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Aggressive Dog, Chickenshit Man


I am adding the word "shitlord" to my vocabulary.
Poor Vincent! Is he okay?
The cat was off leash as well. Is it really this difficult to keep your eyes on your pets, Seattle?
@1 Sea Otter: Thank you. I second that.
Look, most Pit Bull owners are assholes. It's the kind of dog an asshole usually likes because they share the same asshole attitude. Seriously, if you move in to a particular place and notice that one of your neighbors owns a pit bull? First think meth head. But always think ASSHOLE.
Having said that, let me also say Ben Haggerty is a no-talent closet case who would probably own a pit bull.
though I too will be adding "shitlord" to my vocabulary (fucking brilliant, well done), you are also kind of a chicken-shit for making a point to name the breed of the dog in the first sentence of your moan. the breed has nothing to do with the incident. if a yellow lab puppy did the same thing, you'd be just as upset, right?
*Probably. So you don't actually know. Tell me, are there humans living on Jupiter too?
Love the illustration. Bloody pup muzzle, chicken wearing a pantsuit and boots.
If only there was some recognizable way to draw a shitlord....
People who own pit bulls are not very smart.
@3 via "All animals (except cats and pigeons) are required to be on leash within the City of Seattle."

Cat owner was legally (and morally) in the right. Cat was at his home, chillin' in the doorway of the store where he has sat every day for seven years without an incident.

The laws are the way they are for a reason. An off leash cat is not a potential public safety issue; a dog is.

@9 draw metrolitan management
Im an animal lover as much as anyone but I see idiots all the time holding dog leashes while their dogs roam free on Cap and First Hill. Its kind of like setting a fire, holding the extinguisher and doing nothing about it. This is why i carry a knife with me now. Now if anyones unleashed dog charges me (which has happened before) or attacks me, then they can take their "pet" back home (assuming they even have a home) in a plastic bag and learn the lesson that if you cant be a responsible dog owner, then I'll be responsible and watch out for my own safety on my terms while doing the neighborhood a favor!
It's not the Pit Bulls!! Yes, granted idiots sometimes own them, but so do nice, intelligent, awesome people, who raise sweet non-aggressive dogs. My bf owns a half-pit mix, she's the sweetest dog on the planet!! She'd lick and kiss you to death..

Thanks Anon, for doing your part to add to the stupid anti-Pit crusade.

Also, there are many other breeds of dogs that get confused with Pit, that aren't actually Pits. You quite possibly got your breed id wrong.…

My faith in humanity has yet to be restored. It's the person, not the dog.

Sorry this happened.. Truly.. But lay off the fact that it was a Pit, because it might not have been.
People need to lay off their hyper defensive knee jerk reactions to someone naming the breed of the dog. Anon doesn't say anything in this rant about how terrible Pit bulls are. All Anon does is name the breed and then proceeds to clearly blame the owner (stating the owner doesn't deserve an animal, because owning a Pit bull or any animal incurs responsibilities) rather than the dog. Anon also specifies which cat was attacked, but that doesn't mean Anon is suggesting cats who live at Pretty Parlor are always victims of dog attacks. Get a grip, peoople.
I hate people who think that it's okay for their dog to be off leash. I don't care what bred your dog is.
For those stating I,anon shouldn't have mentioned the breed, I feel it was relevant. The idea of a pit bull off leash and attacking other animals is more disturbing than a dacshund or, as previously mentioned, a yellow lab pup. It doesn't say that pit bulls are bad, it just says that there is greater potential damage than your average dog.

And while I am quick to jump on the cat/dog leashing double standard, the cat was in its own space, not roaming the street. The only thing tying the cat up would have done in this situation is remove its opportunity to escape.
@13: I would love to see some idiot get hauled off for randomly stabbing an off-leash animal in the city. Good luck not getting stabbed yourself by the owners as well, Internet Tough Guy.
@ 18 - I carry a knife for exactly that reason - to defend my self from dog attack. If a dog tries to maul me, I want something other than my hands to defend myself with. And I don't personally believe in carrying a pistol, so what's a girl to do?
I'd have a pitbull in my home before just about any of you willowing, hand-wringing commenters.
You fucking idiot. There are so many people out there who are working their ass off (including me), rescuing pit bulls, re-educating people and taking the stigma off the breed - and morons like you post shit like this to only fuel the idiocy around. Do you KNOW how frustrating it is? Pit bulls are sweet dogs, great with kids and they score better than 121 other breeds on temperament test. Any big dog has potential for high damage. If you said "big dog" would be sufficient.

It's the owner, not the dog. And for whoever owns that dog, I hope you get diarrhea for a month straight.

Hey how about this, rather than blame the breed, solely blame the owner. The breed doesn't have to do with anything. Not all pitbull owners are morons, just like not all chihuahua owners are prissy asshats. Bottom line, the pet owner is an irresponsible fuckwad who should never have any pet.

No, I am not a pitbull owner. I just think the knee jerk blame on the breed is completely fucking stupid. If this was done by a lab, boxer, or dobie, I doubt the breed would have been named.
@9 I feel like Chet was the quintessential shitlord:…
The breed is relevant because now any time anyone who sees an off leash pit bull on Cap Hill, they will passive aggressively glare at the owner and suspect them of being a true shitlord.
Vincent's Pretty Parlor page. No word yet on his condition.
@20: I do not think that word means what you think it means:
For those curious about Vincent's condition or wanting to help with this awesome kitty's recovery, visit his Go Fund Me page:
Arthur Zifferelli sounds like someone i would hate to have as a neighbor. What an IDIOT.
Notice the GoFundMe does not mention the breed and says the cat was outside. BUT!! Off leash dogs are one of my biggest pet peeves except for the exceptionally well trained ones with attentive owners, but those are rare. And if your pet hurts someone else's be responsible for fuck's sake.

Pitties are terriers and many have the urge to chase small animals, but they also tend to be super loving wiggle butt-ed creatures who will like your face off before they'd bite it. Obviously Arthur Z. doesn't know anything about the dogs and is trolling...
To clarify, I wasn't disputing that it could have been a pit bull, just noting that the people actually involved in the incident didn't feel the need to bring up breed. Also not trying to imply that a cat outside deserves to be attacked, but the I Anonymous sounded like the guy brought the dog into the store to me.
I agree with mere-pennies, I hate ANYONE who walks around with ANY dog off-leash. They are all shitlords. Go to the off-leash park for your jollies. My dog has been on-leash and had other dogs run up to her with their dipshit owner smiling and thinking it's cool because "my dog loves other dogs." Then my dog ends up in a fight because she isn't good with other dogs running up to her and saying whatever they are saying in their body language. I have had to pull dogs apart multiple times. I DON'T CARE HOW GOOD, OR SWEET, OR WONDERFUL YOUR DOG IS, MY RESCUE DOG DOES NOT WANT IT IN HER FACE!! And it's not her fault she was abused, she does just fine on her walks, is perfect with humans, and I keep her from getting too close to other leashed dogs.
"The cat was off leash as well." Dumbass. Cats are pretty harmless and more self-sufficient, and this cat was likely hanging in or around its home. How many cats do you see on leashes?
btw, Treehugger, I hope a Pit bull takes a big chunk out of your smug ass. Bitch.
@31 - seconded! My rescue girl is love incarnate with us, but she is leash reactive in the extreme. Idiots who walk with their dogs off-leash outside of designated areas drive me mental, as they give the rest of us a bad name. I know my big dog makes some people uncomfortable, especially as she is barky, so I always follow the rules for everyone's benefit. I cannot count the number of times I have been out walking with her, had an unleashed dog run up to start something, and then had to shout at the other owner to get their dog under control. And then, SURPRISE SURFUCKINGPRISE, their "totally obedient and fine off-leash" dog completely ignores them! Who ever would have guessed?! Idiots.
Off Leash dogs are illegal out side of a designated "off leash area" in Seattle - period. There is not need for further discussion.
This column should be retitled "Me, Passive Aggressive". Used to be a culpable human would write about the (bad) things they've done, now it's just a bitch-fest about other people.

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