trash (that would be nice), or you're going to force your morality on others and "clean up" drug use, sex clubs, abortion clinics, porn, anything your version of sky-daddy+sky-son don't approve of?

Does "cleaning up" mean forcing women to carry unborn fetuses to term because you think it's "butchering" a human life to terminate a 1 inch bundle of cells with an immature nervous system incapable of conscious thought? A definition of life which, by the way, has changed in Christianity over the centuries (used to be boy fetuses got a soul before girl fetuses).

Not that there is necessarily any more porn, sex clubs, abortion, drug use, etc. on Capitol HIll than anywhere else... but when a "Christian" talks about "cleaning up" a neighborhood, well, even though I don't live in Seattle it makes me nervous.

Apologies if you're just gonna pick up trash.
Allow me to express my dismay that The Stranger would give a public forum for this unconscionable, ignorant hate speech. People like Annabelle Cavendish are what makes this world the hellhole it is 99 percent of the time. To say that she is a monster, a barely human piece of garbage who has twisted the words of the Bible to her own demented will is barely scratching the surface of her, in words she might understand, indelible sin. I fear for a society that allows people like Annabelle Cavendish to raise children while in most states gays and lesbians are not allowed to marry those they love. Rot in eternal hellfire, scum.

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