Dear angry crew-cut dude who came to a screeching halt on a busy street because he thought I should cross right then and there: Do you really think you can order people to cross the street and nearly cause a pileup in the process? You pointed at me, and when I didn't move, you yelled "GO! I DIDN'T STOP HERE FOR FUN!" as if I didn't understand the concept of a crosswalk. Screw you, buddy—there was oncoming traffic! Just because you decided to stop doesn't obligate a person to cross. The cars behind you started honking, and you got a well-deserved middle finger from me as I pedaled off. But you just had to whip into a driveway, get out of your car, and start after me on foot, bellowing obscenities and threats. Wow. Did you think you could catch a guy on a bike? Was your jacked-up diesel truck in the shop that day? Were you forced to drive your wife's emasculating Prius? Maybe you ought to get on a bike yourself and stomp out some of that anger before your head explodes, you pathetic, self-entitled fucktard. recommended