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Shitty. Even if you are going for a change of focus, you don't have to be dicks about it.
By the way, some people like FWA not because they're necessarily big into astrology, but because Rob is a unique writer who has good stuff to say. You could at least respect that, and maybe just mark the occasion of getting rid of something that's been a part of the paper for over 20 years by acknowledging some of us grew up with it the Stranger, instead of being so fucking obnoxiously smarmy about it.
Shitty indeed, and unprofessional. Are you trying to compete with Tinder for biggest social palmface of the week?
Really? You don't have to be "into" astrology to appreciate someone who is offering a positive message even for a casual reader who might read the very thing on any given day that would turn their heart and mind into a better place. Hmmm....personally, after reading your response here I think that you did Rob more of a service than a dis-service. Bad juju money flows from your snarky wells and carries that taint with it. Better that he is free of you.
Haters gonna hate! Rob is the best! He's inspiring and not your typical astrologer. His horoscopes are rad. I say he's a keeper.
I agree with all of the above comments. I think the passive aggressive and shitty attitude here are a quick way to lose respect and following from readers. Not very smart, yeah?! I also feel after some 24 thriving years writing for your paper, Free Will Astrology to be booted out now is just sad. I've read hundreds of letters online asking him where he's gone and why he isn't being published in your paper from many of his followers. Go on, bring him back and drop the 'tude. He has a beautiful way of writing and articulating life happenings. whether one's into astrology or not, he always inspires me.
Narrow minded and yes shitty. And then you have the audacity to run a survey that folks have to print and mail in, practically ensuring a low response rate. Why not have the survey online? Might get too many responses? It's not about liking or believing in astrology. Breszny is an entertaining writer with imagination and a wry sense of unsnarky humour. Lest you forget: FWA helped build an audience for your paper 20 years ago? The column certainly has passionate devotees. There are more than a few folks who pick up The Stranger each week for its features more than for its other content. This all reminds me of the Oregon music club that fired their booking agent after 20 years with no warning, no severance and not even a thank you for putting the club on the map...
Whoever wrote this survey is an asshole.
Can't add much to these comments, except that I agree with what these astute readers express, and disagree with your editorial decision to sack Rob Breszny's feature in The Stranger, after appearing regularly for so long. I predict future interest in your publication to greatly wane.
Dear Stranger... It appears that you are getting stranger in a very unhealthy way. Why would you unhook from Rob Brezny? He is one of the reasons I even pay attention to your stuff. Get a grip!!! Keep him on your paper!
So now I wonder... will you make this a genius marketing ploy or is it an early step down a winding staircase to ignominy. I'll probably never know. I doubt I'll much care. I've been reading Rob's work since the early 90's and will continue as long as he writes. As for The Stranger... I didn't know it existed until you did this, and with this kind of discernment I doubt I'll bother to remember it for very long.
I don't believe in astrology, but I read the horoscopes for *all* the signs in Free Will Astrology because there were some good thoughts to ponder in each.
Dear Editor,
Everyone knows Rob Brezsny has a spycam on our lives. You are foolish to discontinue his column. Now there is definitely no reason to read your pompous, metrosexual publication.
A former reader
Wouldn't want to waste a stamp on this childish ploy to make y'all feel better about your pitiful display of journalistic insecurity. FWA deserves way better than you and already has it sadly (your loss). So thanks for making that crystal clear I guess. Bon voyage!
I believe in Rob Brezsny's approach to astrology. He has hit the nail on the head more than once for me (over the passing of many moons) with the weekly reading of my sign which was what originally got me to read The Stranger on a regular basis. Astrology doesn't need to be believed in, it may just become another lost art in our sad and oppressed society. Brezsny discussed art, history, culture, current events and so much more than you usually see in other astrology columns and this loss is one for The Stranger.
I agree with absolutely everything written above. I wish I could say it better, but it would still be redundant. Having nothing further to add, you suck!

You made a stupid decision, and now you're compounding it with this stupid, childish questionairre?

Not that funny. Not actually funny at all, or interesting, or clever. Just stupid.
I'm wondering if you saw this internet backlash in your stars, or if it snuck up on you.

Shame on you for belittling a craft worker and pandering to the un-magical, un-inspired masses. Now go back to your uneventful boring desk job and keep thinking of ways to stay relevant.
Hipsterdoosh survey, if that's your style Brezney shouldn't be involved with you anyway. People read his words to get inspiration....This is what spirituality really means, its about imagination, that leads people to create shit.
I agree with most of what's written above. Rob's column is lot's of why I picked up the paper every week. And, you didn't have to hang up when I called to tell you that. I wasn't being rude, you didn't need to. And yes, much of what you print now is useless clickbait, although I appreciate some of the in-depth pieces. Like the election guide recently with detailed info on the Port positions. Yes, I think astrology is real. You surely publish a lot of things which have far less meaning and reality for me.
Rob Brezny is awesome. Astrology is real. The Stranger is a hollow shell of what it once was.
Hi, Stranger, what a shitty, snarky thing to do. I like Free Will Astrology's positive and inspiring messages. I dislike your handling of this. :(
Jeez, guys. The Stranger introduced me to the loveliness of FWA and RB, and regardless of my beliefs, his writing and tude have helped me through tough spots. Lamesauce.
Unbelievable. The best thing you offer and you dump it. What? Did Trump buy you out?
I recently got into an argument with someone who claimed astrology was "dangerous". That it was on par with the anti-vaccination mentality. I didn't actually think anyone was stupid enough to take him seriously. Way to prove me wrong, Stranger.
Removing Free Will Astrology from your lineup is a mistake. It may seem like a sound financial decision, but this column is unique among astrology and horoscopes. Whether you believe in astrology or not, Mr. Brezny provides sound advice on living life through the lense of astrology and horoscopes. Guides not dogma. And he has a unique take on living a full life, no matter your belief structure. In the short term, turning The Stranger into clickbait may make financial sense, but what's your unique voice if that's your path? I assert that losing his column is also losing a bit of your unique identity.
Gotta agree with the other comments. FWA has been one of my favorite, go-to sections of The Stranger since moving here 17 years ago. And whoever wrote this survey should go work for the Weekly or the Times. If you want to know whether we like a particular feature, you ask the question directly. Not a tangential question about belief in the subject matter so you can pretend you asked a relevant question. It's like asking whether we agree with George Will's or Paul Krugman's world or Econ views instead of asking whether we regularly read their columns. Lazy and disingenuous of you, Stranger.
Rob Brezsny's an amazing writer, not just an astrologist. Read any horoscope ever and it's a bunch of fortune-telling bullshit, but read Free Will Astrology and you just get inspiration, encouragement, and optimism. It's thought-provoking and somehow always seems relevant to what's happening in my life. You guys don't get it with this shallow "is astrology real?"... if you actually read the horoscopes, they, in fact, have almost nothing to do with astrology. It's just great writing! And what the hell, after 24 years?! Just kinda sounds like you guys suck.
ohman. ohmanohman. Y'all did not handle this with even a modicum of respect toward Rob Brezsny, and you made yourselves (all of you who make up the Stranger-- from the editors to the coffee interns) look like fools. Newspapers are dying right and left, and you went and signed your own death warrant. People who *would* read your rag to support the printed word are left disgusted at your assinine behavior, and despite wanting to see the continuation of all newspapers, why support the mean-spirited, the rude, the unnecessarily dickish? I know I will never again pick up the Stranger. I'll never advertise in it. I'll never give you one cent to rub between your white-knuckled (with misplaced rage, of course!) fingers. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Love Free Will Astrology and have read it for years. Please bring it back.
generally I like your snark, Stranger, but in this case I agree with the other commenters here...I love Rob and his column, and you could've showed much more grace and respect in letting go of a long time favorite part of your paper.
I'm not a reader of your publication or even a Seattle resident but I've been a faithful ready of Rob Breszny for at least 20 years. As said, Rob is an imaginative writer and astrologer (yes, it's real, there are all types of influences in the world~ why discard cosmic influence? It's nature as the weather is nature. Hello!), who has either helped or entertained people, or both. He is one hell of a positive person, more so than any soothesayer, governmental agency, religion, internet 'news' or news broadcast that attempts to scare us into submission as it predicts doom. I've always found that Rob's work gives a fun and quirky scenario with a moral to the story, which gently encourages the reader to ponder relevance to their own life. This inspires personal insight and inspires the reader to make a positive change. It's uplifting and positive. Why do you find that offensive? I'm sorry for the person behind the notion to fire Rob; I can only imagine that jadedness and cynicism has overtaken their appreciation for good work and good work in the world. And boo to you for your classless behavior and ensuing conspiracy (survey). P.s. if/when you decide to rehire Rob, I hope he as asks for a hefty pay rise.
I agree with the above and now rarely read the starnger because when I do, even though I laugh, I feel as though I have to fish the informative/interesting bits from the overwhelmingly narcissistic rest. Humility and gratitude are not divorced with being 'edgy', or whatever you go for these days, Stranger editors. Grow the fuck up and learn to honor diversity in your community.
Wow. Whoever wrote that poll is a complete asshole, in every way. Congratulations on that achievement.
Hang tightly to Rob Breszmy's Astrology column-ancient wisdom, meaningful self exploration and positive words are infrequent in the news and I hope you will not lower yourselves to the standards of other newsprint...
Your a disgrace. Your blatant disrespect in this insulting survey for your ending Free Will Astrology is abhorrent. If you don't want to print it anymore it's your paper, but this is cruel and shallow. I've only known Rob Brezny's column to be a thoughtful, inspiring, and creative from a man who seems like a truly lovely, intelligent individual. If this is how you treat a long time columnist that cares about your paper and speaks highly of you publicly even after you fire him and now insult him... you've got your fingers on the pulse of nothingness.
Your a disgrace. Your blatant disrespect in this insulting survey for your ending Free Will Astrology is abhorrent. If you don't want to print it anymore it's your paper, but this is cruel and shallow. I've only known Rob Brezny's column to be a thoughtful, inspiring, and creative from a man who seems like a truly lovely, intelligent individual. If this is how you treat a long time columnist that cares about your paper and speaks highly of you publicly even after you fire him and now insult him... you've got your fingers on the pulse of nothingness.
The approach that you have taken with the dismissal and removal of FWA is tactless and juvenile. People have always searched for beacons along the foggy coastline of life, and Rob IS one of the most multifaceted and marvelous beacons. He doesn't give trite predictions, he raises the field of astrology to new heights and touches deeper waters and stirrings and longings of the soul. The fact that you can't see this speaks the the quality of soulfulness and compassion in your own life. The fact that instead of giving a sincere apology to those who gained so much from his words over 25 years of publication you decided to publish a ridiculous passive aggressive and belittling survey to be sent in via post is deeply disrespectful to your readers. You're probably too young, jaded, or cynical to get it but maybe after a couple of lonely drinks you'll be smacked upside the head by how selfish you really are. When the dawning realization of your shittiness starts to melt your functionality circuits, go read some of Rob's writing. Maybe you'll understand what he actually gave to people.
I'd like to add that I find myself a slight disgrace for misspelling "You're" with "Your" in my previous comment which can be petty fuel for dismissal of my comment. I missed it because I'm so annoyed with how you've handled this, or because of my frustration that I had to sign up to this damn thing to leave the comment. I'm with Radiantfire you should read some of Rob's writing. Your survey is symptomatic of what I don't like about a lot of your publication. While I don't expect you to change your general outlook or approach, there's always room to be more thoughtful. All the best to you.
I am greatly disappointed that The Stranger is losing one of the two main things that makes its out-of-town readers read it. Are you making this choice after a full look at what that could do to your numbers? Rob is a great writer. This seems like a highly subjective and poorly thought out mistake.
The news that you have decided to discontinue carrying Breszny's writing is obviously unfortunate, but also strange. Why would you do this? Do you find it threatening for some reason? Does it push your buttons? Does it feel like an alarm clock, trying to wake you up? The answer is not to throw it across the room and break it so you can go back to sleep, thereby missing the opportunity to enjoy your day... Does it matter if it's "real" or not? Most of what we read in papers and see on T.V. is not real, or at the very least is biased. The point is, Rob's column is beautifully written and thousands of people have been enjoying it for 20 years, myself included. "Real, or not real?" is not the question. It's art. Wake up and smell the bad decision.
Don't loose the magic! Bring FWA back. It's an injection of positivity that I will sorely miss, especially now while Seattle transitions to whatever it's becoming in this boom. Don't add yet more cynicism to the mix. It's none of your business what my views on astrology are, but I do believe in encouragement, kindness, reflectivity and community spirit and that's what Rob's column expresses.
Sad about this, and you should know Rob was often the only reason I picked the paper up.
I can access his work in other ways fortunately. He is a brilliant, insightful, funny, quirky writer.
Sorry your editors are no longer wise enough to understand their good fortune in having his work included in your apparently diminishing periodical. 😕
This "survey" was the douchiest thing I've ever seen by The Stranger and that is quite a significant feat! I've been reading the weekly since the early 90s. FWA was always one of the first things I read, and frankly the best and most consistent part of the paper. But smacking us with a blatant disregard for our opinions with this tease of an article was a new low. Way to manipulate our feelings, asshats!
Dear Editor - you were wrong. Don't admit it, don't fix it, move on, and you'll do so with less intelligent, less open-minded readers than you had before. Wasted space, brain cells, and a dark smirtch on your name brand. Admit it, fix it, move on. You've shown us your "new direction" with this "article", and it's not pretty. Remember, we don't need you… you do need subscribers.
Wow... it's one thing to foolishly discontinue a popular, well-written insightful column (whether or not one believes in astrology), but it is another thing to be an inconsiderate little shit about it.
Astrology is not a "belief system". It is a tool for insight that takes notice of the movement of celestial bodies, and the corresponding behavior patterns on earth, on both micro (individual) and macro (collective) levels. The more you study Astrology (which is based on mathematical calculations and psychology) the more fascinating and useful are the insights you will glean.

Rob Breszny is THE most unique Astrologer, whose cryptic references and Pronoia can elicit spontaneous insights and breakthroughs in the lives of his faithful readers. He knows how to blend tough love with cock-eyed optimism, which readers find refreshing and necessary in these troubling times. Letting him go will be your loss.
Rob Breszny is a master astrologer, freedom fighter and one hell of a writer. What a sad loss. You must have your priorities way out of whack. This man is inspired and connected to a deep well of knowledge that you have now cut off from your readers. I can't imagine what provoked this colossal mistake. And your question is nonsensical. Of course astrology is "real". Are the planets real? Astrology dates back to at least the 3rd millennium BC. I don't know how much more "real" it can be. Maybe you meant to ask "does astrology work?". Why don't you get a reading from an astrologer and decide for yourself. Maybe it will help you get your priorities straight.
Believe it or not I did pick up The Stranger mainly to read Free Will Astrology. Then I would keep the paper in my hand to casually peruse trough other articles and event listings. Astrology may not be for everyone, but neither is "I <3 Television", however they are both part of our culture. I read Rob Brezny's work because it is inspiring and entertaining. It is a breath of fresh air amongst the arrogant writing in the pages surrounding. The manner in you have phrased this survey is offensive to people in an out of the astrological community. If you choose to let Rob go, his fans will follow him. Never the less, I am greatly disappointed by the manner in which you have carried this out and followed up with this false survey. You have reached a new level of disrespect and immaturity. Seattle deserves better.
Rob is both genuinely creative and extremely honest and I can't think of another popular writer of our time who channels that. You have probably gathered from these comments that most or many of his fans aren't complete hippie idiots, but creative readers interested in interesting things. Whether or not you care to be swayed by astrology's promises, a horoscope by Rob Breszny is an funny, inspiring read. I could have sworn you all at The Stranger knew that?! You're cutting off a chance to support a one-of-a-kind creative mind of this time and the experience fo the people who get and like his writing.

I'd also like to rally with everyone else who has called out how rude and low-brow the questionnaire was. Really disappointing that you would disrespect a huge portion of your readers out of nowhere by heaving a nasty attitude upon them with no option to reject it. It wasn't funny or cute.
When I lived in Seattle, I picked up the Stranger mostly for Rob's columns--not because I "believe in" astrology, but because his writing is witty and insightful. Your decision to cancel his column in spite of its popularity smacks of college sophomore pseudo-intellectual superiority complex. Get over yourselves and re-instate Free Will.
This is sad. The end of an era, an institution. Like losing funding for arts programs in public schools, or libraries. If we don't value the spirit of mystery, creativity and wonder in public forums, what becomes of our humanity? Shame on you for dismissing Mr. Brezsney's life's work so off-handedly, with no respect to him, his readers, or the void you have left.
I am not specifically a reader of The Stranger. I am and was a huge skeptic of things that can't be pinned down with science. I used to even laugh at Rob's column as a kid, because unlike other Astrology columns, it hardly touches on predictions! What a fool I was back then. If astrology has ever been legitimate, it was not due to predictions in a column. Regardless of how one views astrology, Rob most definitely gives sound advice and encouragement on how to tackle obstacles in your life. How to best conduct yourself for a happier life. To be thoughtful, considerate, critical of self and life without judgement. Frankly, in this day and age, society needs that the most. Their humanity. I love a good dose of with, sarcasm, and even snarkiness, but phrasing this question in a manner that is technically objective but following your firing of your astrology columnist really speaks volumes on your attitude. A piss-poor one.
"Is Astrology real?"

What is real? If by "real," you mean "based on something physical," then Astrology is far more "real" than religion. Astrology is the science of observing positions of physical bodies on our local universe, and deriving meaning based on observed historical data ... not so far different from statistics. IN fact, Astrology IS the statistical application of historical data of planetary positions on the human experience.
Now that i know your rag is run by childish and pretentious dickbags, I will never again pick up a copy when I roll through town.

xo - a city dweller who thankfully and gratefully DOES get Breszny in his local weekly.
Regardless if you personally believe in Rob Brezsny's philosophies, he gave you a wonderfully written column with a lot of historical and literary references. As others have mentioned, even those who don't necessarily always take stock in astrology, such as myself, enjoyed reading Mr. Brezsny's column because of the quality of the writing and the philosophical quandaries he posed.

And let's pause a moment to consider those who *do* believe in astrology. This poll doesn't show a lot of respect for this belief system. Is the Stranger's next step to run a poll on whether other belief systems are valid?

In addition, from all accounts Mr. Brezsny was a decent human being and employee (or independent contractor) who did not ever have an untoward word or action about this publication. The way The Stranger has chosen to act toward their former employee is shameful. It reflects very poorly upon this publication and shows its true character.

Your actions here -- not just the cancellation of this column, but the apparent need to be passive aggressive and snarky toward a writer who, by all accounts, was professional and kind to them -- has soured me on The Stranger. Any company that treats its employees or former employees this way is disgusting. I've deleted my bookmarks and will no longer read this publication.
Great way to lose readers at a precarious time for newsprint.
Free Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology!
Not gonna call your paper a rag or y'all douchey or anything like that, but I just want to add that Rob's FWA always presents a holistic point-of-view that has enriched my life since I first encountered it in your paper during my freshman year in college.

There are other avenues (Facebook, his website) for me to encounter these perspectives, but I'm bummed that The Stranger is preventing others from encountering this skeptic, yet affirming, positive, yet questioning, accepting, and peaceful outlook on life.

Thanks for the initial encounter with FWA, but also mourning this sad divorce.

Pretty much disgusted by your questionnaire and dismayed by your action of dropping Rob Brezny's astrology. I agree with every poster above. They have been eloquent.
I was going to leave a comment encouraging The Stranger to restate Brezsny's column, but I've reconsidered. This paper doesn't deserve FWA.
Appalled. One of the world's best without a single doubt. I live some thousands of km away and have read from hundreds of writers over the years, not one compares to Rob ...
I hope your business' is not affected by the loss too greatly in ways no one yet knows.
Otherwise I hope you can rectify your mistake.
Picked up The Stranger for the first time last month (I'm from out of town), and though I may not be a seasoned veteran to the paper... Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology was my favorite written column! His insights are out of this world!!

Since I've been back home, I've been to wanting more... waiting... And now to find out that FWA has been taken off the bill... There's no need to come back.
My prediction: Two year's time. The Stranger is no more. Rob Brezsny is more successful than ever. Sorry guys, you've sunk your ship and freed Rob to go on to greater things. Thank you.
Just sad - Rob will be fine, the stranger will be fine too; it sounds like politics were at play here and I followed the stranger because of the 'seemingly' lack of political agenda... Keep moving y'all, give Rob a bump for holding his line! Thanks Rob - you're still awesome and a good direction for all
Who cares if Astrology is real or not? The question is, is the Stranger real? What's your sign? Maybe Rob can find out why you're so fucked up...
I'd like to second that whoever wrote the survey is an asshole. I read ALL of his column, for the quality of writing. No other horoscope column is that wholly compelling. Frankly, no other column is that compelling.
Why do you have to be an asshole about it Stranger? I, like many other long time readers, happened to love FWA.
Reading The Stranger now feels a lot like watching new SNL.

I know everything changes, I just wish it were for the better. And, you know, nicer. You could change for the nicer if you wanted to.
The two reasons I read the Stranger.......Dan Savage and Real Astrology. I hate not having it in your paper and respectfully ask that you reinstate.....please. It is, literally, the ONLY astrology column I read.
PS; I do like your voter help section too.....But please reinstate the Real Astrology.
Seattle you're losing you're culture. FWA is thought provoking even if you're not into astrology.
I go to Rob's astrology first then read the rest of the paper. It's a fun and intuition nurturing read. You made a bad move dropping Rob Brezney's contribution to your paper. Please correct your mistake and restore free will Astrology.
You know, your staff had their collective heads up their butts 20 years ago, and it seems they still do, only different people, unless the original adolescents are still running it. If you can print Dan Savage's reactionary bullshit, you can print Free Will Astrology.
What will become of you without Free Will Astrology? I may never know.
Thirteen years ago I discovered Rob's Free Will Astrology in The Stranger. I thoroughly enjoy each weeks installment as he always has plenty of advice on being the best version of yourself and enjoying all that life has to offer. I was never a believer of Astrology, but Rob's section helped me to realize everything in the world IS connected, and the universe is for us, not against us. I think it is a grave mistake to remove this positive point from The stranger, which has become increasingly repetitive, negative, boring, and with minimal entertainment or social value. Please keep Free Will Astrology!
I've always enjoyed reading FWA and agree with the other commenters that this is a shitty way to dismiss a longtime and much-loved contributer to The Stranger.
Just to join the pile on. Way to go Stranger. I actually bought his book "Metanoia" for my mom when she was going through a rough patch only because I read FWA here first.
I think The Stranger seems so tone deaf on stuff like this, because the staff is way less clever and humorous than they believe themselves to be. You can do dickish things and get a lot of slack if it is humorous, but if it is not funny, you get no slack at all, as seen above.

When The Stranger does stuff like this, it is never funny or well written, so all you see is bizarre dickishness.
One two punch, first Hump now FWA. Jesus this paper has gone to hell. If the stranger wants to be a 20 page content-free rehash of the Seattle weekly, congratulations, you’re almost there. Savage, Callan Berry, and Muede (while great) aren’t enough to keep this thing afloat.
I don't believe astrology tells me the future but I enjoyed FWA and Brezny's positive attitude. It was probably the one thing in this paper that I didn't envision being said with a sneer or a scowl.
Rob Brezsny is a visionary and an incredible writer, and Free Will Astrology is (was) the Number One reason that I have obtained and read The Stranger for the entire 13 years I've lived in Seattle. I've been sharing his horoscopes from The Stranger with friends and family the world over, and they have been loving his writing along with me. I'm disappointed in the decision to no longer carry his column, whether the decision came directly from your staff or from a parental corporate entity. This is not the kind of leadership that is needed in journalism at this time. Honestly, if this is how The Stranger treats its 'friends', colleagues, and fellow human beings, then I think "our" relationship just became past-tense.
Who wrote this? The headline is completely detached from the premise of the story. How did the editor not catch this?
Astrology is superstitious nonsense thinly disguised as wisdom, however creatively well it might be written. Good riddence.
Guys, you can read Rob every week right here:…

Being a semi-ironic, sarcastic, click-baiting dick is practically The Stranger's most consistent characteristic. The other, although this is debatable, is that the paper is written by and for stoned 20-somethings who just don't give a shit about what's been run in the paper since you were their age.

Brezsny is great. Maybe he no longer fits due to inch-based real estate, or maybe his rate went up, or, you know, maybe the collective heads at the paper just decided they're not into him/it anymore. I bet the Weekly would LOVE to have him.

@84 you made a wee typo there.
Well it looks like it took the 84th comment to finally set the prior 83 straight. I don't think I read one comment that said anyone believed it or lived their lives by it. He was obviously very popular and dare I say "wise". I think most think that The Stranger made a dick move and we enjoyed reading it. In 15 years I don't think I know anyone who didn't read it and then pass it to you to read yours etc. I also don't know anyone who lived by FWA. You just read it. You never rolled your eyes. You just kinda said "interesting" and then went about your day as normal.
Yeah. I remember a ridiculous argument in here with if the compulsive SLOG shut-ins a while back where they were vainly insisting the age demographic of The Stranger was irrelevant and that The Olds, which this shut-in was clearly, mattered to The Stranger. Well. Guess what? If the massive staff turn-over wasn't proof enough, shit like cutting ties to all the old columns should be.

SLOG you've aged out. You're irrelevant. The Stranger doesn't fucking care about you because most of you don't serve their advertising target. Though ironically they SHOULD be getting rid of the Olds in the editorial department for that.

Word is its tough timse at the 'Ol Lazy S. How they've managed to last this long is amazing. What with the kids not reading this shit anymore, supposedly paying interns, the raise in minimum wage, and talk of unionizing in the industry days may be numbered if they don't change radically.

And this the start of that change. Get used to it or move on.
For realz you expect people to actually use stamps and mail? Ha hah :) You guyz a funny.
This is a stupid move. Lots of people like FWA. In my experience they especially enjoy reading other's horoscopes to them aloud. It is a very fun, thoughtful and social experience each week.
Wow, this is without a doubt the stupidest thing I've read today, and Donald Trump AND Jeb Bush are running for president. RIP, The Stranger.
You know your publication is on its last legs when the only way it can make a story go viral is to make it irresistible for people to remark on how stupid you're being.

Here's hoping the few talented writers left at The Stranger find jobs worthy of them.
Wow. Keep it klassy, Stranger.
Now I have one less reason to read The Stranger, which appears to slowly be writing its own obituary. I find it now has nearly nothing to say and while I don’t “believe” in astrology in the tradional sense, I’ve always found Rob’s thoughts interesting and often very kind, something I rarely find anywhere else in the current iteration of The Stranger.
Wow loads of comments from people I've never seen on here before. Sounds like someone let the dogs out. Never read it, won't miss it. Sorry Rob, good luck elsewhere.
Totally shitty from top to bottom. I agree. Poorly done.
(PS made an account for the first time just to say that.)
I am very sorry to see you do this. FWA was always a lovely read, and as you can see, very popular among both believers and unbelievers alike. And yes, your poll was snide, and nasty and you are behaving like assholes. Seriously, hanging up on people calling in? What is wrong with you?
Oh and @87: you might notice that 1) most of those posting here are not among the regulars on Slog, and 2) you might want check your bathroom mirror because I'm guessing that you'll see some grey. You're no spring chicken yourself my dear. :)
People seem very stressed by this change, or should we call it evolution? I actually think some of you are Capricorns, and you in particular should know better, since in talking to you, Rob himself was all over this exact issue, about two weeks ago:
"CAPRICORN (Dec 22–Jan 19): Has a beloved alternative weekly disappointed you? Is there a blog about which you feel conflicted because it doesn't live up to all of your high standards? Have you become alienated from an institution which gave you a blessing but later expressed a flaw you find hard to overlook? Now would be an excellent time to seek healing for rifts like these. Outright forgiveness is one option. You could also work on deepening your appreciation for how complicated and paradoxical everyone is. One more suggestion: Meditate on how your longing for what's perfect might be an enemy of your ability to benefit from what's merely good."
In other words, embrace pronoia: we live in the best of all possible worlds and this change, too, is for the best!
Mmmmm, petulance and sarcasm in response to reader feedback. Frizzelle wrote this, no doubt.
Gosh. I never once read FWA because I lost interest in astrology long ago --- at least, the P-I Crossword Puzzle page variety; but all this backlash makes me want to give Breszny's column a try.

From the reaction, it seems like the Stranger is ceasing to give a shit about itself, or maybe just about SLOG. I mean, I had noticed (of course) the recent decision never to cover any news on a weekend (for example, marriage equality in Ireland: you did not read about it here because it happened on a Saturday), and thought that sucked pretty hard. Now there's this, where they've not only dumped a column that was obviously very popular, but put together this mean little "ha ha, I'm a dick, I took away the thing you liked best and there's nothing you can do about it" survey. Even though (being a non-reader of FWA) it wasn't directed at me, it's not hard to recognize offensive behavior when you see it.
You really have grown a lot more dickish over there, and not in that cute, funny, snarky way people seem to adore. (say like, oh a couple years back, then again some years before, and then that one editorial phase way way back). Good writers, thinkers, and humorists will come and go. We've been very priviledged in this city to read some of them in The Stranger before they moved on to other gigs. FWA was always a good read. Lately it seems as if your struggle to find an editorial groove is drawing back the curtain on some basic shortcomings several of you have: lack of talent and tact. Put Dan, Larry, or Charles in Charge.

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