I wanted a divorce for two reasons: You claim to have almost no sex drive, and you didn't participate in the 18-plus months of therapy that might have saved our marriage. You agreed to the divorce but said that neither of us should move out. We're adults who can respect each other's feelings and personal space. Out of that same respect, I waited until you began to date before I started to see other people. In that vein, you said bringing dates home was disrespectful to the other person. Then on Sunday, you wanted me to stay away from the house so that some guy, who you claim isn't your boyfriend, can come over to watch the Seahawks game. I said, "No, it's my house, too. It's mine to enter and leave at any time." When I came home, you two were fucking in the master bedroom. You said later, "I don't want to talk about it." Not talking about it and a lack of intimacy are why we're splitting up. Moving on is inevitable, but you've thrown it in my face. I don't respect you, and I'm telling everybody that we know in common about what happened, including your brother. Enjoy your next trip home.