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Super-Heroic Seahawks and the Double Amputation of a Single Penis


Boehner is responsible for Ebola

I prescribe the precautionary principle. We really can't risk it here so he must be quarantined in Gitmo until science has proven this false.
(Fun fact: Had this tale involved a husband repeatedly cutting off his wife's clitoris, no one would be laughing. Here's to the comedic power of wieners and punching up.)

Yes, you are are "punching up" by cracking jokes about a woman mutilating a man. I'm sure the patriarchy is reeling from your comedic skills.
@1 Chefjoe for the win! Quarantine Boehner, and his mangy little piglet, Mitch McConnell, too!

I have but one question concerning the Lungs (and Bobbitts, et. al.): Would an increase of wang chopping finally bring an end to the violent hatred of women that has escalated around the globe over the past three decades?

Ohhhhhh, be still my thumping heart, but........ WHAT an NFC Championship game ending for the sports history books with only 4 minutes left!!! GO, SEAHAWKS--2-PEAT in Phoenix, Arizona, BAYBEEE!!

auntie grizelda, you are misinformed. All types of violence have been trending downwards for decades. I doubt "an increase of wang chopping" had anything to do with it.

@3 auntie grizelda, I don't think condoning violence against non-violent (as far as the article goes) men who have cheated helps the cause of female abuse victims. In fact, supporting spousal violence of any kind (with the exception of self-defense) hurts the whole conversation.

Incidentally, I don't find the chopping of a man's penis by his jealous wife in the least funny.
@4 kitchnsync and @5 TheRob: I think you both misunderstood what I meant.
@4: Yes, I know violence against women has gone on since time out of mind and is nothing new. It has only gotten worse, though over the last few decades, and in my opinion, this and ALL violence against anyone needs to STOP.

@5 TheRob: I don't, either.
My point is, how extreme does something so morally wrong have to go before common sense in society finally prevails again?
auntie @6: you clearly didn't read what I wrote or anything behind the link I posted. Also, your idea to stop all violence is more violence?

Oooookay. Backing away now...
@7 kitchnsync: Yes, I did read your link, and honestly believe that you read too far into my statement. Read my comment at @6 again.

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