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Fuck You, Holiday Shoppers

Steven Weissman


boo hoo. GO HAWKS!
I totally agree. But there really isnt anything that says if no one showed they could do anything. I mean what are they going to do, fire everyone? Write up everyone? Whatever one gets in the way of punishment, everyone has to get or risk discrimination law suits. The fear isnt with those who have the money, or even zombified shopper who will risk trampling each other to death to spend money they dont have. It relies on the fears of the workers losing their paychecks and management, unions and ownership know this fact. Workers are just as much to fault for allowing themselves to be slaves instead of standing up and saying "No" for more than just one symbolic day and putting on picket shows for the media when really it might take a week or month to prove the point, but really, how many people have had the opportunity to save for a full month of unemployment and dont. Not many. What would happen if for the next year everyone in the US in a low wage job saved every nickel they made for the next 11 months and then stop working next December? I imagine the Pharaohs would stand up, take notice and things would change.
A good reminder that there is an ethical component to a lot of small decisions we make every day. I guess I always assumed retail workers on holidays were there as volunteers and that they were as cynical about holiday b.s. as I am. Perhaps I was wrong. It isn't Ebenezer's avarice that's forcing Cratchit to forsake Tiny Tim at Christmas, it is my indifference. Scrooge is us.
Jesus Christ, You people are actually the worst. And I read a LOT of comments. What's wrong with you?
Great post. It's funny, intelligent and way above the head of the morons who attacked the writer. Getting your Diplomas and PHDs doesn't make you a better person - it just makes you better at showing others how disgusting you are.

You may have been born under different circumstances where the choices open to you were wide. You didn't come from the bottom strata and trying to work your way up with limited resources.

Every job is important. Work- whatever the task - is uplifting. Why don't try and appreciate the other person and what they do instead of being such stunted and selfish pricks.
@3 They would fire you. They would fire everyone. They've got other stores to pull workers from if they have to. Half their staffing hours on the holidays are lower paid seasonal workers anyway, partially because they cut their regular workers hours to save money. They're turning prospective employees away in droves and since the holidays are prime firing season, there's a ton of them out there. The big corps are always eager to lose workers around the holidays, they cut staff on purpose to make their end of the year numbers, December being the most popular time to fire staff especially cashiers because they are so easy to replace. Full timers have already had their hours cut to 3/4 or 1/2, and the part time ones are down to even less. That's how winter goes in retail. Gotta make the numbers for the end of year report. And good job blaming the people who are usually one paycheck away from losing their housing. You and the other commenters on this thread can hang out together for the holidays, have a good old time.

Working on Thanksgiving has never been optional. For what, time and a half if your employer even bothers to offer it (and then often only for the hours between 12pm and 4pm?). Good luck getting Christmas off.
@6 Thank you for that.
some people don't have the choice of getting another job, maybe they are working two part time jobs to feed their family. you try finding a job period that isn't part time or a shitty retail job. go to college, if ya can afford it and or be buried with debt and even then that is no guarantee. by shopping on the holidays you idiots are just playing into the corporate greed that has taken over, next year black Friday will start on Halloween.
Wow, it amazes me how many commenters view this as the employee's fault instead of the corporate greed that it is. It's also quite sad and telling of current society.
I'm sorry you have to work when you don't want to. I haven't been required to work holidays in a long time, but even when it was voluntary I was *always* first in line to volunteer. Why? Because of the sweet overtime pay. I could make 150% of my usual pay in the same amount of hours, and usually with fewer customers too.

Sure, my Thanksgiving celebration wasn't usually on a Thursday, and my Christmas celebration wasn't on the 25th, but I still celebrated, and had a fair amount more money to do so. That may not be worth it to you, but it was to me.
Yes, and stop traveling because airport workers, flight staff, gas station attendants, bus drivers, rail workers, all desrve to stay at home too. Also no emergencies or on-going medical problems. Discharge yourself from the hospital the day before a major holiday so those health care providers and ancillary staff can enjoy their family time without having to worry about you. Who needs television and radio or the internet during a holiday? Or phone service for that matter?

Millions of people work during holidays, me included. I'm unsupportive of this whinging.
I wondered how long it would take for those admirable, economically and morally superior residents of Woodinville/Issaquah/Sammamish West (that's what we call the Pike/Pine corridor) joined in to make fun of people forced to work for minimum wage on the biggest family holidays of the year. Answer: starting with the second fuckng comment. Well played, assholes. You live up to your stereotype perfectly. I'll remember you when I see you stocking shelves at Home Depot, after Amazon's investors see through the house of cards that is their busies plan, crash the stock, and put all 5,000 of you Marketing middle manager deadweights on the breadline where you belong.
OMG I'm sick of hearing people whine about working the Holiday's. Until I was 30 and got my shit together (i.e. finished the degree and got a real job) I worked in Retail/Restaurants which means I worked EVERY freakin Holiday. It sucks but that's what you do until you actually have marketable skills. Stores are in business to make money and they're going to be open when they think people are going to want to shop, period. Go to/stay in school, learn a profession and you'll be treated like a professional and get weekends as well as holiday's off, Hallelujah. If is sucks so bad you can't stand it then study harder and maybe you can finish sooner.
Just Wow, I had to work a few holidays in my youth and guess what? I got over it and my family did not disappear or condemn me, they got over it. Its a day in a life, not some holy grail. I always wonder why retail gets all the attention, but there are many other jobs that have to work holidays: movie theaters, sporting event staff, police, restaurant workers, plumbers, etc.

But what are the holidays if not the airing of the grievances. A Festivus for the Rest-of-us!
Try getting a job @ Costco? They're closed on Thanksgiving.
The repulsive idea of cowing to the profit-lusting corporate insanity of Black Friday and making people work on holidays that others get to spend with their families is why I choose instead to stay inside if the weather's stormy, eat, drink, be thankful for what I do have, and watch holiday flicks.

Jee-ZEUS! Thanksgiving and Christmas are holidays! I plan to sleep in, dammit, NOT camp out overnight in a parking lot catching pneumonia all for an over-stocked $5 dollar toaster made in China for 99 cents.
@19: Bless those who have and DO work on holidays. I have, too.
@16 - The grocery store is not an emergency service, so your comparison kind of falls flat. And it used to be that tv stations did shut down at night or on holidays, or whenever the guy at the controls had to go to bed (or they ran out of material to run).

There are businesses that cannot reasonably shut down for holidays. Those businesses tend to pay well for people who have to work those shifts. Whole Foods is not one of those businesses.
I have worked in a drug store, in a restaurant, in a hospital, a nursing rehab center, and for an airline. I worked every holiday for YEARS, and sometimes the only time I had a chance to get to the grocery store was ON Thanksgiving. I agree with retail stores/malls being closed for gratuitous shopping, but there are always going to be some essential services/stores that will need to be open - travel services, gas stations, drug stores, grocery stores - and there will always be someone willing to work it. That's the way it is. Don't like it, go work at a bank instead. You'll get all your holidays off.
@16, I noted other professions as well, which you chose to ignore, so your rebuttal falls flat. Fact is we live now, not in Norman Rockwell time. Grow up.
Wow. You people. Just, wow. Happy holidays to you, too.

I hope the spirit of the season beats you about the head until you figure out that there is no conceivable reason for Black Friday to start at 6 pm on Thanksgiving, often requiring employees to come in for set up hours early and work through the night. And then beats you some more until you can tell the difference between a necessary service, like a hospital, and a luxury, like a grocery store being open a couple more hours so you can buy another can of onion flakes. Because Thanksgiving will be ruined if you don't get the onion flakes.

Believe me, if you can survive while only buying groceries or cheap electronics during certain store hours 364 days of the year, you're going to survive a few more hours on a couple federal holidays. Seriously, if your need for immediate gratification is such that you can justify forcing other people to give up their family time (since, as you've all pointed out, it's easy to just celebrate another day.. if you're someone else), you probably need to reevaluate your priorities.
Woof. Here's another voice in support of us not shopping on Thanksgiving/xmas and demanding some fair treatment of folks whose work isn't absolutely necessary on those days.

And another voice saying fuck you to the dispassionate assholes who can't empathize a little over the holiday season.
I always found it rather fun and festive to work on Thanksgiving/Christmas eve during my retail days. But I have advantage of seeing my family quite a bit all year round.
I used to work on holidays all the time when I worked in hotels, and it was just part of the job.

With that said, I think people who shop for anything besides groceries or pharmaceuticals on Thanksgiving are tacky.
Go get a degree! so you don't have to work on holidays...
Unfortunately, with a growing economy, especially in a big city, this is just the way it goes. We have all been there, we have all made sacrifices for our jobs over our families. And unfortunately, I think this is what seperates hard workers from lazy asses. We have to earn our living, and for some, that means working on holidays. But the great thing about working, is, we get a roof over our heads, food in the fridge and a bed to sleep in. I doubt you'll be working on Thanksgiving/Christmas forever. So weather the storm, be grateful for having a job and enjoy life for what it is...
For all of you commenting that those of us who don't agree with Anon. lack empathy or compassion, I direct your attention to the title and opening line of the post. A person who labels every shopper a "selfish piece of shit" gives up any expectation of empathy. Anon set the tone here by angrily ranting and name-calling. Defend your opinion as you like but don't expect people to respond well to being insulted.
Well I work a service job that I enjoy and I also have zero interest in religion or commerce based holidays, and I would find it ethically questionable to require me not to work on what is essentially a Thursday in my work week needed to keep my pay checks capable of paying my bills.

What a dilemma. Ethics, in this case, is in the eyes of the beholder.
I went to college, I am a certified professional and I work in a grocery store, oh I am also a human. I get bitter that I have to work holidays but I get over it because it is the job. Also, i remind myself that not everyone celebrates holidays so we are open for them. So, good luck comrade, I hope you get some sick holiday pay and keep living the dream!
But what if I really need to buy some last minute MALT LIQUOR and COCAINE for my holiday party and I depleted all my stash the nigh before. Who can I buy from if no one is open for business?
Is Thursday a holiday? I don't celebrate the theft of other cultures property and pagan holidays, stolen and reformed for profit by Christian culture. Get the fuck to work and stop whining. Fa la la la la... La la la la!
I've always worked black Friday. This will be my first to not. And I don't plan on getting up at 2:00am to go shopping. I hate black Friday. Really just open at the same time you would have any other day. You'll still make sales and volume. You'll just be saving hours. Duh! Also I hate black Friday because people suck at driving when they're distracted by how much money they just fucking spent. And slam! Into my car. And I gotta get a ride with a tow truck to my house, probably after ringing you up at hot topic. I hope you're too fat for your clearanced twilight shirt.
I enjoy letting the air out of people's tires who are parked at the malls.
It's Thanksgiving people. Not Greedygetting. What have we come to?
Stop Freekin Whining. Your lucky you have a job. These people shopping holidays are helping you out. If you don't like your job quit .
Some are lucky enough to have fewer customers on the holidays, it's not like that at my store. We've got customers coming in by the bus load all Thanksgiving Day open-close, despite serving record volumes each preceding day. When closing time finally comes (6pm), we still have to work another 30 min to serve the customers that were still shopping at 5:59. Yeah we get time and a half, but really we're working 2-3 times as hard every single day of the holiday week and aren't getting any sort of recognition for that. The increase in business also comes with increased density of scamming scum, angry, verbally abusive and sometimes violent customers, and now liquor thieves.

So please, if you're going to shop, don't be an asshole. Know what you NEED, get out before closing time, don't start a fight with the staff, and for god's sake don't conduct a phone call or text message while being waited on.

Some of us are not lucky enough to be able to go to college, others, like me aren't lucky enough to be able to go to college without working a shitty job where so many people disrespect and ignore you.
Don't like shoppers on holidays? Then get out of working retail. Its part of the job, so suck it up.. you piece of disgruntled shit. Be thankful you have a damn job.
Seriously? Get a different/better job, or get no job and let someone who is unemployed have your job. It's not the responsibility of the world to look after you, no one owes you anything. Nor is it 'unethical' that you are working on a holiday. What a bunch of entitled, whiny BS.

Now I'd like my eggs in with the bread and I'll take a carry out.

This whole if he/she doesn't like their job then quit mentality just because they don't agree with one particular policy is the equivalent to; if you don't like one particular law in the USA move to Canada philosophy. It's a cop out. Just because people desire positive change from their country/job doesn't mean they don't still care about their country/job.
Coming from a family who, more or less, stopped doing those holidays when I was in my mid-teens...not because of some big dis-function but more out of different priorities and apathy for the artificiality of two bullshit holidays (we had dinner together pretty much every night). If thanksgiving is somehow your only chance to see your family, you have a sad life. If you are keen on jesus, ask him for the day off and see what he says (note bene: silence = no, suck it up and work).
Sounds like you need to move back to the Soviet Union !
Dang it! Forgot a couple of things - hope to bump into you on this Thanksgiving Day!! Lmao!
Oh, can it. I used to work as a restaurant server (with mandatory holidays). I hated it, so I did an enormous amount of work, slept very little, sacrificed my free time, and became a graphic designer. Now I have all holidays off and I love my job.

If you don't like it, do something proactive to change it. You can fight corporate greed all day long, but CEOs will never care about you. Care about yourself. Lift yourself up. Or don't...but realize your reality is in your own hands to change.

And for the record, I don't shop, dine out, or otherwise patronize businesses unnecessarily on holidays.
Having worked retail, I can support the sentiment for Thanksgiving, but Christmas? You're a grocery store. Maybe serve the large segment of the population who isn't Christian and doesn't have a holiday that day!
If you can't get Christmas off, the problem is your bosses, not us Jews, atheists, and Muslims going and picking some stuff up at the store.
You can see right here in this thread how our Corporate Overlords use these holidays to drive a wedge right through the middle of the productive classes.

All these babbits kissing up and pissing down. From the perspective of the people running this country, you couldn't see even light between #2 and Anon.
Not everyone HAS a place to go home to on the holidays. Some people would like to get out and have a cup of coffee at a coffee shop instead of sit home alone, or buy something good for themselves for dinner.

Be glad you have a family, and friends to borrow things from if you "forgot to buy something." You don't have to just see them on Thanksgiving, you know.

I don't think somebody who works at a grocery store or restaurant is "less than" or "less professional" than somebody who got some piece of paper and got a white collar job in the bureaucracy of this piece of shit system. We need grocery clerks as much as we need lawyers or CEOs (more maybe??); if you expect to get served by a waiter or helped by a grocery clerk, then you have no fucking right to tell them they are less than you

But this particular person seems to not realize what they DO have and they are casting judgment and ire on people who aren't judging him (like me)
I think it's so cute, when a clerk thinks they have a opinion.

Take it, or leave it. Just smile pretty, and thank me for shopping.
I'm willing to bet good money that most of the trollish scum-suckers ranting here are the same ones who go into spasms of self-righteous moral indignation if you don't start wishing them a "Merry Christmas" the day after fucking Halloween, because, you know, the spirit of the season, and all that.

And of course, as we've been reminded in other recent threads, since property/capital is always to be placed in higher value than actual human beings, I guess this is all in keeping with that hallowed tradition of "peace on earth, goodwill to all", right?

So, when you're rushing to the store or the gas station or any of the scores of retail establishments open today because of your selfish, narcissistic need for instant gratification and patent inability to walk ten feet in someone else's shoes, just keep thinking about how proud your god must be of you, you soulless fucks.

Happy Thanksgiving.
In a way I wish the Blue laws would come back.
Not the can't buy a gas can on tuesday weird Blue laws but the ones where grocery stores, malls, etc were closed on Sunday.
Society needs a break once in a while to sit back and smell the roses. Family and friends time.
Just sayin, a simpler time.
The world is changing.
In the end while on our death beds we will realize it was after all not about the money.
I agree with gift-shopping. But I think of all the targets the writer could have picked, grocery store is not really the best. Of all the shops, grocery store I could see really having legitimate utility to society to stay open at least partial hours on holidays. People forget dinner items. People need diapers. Milk, bread. People gotta eat. Not that most people will starve without a grocery store for one day, but let's focus on the bigger problems like dept stores.

You know, in the UK they close stores down by 7 or 8 pm latest (grocery stores too), they are closed on Sundays, and it would be considered deeply inhumane for them to be open. No one bitches, they just get their shopping done during normal hours, planning any adult can manage, just like it used to be here, and if they are out of something they borrow it from the neighbor. The only thing open later than that is Tesco, which is like 7-11/bodega, which is open until 10.
@59 con't. Ditto for New Zealand and Australia.
Everyone who works today should get at least time &1/2 at least. I know one grocery store worder who is getting 2.5 time today. If I was working today I would be getting double time.
To the writer, the real crime isn't that you are working today, the crime is that you are not offered sufficient extra compensation, the kind that might entice some people to volunteer to work.
Once upon a time a friend worked at a coffee shop. The owner thought it a good idea to stay open on New Years day. No customers came. It cost the owner a full days pay for two staffers to stay open and so they lost money and never opened on New Years Day again.
I don't think grocery stores need to be open on Thanksgiving. However, I asked a couple of employees at QFC last year, if they hated working the holiday. They both said it worked well for them. One wanted the money, the other said, "Getting paid to NOT spend time with my family? Win win. My family sucks." Obviously mileage varies.
I used to care more. Now, having a number of acquaintances who work for large retailers and who volunteer to work on holidays to earn double time, I care less.
Some places it is voluntary. I asked a checker in Whole Foods what she was doing for Thanksgiving, and she said she was working. I made "oh that sucks" noises, and she said "no, I volunteered! We get double time!"

And this is in New Orleans.
"So if you shop at a store this Thanksgiving or Christmas, and you see a guy STOCKING SHELVES"

"hard work and sacrifice"


maybe try smoking some weed before you go to work dude.

I thought that when weed was legal to the point of having shops you could go into people would chill out a little more.

This thread stands as evidence to the contrary.
I worked yesterday. And I'm not bitter about it. Try being thankful you have a job. My family decided to celebrate today instead, or are you unable to give thanks on any other day?
I didn't buy a damn thing yesterday. Anybody who did is just an asshole.

They can cancel football and give those guys a day off. I don't care. Close the airports, I wouldn't mind. If you job doesn't involve saving or preserving lives, you ought to have the day off.

And if you have to work because otherwise people or livestock might die, you should be getting double time.
Dear people who asked the people at the store if they were happy to be there:

People in menial retail jobs can't tell you the truth while they're at work. If they are overheard or if you are a secret shopper they will lose their jobs.
We'll, if you choose to leave the business creation to someone else, you are dependent upon their 'generosity' for your archer in our Market Economy.

You want more freedom, start your own business

You want to keep on complaining about how bad your work environment is, try being the guy outside trying to sell 'Real Change' for a change of pace.

OR, you can get a grip on the realities of life as a wage earner and choose to be one or choose to make your own way. I don't think there are openings for 'self entitled' 'trust fund individual or group' positions, but I personally know there are some jobs, like yours in retail and mine in Health Care where the community as a whole, the public in general,mand many many people specifically benefit dramatically from the services we offer, and we can make a wage decent enough to have access to the internet.

I don't think your local 'Real Change' franchise owner has much of that.
Look man. I get it I do. You know why? Because I work in a hospital. I worked 6 straight 12 hour shifts prior to Thanksgiving, and while I tried to remember everything, I didn't, and had to stop on the way home from work at 7am on Thanksgiving day. Those selfish jerks called patients keep getting injured and sick on holidays, so we all have to take turns working EVERY SINGLE HOLIDAY EVER. boo hoo.

See, at least most grocery stores close early on holidays (like noon, 3, or 4. Before people typically eat and watch football), specifically so their employees can go spend time with their friends/families.

So, while I sympathize, what i would really like to say is: STHU, and be grateful for what you got, whiny. You didn't get punched in the boob amd vomited on by a detoxing freakzoid while at work, I'm imagining, but you get paid about as much per hour as I do.
#73- What do you do in a hospital that involves directly interacting with patients while earning as little as a checker?

And why should everyone else suffer just because you're suffering?
Living far away from my family, I didn't mind working on Thanksgiving; I might have felt lonely if I had nothing to do. All my friends worked on Thanksgiving too because they work at a ski area. They pretty much had to because it was opening day on the mountain, but I volunteered to work at my restaurant job. (I think it's good that some restaurants stay open too, so that people who are traveling or working themselves and unable to spend hours on dinner can still have a holiday meal.) My boss paid us all in cash above our normal wage. Last year, when I was a grocery-store cashier, I requested and got both Thanksgiving and the day after off.

I guess, as someone who works in the service industry and has both worked and not worked on Thanksgiving, I just don't really feel the same level of rage toward my customers; they're often in a similar boat.

Also, agree with @73 - I worked almost 70 hours this week and was really glad the liquor store was open when I got off work on Thanksgiving so I could have something to bring over to my friend's house.

@74 - Nurses' assistants, phlebotomists, receptionists...
If people who do last minute shopping at a "corporate" place then why the fuck do you work for a corporate place who you know will be open on a fucking holiday? Are you that fucking stupid?
Moreover, get a god damn education and bring yourself up by the bootstraps! Isn't that the idea?
Oh The Humanity!

I work late, can't get to the grocery store during 'regular hours' quite a bit.

Sometimes I'm FORCED to shop on a holiday.

What about people like me? Huh?

@16 and @73 for the win!

Also, it's not like you got tricked into working Thanksgiving. You knew what you were getting into when you applied for a job at a grocery store. If it's SO important for you to have "two days off a year" (I'm assuming that you work the other 363 days then, right?) then work someplace else.

I work as a musician and bartender, so I rarely get weekends off, boo hoo. But I made my choice, and you made yours.
My mother is a nurse (educated and still working holidays!), I work in Search and Rescue, and several of my family members have similar 24/7/365 jobs, and we have always coordinated a day we all had off to have our holiday (usually weekend after Christmas, weekend after Thanksgiving, etc). It has never been a problem. It's not that I'm not compassionate or think your deserve less for working minimum wage, I just don't understand the issue. Is there something magical and special about that Thursday that you couldn't do the exact same thing Friday or Saturday or Wednesday? Who cares if you have to work on that one particular day. For low-wage workers, this sure seems like some First World Problems complaining.
Thanksgiving is no more an important religious "holiday" than Christmas. Seriously, it's just another day off with an excuse to eat to excess and watch football.

Quit whining about nothing (or perhaps you're whining about getting paid time-and-a-half?)

If you don't like working Thanksgiving (or Christmas) go to school and get a better job.
lets just call in some mexicans.problem solved..
I did my time in restaurants, working when others play. It was a means to an end. Part of the process. I didn't think to whine about it like you, because I am not a narcissistic cretin like you. I just boot-strapped myself to the next step in the journey. As you should, and would if you had a pair.

Get over yourself you wimpy little shit.

And fuck you back...

Collective bargaining for holiday pay and time off is more effective than blaming shoppers.
I think the sad thing is the lack of choice. I do sympathize.

I actually asked some of my local grocery store employees if they HAD to work or not, and if they minded?
QFC employees had some degree of choice for what that's worth. I don't think the Fred Meyer people did. Same company, Kroger, what gives?

Anyway, the ones that didn't mind, were all over the extra pay!! We don't all have families, and Holidays can be awful if you've got nobody to celebrate or spend time with. I have had a few of those. I have been thankful of the chance to go into work, and not think about being alone.

Some of us work too much, and don't have time to shop at other times. I didn't, this Thanksgiving, I was working late in the office. I had to shop late at night on the Weds evening, because no, I didn't want to have to shop on the day. But it was hard to get that together.

So Anon, you're not the only person that is affected by this. I am sorry you HAD to work, but there are some that don't mind, and some that actually DO NEED to shop on the day. We're not just lazy thoughtless assholes, we're also at the whim of corporate dictation.

Guess what, life isn't fair, and we're not all the same.
Well, When you ever get to the point where you make more money than me. Or, through an Act of God, become my Parent. Or, own a Grocery Chain. Then, and Only then, can you tell me what to do with MY money. And Where & When I Can & Can't shop.

I don't care about the circumstances that led you to having the job that you have. Just Deal, or get another job. Anonymous ranting won't change a single thing. You will still have to work. And I will still have Thanksgiving off. And I WILL do last minute shopping on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. As will a lot of other Seattlites.

So, Sack Up and Deal. Or, do something concrete to change your circumstance. You have the Ultimate Control over your life.
Stop shopping at a grocery store on A Big Fat Holiday?.....well, isn't the store open, and employees manning the cash registers? Would they all be happier if there were no customers at all and they stood there in the empty store till the closing time? I understand how people forced to work on A Big Fat Holiday feel, wishing they were home in the close comforting bosom of their families, but .... the store is open, and if the store is open for business, it's unrealistic to think customers are not going to shop that day. I certainly wouldn't fill up my cart as if it was a typical Saturday morning, but if the grocery store is open, I would run in for a six-pack or that can of cranberries or a package of diapers. Because that's what a store is FOR. (and I do think people should be able to take the day off, not working. The stores should be closed. But they aren't.)
Have some balls (or ovaries) and name your employer so we can stop shopping there. Remember, these "pieces of shit" are the reason you get to eat. Fucking quit if you panties are in a twist. Someone who doesn't have such a disgusting sense of entitlement will be happy with your job. Asshole! I hope you get the hantavirus.

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