1. In a lengthy piece, BRENDAN KILEY writes about how boring theatrical promotion photographs are. How many people in the world could this "problem" possibly affect? Be specific and show your math.

2a. Is the news team's guide to the mayoral candidates

(a) as flippant as

(b) more flippant than

(c) way more flippant than

you feared it would be?

2b. As an exercise in persuasive letter-writing, please compose a 300-word e-mail to news editor DOMINIC HOLDEN explaining how this jokey mock-fest of a guide is unhelpful at best and downright harmful to political discourse at worst. Remember to use your vocabulary words, and try not to be too lecturing in tone!

3. In her column Never Heard of 'Em, in which she reviews music she's never heard before, ANNA MINARD reviews the Clash's The Clash. At what point does she become just a naive idiot sitcom character, like Rose from The Golden Girls or Balki from Perfect Strangers? Has she already passed that point? Support your claim with examples.

4. BETHANY JEAN CLEMENT eats pig head and cow lips in this week's restaurant review. Between this and news intern CALLAN BERRY's recent Slog post about eating foie gras, do you think that The Stranger's food section is trying to gain lucrative page views as a shock-eating contest designed to outrage vegans? Or is there still a single iota of culinary curiosity at play behind these "investigations"?

5. During a long interview with Sean Nelson, music writer DAVE SEGAL does manage to mention that Nelson worked at The Stranger, yet doesn't manage to say that he worked at the paper for 10 years. Does the fact that Nelson picked up a full-time paycheck at The Stranger for a decade change your perception of this piece? Shouldn't it?

6. CHARLES MUDEDE published four pieces in this week's Stranger. How many of those pieces did you read? Use fractions.