Columns Jun 4, 2014 at 4:00 am

The Week in Famousness


Okay, thanks.
I'll try again next week.
Dear God, how long must we suffer before David Schmader returns? Actually, this column wasn't as bad as previous Ann Romano columns, I even giggled at the description of Kim and Kanye's wedding. But, please, bring back David Schmader!
Our beloved David Schmader just lost his father so he needs a little time away from digesting the worlds sad/bad news. I'm sure we'll see him back again soon.
Since I know the comment thread is going to be full of grumpy gus grouch pusses I'm going to just say I enjoy the occasional celebrity fun breaktime.
I like it so much better when Cienna subs. I can't even like this junk ironically.
Yup, a Last Days filled by a celebrity-obsessed hack who is trying way too hard to be funny. I hate it when she subs on this column.
Go away.

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