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The Week in Review


First! Hodor.

Aye, a god who denies love and compassion is more a human projection of god, than the real presence of divinity; way to go Mr.Tutu. Ouch, another bad week for the cycling community; and why do we care about these totally inept celebrities, are they living out our societal projections, or just fucked up narcissist caught staring into the mirror pond? Go out have a beer and create the next week in review...More Public Grooming please!
Before you go spatting off lies about someone you should get your facts straight. The US Postal service ended its sponsorship around 2005. The Discovery Channel took over at this time. Lance also had several other sponsors such as Astana and Radioshack before admitting to doping. The US Postal Service benefitted tremendously from their sponsorship and now they want all their money back too? For everything The Stranger stands for I would expect you to see through this bullshit lawsuit and the US govts attempt to get something for nothing. As an avid tour watcher, I can tell you that the US Postal Service will not suffer one bit from their sponsorship over 8 years ago, much less will anyone remember. Think what you want about Lance, but without a strong TEAM, no one wins the tour, much less 7 times against a field where over 90% were doping as well. It is pretty irritating that someone will bash another and use false information as their supporting evidence.

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