Columns Jun 3, 2015 at 4:00 am

Meet Hulk Daughter... Lisa Hulk!

Ryan Tanner-Alexander


JFC...are you kidding me?
this was a lot funnier when it was done in 1993.
This is unreadable. Who thought this was ok??
Eff that kid. Kick Lisa out and get a new one. Orphans are 1 cent a dozen.
Yeah, wow. This was honestly and genuinely funny, even as recently as 2012 or 13. But a big part of what made it so funny was the relative novelty, which I think is thoroughly exhausted. Even with all the staff turnover of late, the stranger still has way too much talent to resort to this on any sort of ongoing basis.
Hulk dick. Chrissy need better foster home.
I like it *slightly* better than the stupid apple juice/cat food thing they did last month. But that's not to say I actually *like* it. Hate it less, more like.

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