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Go Back to Mars, Alien


Ohhhh kitty. You deserve better. This makes me so sad. And little sister, you deserve better too. Luckily there are people born outside our genetic code we can choose as our family. Hope you have some good supporters.
I need more information about the cat. Why would you not feed the cat for a week?
Women and cats...ironic how they can at times, they can eat their young and yet in old age rely only on each other for comfort and unconditional love because they were so arrogant, emotional and selfish most of their lives. There is something to be said for being gay - for me, its utter peace of mind!
@3, sounds like womankind dodged a bullet there.
Please call an animal control agency, preferably one that looks into cases of abuse and neglect.

Please don't let the kitty suffer just because your alien sister is "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs."
Big sister is lucky I don't live nearby, I would bribe that cat with food and take it home for what it really needs, some genuine love.

Great job calling her out on that, Anonymous, you rock.
#5 - respectfully, presuming this is a true story. Most folks would call animal control, instead of spending the time writing a rant. Sounds more like someone desperate to get their story published. My BS meter is pegged high, on this one. Thanks ;)
What #5 said!!! OMG, she should not be allowed a cat!!! Jesus.

Great I Anon. :) What #1 said, you can choose your real Family. I also come from some degree of family dysfunction, and have done just that. I guess most of us do.

Is there any such thing as a sane family dynamic?

Well, if you feed them, they will just go poop.

The cat story sounds like BS. Anonymous sounds crazy jealous of sister and her close relationship with mom. Only person in the world with feelings? More like sitting on your ass sulking and pouting and wallowing in self-pity.
If you have a cat with behaviour problems, withholding food can be part of a strategy to overcome their arrogance. Cats can live for weeks without food, and if the sis really didn't feed it for a couple of days she didn't endanger it in any way and maybe saved it from a trip to the pound.
@11, everything you wrote there is utter tripe. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about--biologically or behaviorally.
@11, you are the very definition of a sociopath. Please remove yourself from the Pacific Northwest and emigrate to some place where they value bullies, like Texas, or Saudi Arabia.
3: Are you that guy from Silence of the Lambs? Not the cool one; the pathetic one. With the skin suits.
Another bullshit story from a person who is mad at his previous partner. Get over it, go find a girlfriend that will put up with your sad life and get a job.
Everyone should stop feeding their cats.
Well one thing's for sure - I wouldn't want to be a fourth at their bridge table.
Cats are the only pet that CANNOT fast. Not because of the calories, but because of a dangerous liver condition caused by fat mobilization. And withholding food (on purpose, @11?!!) does not teach a cat anything except that their owner is an unreliable asshole who is not living up to even minimal responsibility for their care.…

The cat detail in IA rang pretty true for me. The thing that really stands out whenever I visit the family psychopath is how badly she treats animals. She absolutely has ascribed "arrogance" to her cat for having a mild food preference (for a cheaper brand, actually).

Anyway, don't fast your cat.
Still, I laughed @16.
The BBC just ran a story about a cat that survived six weeks stuck inside the chimney of its house. It was in horrible shape when found, but it survived without food & water for that long.…

your impression of a person who didn't read the letter and just decided to comment whatever they had in their head was spot on. I LOL'd!
Considering that obviously the cat is alive, most likely, i think you should all calm down. Most likely the cat is getting food from around the neighborhood - we feed out cats, but I know they like to go next door and eat there as well. So, take a chill pill. I highly doubt they are starving to death in the city. Plus, there are mice and other animals lower on the food chain than them. Mmmmkay? They are little hunters. Most cats could do without humans. I know, I know, some are only used to humans.. wah wah wah wah.. but you know, they will adapt and be ok. I'm not saying it's ok to mistreat them, it's not, under any circumstances. However, I do love how someone can beat a kid and you'll get barely a response out of anyone anymore, but don't feed a cat: who has the ability to feed itself quite well if need be: and HELL WILL COME DOWN!!!!!! Jesus people.



you guys don't scare me. grow up.
@4 gold star! that made my day :)
I'm more concerned about the poor cat than your idiot family dynamics. I hope you actually said something to her face about it instead of saving that little tidbit for us.
@11: "If you have a cat with behaviour problems, withholding food can be part of a strategy to overcome their arrogance."

Sure, a shitty strategy with no grounding in veterinary science.

You can call abusing your pets or your children a "strategy" all you like, but it's still horrible.
@22: Hey, you're the one grabbing your gonads over someone's "right" to abuse an animal.

You really impressed us!
@6, I'd be more impressed if IA had told her sister off about the cat to her face. And maybe come to the kitty's defense BEFORE she was pissed off about some personal shit. This is just piling on.

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