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Indiana Idiocy, Suicidal Pilots, and the International Emancipation of Amanda Knox

This face was clearly made for sad clown makeup. Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images


Ted Cruz needs no makeup; he already IS a clown, and a bad one, at that.
Cruz fully deserves a santorum cream pie for being the worst GOP clown yet.


The 9-hour gridlock on SR 99 March 24th all because of one overturned truck is one perfect example of why I don't drive through Seattle anymore. 9 fucking HOURS?!? Come on! *sigh*...and avoid Pike and Boylston.....shit.

Congrats on your hard-fought freedom, Amanda Knox. Good luck in PSTD therapy.
@1: Dang it! I meant PTSD--for "Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder".
Suddenly my severe allergy to right-wing idiots like Ted Cruz brought
back my typing dysfunction.
I thought body shaming was wrong.
Now what could the Scientologists possibly have on John Travolta?
@4 Maybe a string of people (of whatever gender) willing to attest that he had sex with them when they were 14 and trapped in the Sea Org?

It doesn't have to be something as easily forgivable as the common Cruise/Travolta rumors, as Dave seems to be assuming.
Hey police get a handle on all that violence on Capitol Hill. what a week of crap.
Ted "Tom" Cruz.
@3 You're right, physical appearances should not be a factor in deciding credibility, his recent history is not good and that is what he should be judged on. He wants to be President, he has to be a credible middle of the road guy with no baggage. He now is not that person.

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