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Fuck You, Wizard Hater


How pathetically weak. I tuned in for this rant? Well at least I am first...
I think the one good thing to come from this is that it makes the incredibly lame IA that was bitching about the wizards practically look like Proust.
The Wizard would have turned the other cheek. *yawn*
I like pudding..mmmmm vanilla is best..jello is ok, but not as good as pudding.. maybe when the jello has grapes in it , it is better..But generally, i just like pudding.
Easily baited much?
@4, Pudding is pretty delicious. I grew up on banana pudding with Nilla wafers and slices of banana. Anon, isn't it possible to be getting regularly laid and still be annoyed by stuff?
I think the point here is that sone douche took time toconplain about ryan henry ward who is someone that is generally a city fucking treasure. We beed every single person like him we can get to fight off the manhatanization of seattle.
If there was a retroactive to posting edit button on this phone I would use it.
Sure seems like Grace doesn't know how to stay "I anonymous "
Oh Ziff, where art thou? < spoken in Borat- like voice.
@7: Henry ia great, but disliking art as a commodity isn't quite "Manhattanization".
Ask yourselves, "what would Dumbledoor do?"
Local spat I don't care about, but then that's what I get for reading a Seattle paper when I don't live anywhere near Seattle.
@13, I know. I thought Hobbit/Excalibur/Harry Potter type of wizards. Or at least the Washington Wizards.
OK. Having Googled the Wizard murals in Seattle, I think the art is funny and cool. My bad.
@13: Reading a local complaint bitch-blog subsection of a Seattle paper, even.
who needs anonymity. it's a small city. we mostly know each other's business even if we only know each other's faces and not our names.

@11 you're right; but i still hate all the glass condos.
In other news, my shipment of COCAINE just arrived from Bolivia, so I'm off to the 7-11 for some MALT LIQUOR, though I'm thinking of trying out a case of that Sam Adams shit billed as "The World's Strongest Beer".

Pay no attention to the Swat Team outside my swanky Queen Ann condo, the joke's on them, I'm broadcasting from my secret man-cave in Medina, where I maintain a Jacuzzi filled with banana Jello pudding.
Man, I saw the title of this one and was hoping it was someone ranting at a guy who hated the Harry Potter books.

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