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The Week in Review


Nice to finish up with some heroic action on the part of the police, not the other stuff.
There ARE good cops out there.

Way to go NFL, now just sort out your rape, domestic violence, and sexual abuse issues please.
"Speaking of impressive things done by high-school students..."

Are you talking about the rape conspiracy? The one where the 15 year old was raped by a 21 year old? I don't see anything else in that story you could be referring to, so what exactly was impressive about that?
If your car goes in the water, don't count on having time to call 911.

Have a glass hammer/seatbelt cutter in the car:…

…and read this/watch the video at the end:…
There is no link to the Tuesday story. Did the police set up the ring and allow the rape to happen?
I believe the impressive high school protesters were from Roosevelt High School, not Garfield.
I apologize, I'm unsure what the photo from "Grease" has to do with any of the stories from this week's Last Days column?

[Have mercy on me -- I'm slow.]
#6: It's probably a reference to the song "Summer Nights", in which Travolta's character is asked by his friends(to whom he's been describing what went down between him and Sandy over the previous summer)

"Tell me more, tell me more, DID SHE PUT UP A FIGHT?"

(in other words, they're asking "did you have to rape her, dude?")

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