Columns Jul 22, 2015 at 4:00 am
Caleb Walsh


Hahaha! The dog is smoking a cigarette! Because he's savoring the satisfaction of humping his owner's leg to climax! An act which undermines the "smart" "noble creature" comments! Therefore, humor! Also, his nebbish owner is fat, dumb, and bald! WHAT A FUCKING LAUGH RIOT!
Cats!!! Just sayin
Did the owner just get raped or would Reuben have stopped if only the owner would have said the safe word?
Hey, the return of the sunday comic! Looks like it picked up right where it left off too!
Fucking dog humping humor, for christ's sake.
Great punch line! What a barrel of laughs! Bartender keep em coming we'll be here till closing!
I think a cum shot and resulting stain on the leg would have created an additional layer in meaning and driven the punchline home more effectively.
Oh boy, cartoons for 12 year olds. This is an adult newspaper right?

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