1a. The Stranger is one of only two newspapers in Seattle to publish endorsements. The Seattle Times is the other. Considering the distribution range and online presence of each newspaper, please identify which paper's endorsements are more useless. While running your calculations, please remember that The Stranger endorsed Mike McGinn in the last primary.

1b. Using crayons, draw a picture of yourself. Now, if applicable, color yourself surprised that The Stranger chose to endorse Mayor McGinn for a second time.

1c. If you were surprised that McGinn earned The Stranger's endorsement, write an additional essay explaining what it feels like to be baffled by the sun rising in the east every morning.

2. REBECCA BROWN somehow fills up an entire page of the arts section with some Cracked.com-style fanwank about how Wagner's Ring cycle was the basis of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Is this or the aforementioned McGinn endorsement the more fanciful work of fiction to be published in The Stranger this week? Which piece is more out of touch with the needs and desires of the average Seattleite?

3. A little boy who we will call "Mike McGinn" and a little girl who we will call "Mary Martin" are opening lemonade stands across the street from each other. "Mike" refuses to sell lemonade to customers who drive up to his stand in automobiles. "Mary" refuses to sell lemonade to customers who support capitalism. Which stand goes out of business first?

4. Considering the fact that The Stranger endorsed Mike McGinn early in the issue, did you even manage to read through to MEGAN SELING's profile of musician Shelby Earl? If not, do you think you would have enjoyed the piece? Why or why not? recommended