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Created in Partnership with Marshalls—Never Pay Full Price for Fabulous



First of all, anyone who funnels the entire world through Facebook deserves exactly what they get. Just a hint, people lived pretty well before Facebook showed up.

And what do you expect, shopping there, too? Social networking is a smokescreen, Facebook is really just a sophisticated data mill carving your data up along with millions of other peoples data and all so some company can fake you out with an ad for cheap, ugly shoes.

And then you fell for it! Which encourages Facebook and every other direct marketing idiot in the world to believe they're on to something!

The road to Hell may or may not be paved with good intentions but one thing is certain, the billboards along the road to Hell are all sponsored by direct marketers. The only way to win against them is not to play their game.
Don't ever go in a brick and mortar nordstrom rack, then. I have made that mistake multiple times-- I convince myself each time it will be different but every time I find my personal space invaded by grabby people, sifting through tons of crap to find 1 good thing, and waiting in a huge line that leaves me questioning if the discount was really worth losing my dignity.
It's true. We have become North Korea, and this is the proof.
Those aren't brogues, they're oxfords (non-brogued ones).
God those are ugly assed shoes
"I was so angry to find out that the things that I liked were priced higher because I have the exact same taste as everyone else that I spent a bunch of money with the store that made me angry."
Wait I don't get it. Is this the first time you've ever shopped a sale?
Looks like quite a few readers are unfamiliar with The Stranger's NEW COLUMN! column.
Those aren't brogues or oxfords. They are a derby. Oxfords have closed laces, those are open laces. Brogues have perforations.
That would never have happened at Frederick & Nelson.
Every weekend, I ask myself why I bother visiting Slog at all; it's always recycled articles that didn't get as many comments/views as Keck demands on its first posting, or dreck like this.
Read the by-line: "Created in Partnership with Marshalls—Never Pay Full Price for Fabulous"

New lows in content creation.
Sounds like you got what you wanted: a new pair of shoes while maintaining your bitchy attitude. A win-win!
@arbeck - Thank you.
piling on, if there's one thing I learned from Kingsman, it's that brogues have broguing.
@8 & 11 Thank you!
Remember when 24 hours without a SLOG post was a big deal and lots of people would comment about it? Now I don't think there are as many regular commenters as there were complainers.
At least they're not reordering and changing the time stamps on their articles in an effort to get more "hits" while doing less work.

Hey wait....
Wait the Stranger has a newspaper?

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