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Your Lies Put Me in Jail

Steven Weissman


Methinks there might be another side to this tale of woe....
Sounds like the typical defense of someone guilty of harassment...
Maybe you should at least try to understand what you did wrong ?
As alluded to in both of their terribly clever chosen avatars... these two old white men are automatically blaming a self proclaimed victim.


cliche's are such for a reason.
I, Anon sounds like a very spiteful person with anger issues, maybe some passive/aggressive things going on.
"I, Anon sounds like a very spiteful person with anger issues, maybe some passive/aggressive things going on."

Pot, meet kettle.

@5 - Did you have something to add to the conversation, or are you just a hater?
You have GOT to be kidding me.

YOU, of all people, complaining about being a hater and not adding to the conversation?

I guess everybody loves irony, but nobody wants to pay for it.

Have another PBR, Arthur.

@7 - I live in Tacoma, not Seattle. We have a city ordinance that outlaws PBR within the city limits.
Bullshit @8. Professional Bull Rider events happen all the time in Tacoma.
Any of these NOT written by lunatics?

Let's get rolling stone in to do an investigative piece on these troubling harassment claims.
ha. i called the cops because someone punched me in the face multiple times for spitting on the ground. of course the puncher lied about what happened, cop said he would charge me with harassment if i pressed charges against my attacker. i guess my face was harassing that assholes fists.
I've been the target of someone's misguided rage and abuse of the system. Not saying this story is proof of victimization, but once that trigger has been pulled it's really difficult to recover. The gossip and rumors spread uninhibited while your lawyer tells you to keep your damned mouth shut until trial. After that, when you can finally get into the details of what happened, nobody really wants to go back and revisit what they think they know because, you know, it's all ancient history for them.
@5. Nice! That zifferelli guy spews nothing but hate. Always. Nice to see some wit.
I'm with No. 1 on this story ...
@14 - Why are you such a hater?
"Why are you such a hater?"

New catchphrase, Arthur? Because while your PBR gems have gotten a little flat and stale, I'm not sure if this is much of an improvement.

Arthur Zifferelli commented on I, Anonymous.
Just sounds like nonsense to me, like most of the I Anons of late, passive/aggressive bullshit from PBR swilling hipsters.

Arthur Zifferelli commented on I, Anonymous.
@ 16: Way to go, shift the obnoxious parenting issue to a gender issue. Typical Seattle Hipster. Go chug a PBR.

Arthur Zifferelli commented on I, Anonymous.
Uber drivers are not just obnoxious about the tip, they can flag you as a "bad tipper" in the Uber app. Folks, Uber is an unregulated taxi service manned by conceited assholes that think they should be able to eat sushi and drink PBR and not have a real job.

Arthur Zifferelli commented on A Transgender Food Service Worker's Minimum Wage Story.
@ 23: "Honey Hole" sounds perfect foe a Cap Hill establishment staffed by over-sensitive transgender type. Do they serve PBR?

Arthur Zifferelli commented on I, Anonymous.
@9 You sound like a typical entitled Seattle Hipster. I'll bet you moved here from California. Go crack open another PBR...

Arthur Zifferelli commented on Where in the World Are Shell's Arctic Drilling Rigs?.
@5, hybrids burn gas, electricity in this area may very well come from a coal / natural gas plant (thought some of it could come from hydro). Modern nuclear energy is really the only low impact renewable energy source, but to admit it would cause most of you Hipster PETA PBR-Drinking Crunchies heads to explode.

Arthur Zifferelli commented on The Meteoric Rise of Totchos.
Perfect white trash hipster food for Seattle. Just add a PBR...

Arthur Zifferelli commented on I, Anonymous.
MiddlePerson is a douche bag. MiddlePerson needs to move back to Cali, where she will be more in tune with her Hipster friends. Have another PBR, MiddlePerson.

Arthur Zifferelli commented on I, Anonymous.
@19 - Indeed most of Seattle's problems CAN be traced to transplant hipster douche bags. Did I hit a Sore spot? Did I deacribe YOU? Go drink an ice cold PBR and calm down.

Arthur Zifferelli commented on I, Anonymous.
Whenever I drink PBR, I get serious farts.
That last one, BTW? The one about your farts?

Probably the only thing you have an educated opinion on...

I like how the writer has managed to accept what happened and move past their feelings of anger and resentment so that they can move on with their lives. Some people let the loss of a little money and a lot of time consume them with bitter feelings of rage and a desire for some kind of retribution. Not this person. Refreshing.
#20 but it wasn't just a loss of time and money. He had to spend 24 hours in jail. That's a loss of freedom as well as time, not to mention being exposed to whatever conditions or cellmates go along with being in that particular jail. If his telling of the story is accurate, he has a right to be pissed. Just being falsely accused with no consequences gives someone the right not to trust the accuser anymore just from all the stress it causes.

I don't think we can know what really happened. Maybe he's full of it and was harassing someone or maybe he got falsely accused. We don't have enough information to jump to any conclusions.
Wow...this is kind of much for an IA column. I mean, if your father in law takes a piss on the side of your house, then a few lines down about the world not being his toilet, and submit all day long, baby. But false imprisonment based on slander, seems like the type of thing where you might actually want to spend some time doing something know, like a countersuit?
@18 That was my favorite thing.

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