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Sorry Kid, but Your Mom Is the Worst

Steven Weissman


What a bunch of passive-aggressive BS. You don't have the stones to do anything about it (oh my gosh, she yelled at you....go cower) in the present, BUT.... you felt so strongly about this (yeah, it sure showed when it counted) that you take the time to write a whiny note about it here. Fucking pathetic.
I think you handled it fine. Though it is a little hard to believe it actually happened, since it is so overboard. That being said, people will say that you should have done more, which is easy to say when your sitting at your computer playing with yourself. But, it not like getting involved is always the solution, always makes things better, and doesn't bring loads of shit down upon the interlopers head and make it worse for the person your trying to help. I say you did right, and the person had to stop and think about their actions, which is why they stopped.
I aint buying it. You dont get involved in someones public transportation "offspring affair" unless there is some real abuse going on and frankly nothing here indicated that. There may have been shitty actions on the part of the "empowered" mother, but is still sounded like a test of will on both sides. Whereas the imaginary "ride into the sunset and leave it all behind you" outcome may be pretty in your eyes, another 10 or so more years of those kinds of motherly actions will surely create either a sad soul that will need years of therapy while living off of the system, or worst, a nightly news headline in which a Walmart full of people are sent scrambling under a hail of bullets. Either way, thats mama's problem and from your description, mama deserves, what mama's short-sightness gets.
Just sounds like nonsense to me, like most of the I Anons of late, passive/aggressive bullshit from PBR swilling hipsters. Please go back to California or whatever sewer you crawled out of. Again, like most of the recent I, Anons, this one is either made-up bullshit or just lame.
This should just be mailed out en masse with a donation envelope to Planned Parenthood.
While I appreciate the sentiment, persimmon, this kind of crap usually comes from parents who wanted children so there would be someone in their lives who would have to put up with their crap and couldn't leave them. Bad reason to have kids, but a sadly common one.
@5: Donation envelope? lol! That's rich . . ! That envelope is the same one you mail your tax return to the IRS in.
The last dozen or so I, Anons have been "craptatious". Could The Stranger staff just write one that is maybe vaguely interesting?
I don't see why people are saying this is fake. I've seen pretty much the exact same thing happen on public transit and the LW did the only thing you can do, voice your objection so the kid knows other adults don't approve and absorb the inevitable backlash from the horrible parent. Sadly you can't really do more than that unless the abuse is more blatant.
I don't really get the negative portrayal of the kid either. Of course she doesn't sound like a little angel but what do you expect from someone trapped in that environment?
Arthur--You've got PBR on the brain. Or you're just another guy who thinks using a catch-phrase is the same thing as being clever or dismissive.

Either way, you're in desperate need of some new material.


Arthur Zifferelli commented on I, Anonymous.
@ 16: Way to go, shift the obnoxious parenting issue to a
gender issue. Typical Seattle Hipster. Go chug a PBR.

Arthur Zifferelli commented on I, Anonymous.
Uber drivers are not just obnoxious about the tip, they can flag
you as a "bad tipper" in the Uber app. Folks, Uber is an
unregulated taxi service manned by conceited assholes that
think they should be able to eat sushi and drink PBR and not
have a real job.

Arthur Zifferelli commented on A Transgender Food Service
Worker's Minimum Wage Story.
@ 23: "Honey Hole" sounds perfect foe a Cap Hill
establishment staffed by over-sensitive transgender type. Do
they serve PBR?

Arthur Zifferelli commented on I, Anonymous.
@9 You sound like a typical entitled Seattle Hipster. I'll bet you
moved here from California. Go crack open another PBR...

Arthur Zifferelli commented on Where in the World Are Shell's
Arctic Drilling Rigs?.
@5, hybrids burn gas, electricity in this area may very well
come from a coal / natural gas plant (thought some of it could
come from hydro). Modern nuclear energy is really the only low
impact renewable energy source, but to admit it would cause
most of you Hipster PETA PBR-Drinking Crunchies heads to

Arthur Zifferelli commented on The Meteoric Rise of Totchos.
Perfect white trash hipster food for Seattle. Just add a PBR...

Arthur Zifferelli commented on I, Anonymous.
MiddlePerson is a douche bag. MiddlePerson needs to move
back to Cali, where she will be more in tune with her Hipster
friends. Have another PBR, MiddlePerson.

Arthur Zifferelli commented on I, Anonymous.
@19 - Indeed most of Seattle's problems CAN be traced to
transplant hipster douche bags. Did I hit a Sore spot? Did I
deacribe YOU? Go drink an ice cold PBR and calm down.

Arthur Zifferelli commented on I, Anonymous.
Whenever I drink PBR, I get serious farts.
Sounds made up to me, too over the top. I-Anon should screen their posts better.
@11 ba ha ha ha ha ha thanks for compiling those. Makes my born-and-raised in Seattle self crave an ice-cold PBR!
or he will end up dead, victim of his surroundings.
lol ALL i anons are passive aggressive. if they weren't anonymous, it wouldn't be passive aggressive, would it?
I don't believe this incident happened as written. Maybe it did, but I don't believe it.

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