At first I looked again to see if this article was a joke or really written by Fa. Sartain.

The name calling such as "trollop" (Webster says: prostitute and slut) is really a sin against the 8th commandment: "bearing false witness against your neighbor" covers any kind of falsehood: perjury, lying, slander, detraction, rash judgment, etc. How cruel and limited in respecting your neighbor and graceless.

We're, as Catholics believe, are all made in God's image and likeness, period. Our teachings are to be loving and kind and respectful to each other. Is this judgeing labelling people here to help others? Using "heathens and sodomites" to describe folks, does not sound a loving bidding of kindness to help. "...(hospitals..., where babies are killed..., just for fun." is an inane and stupid comment. What a disappointment this priest uses such hateful, derogatory speak.

The Church does not know how to keep up with technology and evolving beliefs in society and adapt. So it continues to control with the judgements of past centuries as do the right wing conservatives (I think Jesus won the election). Judgements for life in black and white serves easily for all answers of non-critical thinking.

Has love you neighbor as yourself changed? Addressing readers and the journal writers as "... secular swine." does not end with a loving attitude befitting an Archbishop representing the Catholic Church.

Stephanie S.
Wow! The Archbishop of Seattle is not only a bigot, he's a viciously hateful one. For a "Man of God" to call fellow humans "heathens", "sodomites","beastializers", "trollops" and "fornicators" for their sexual orientation makes his brand of Christianity a joke. The Loving Church that welcomes "all of God's Children" should be clear about the huge number that are unwelcome.
Richard M Baker
3 two do realize that this wasn't written by the real archbishop, don't you?
Thank you, AlaskanbutnotSeanParnell, for confirming what I suspected. Although I see myself as savvy about satire, I don't follow Public Editor and was unaware of its satirical basis. I had a pretty strong initial reaction to the byline on this piece, although the theological inaccuracies began to clue me in. I am no fan of Sartain, but Public Editor has crossed the thin line that separates satire from viciousness. It dilutes the validity of Madrid's article.

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