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Stranger Staffers Were There As It Happened

DENNY BLAINE IS A NUDE BEACH A “nude beach” is not a “sex beach.” The Stranger


I couldn't find other comments when looking at this article or whatever this is. This just seems strange coming from The make fun of folks. I thought the stranger was about being open minded and accepting all, but this just sounds conservative and bitchy. I'm glad those folks you are ranting about are actually going out and living, unlike whomever wrote this.
Perched on the shoulder of an observer - I like it.
A new low. This bitchy drivel is unbecoming.
I didn't take it as making fun of anyone, just observations.

But there were too many observations. Try to keep it to ten.
I like to imagine this was all the same person. 80 years old man with green hair and a cane, and a whole lot of love to give.
I enjoyed it, it seemed more like the old, irreverent, and fun Stranger/Slog instead of the always depressed, overly preachy, and sanctimonious Stranger of the past couple of years. More fun drivel please!
Saw the guy with the "will eat pussy for a place to stay" sign on Saturday night. No surprise he was still looking for a place on Monday.
Interesting. Is this to replace Last Days?
I like this, a lot! But I'm with @4Catalina-- half as long would be better.
Was Bus Tunnel Rifle Cane Mudede? That sounds like Mudede.
Yeah, real old-school Stranger. Tighten it up and keep it running!
The digital "news hole" is unlimited, so it can be filled with whatever wanders in the door. I'll remember to skip any future offerings such as this one.
@8 - if this is Last Days' replacement, then The Stranger is truly a sad shadow of what it used to be.

Seriously, watching what's happening to The Stranger is like watching a friend implode on meth or something. "You used to be so cool.."

That was my first thought.
@8, 13 & is replacing Last Days in this week's dead tree edition. Le sigh.

At first blush I liked it and it did remind me of older days Stranger/Slog, but I'm also with spaceapple @13: Slog you used to be so cool.

Can't we have this AND Last Days?
Where is Cienna? Did she exit with David?
Please tell me some poor hungover intern spewed out that un-amusing blather ten minutes before deadline?

I knew things would take a bad turn when that narcissistic hack Nelson came back. But Jesus. This shit just keeps getting worse and worse. I can't even manage the energy for a thorough hate-read anymore.
Sounds like the "I saw You" personals, except for the dickish tone. Sigh, I miss Sunday Bible Studies.
I thought this was great. Got a little cringed when we brushed up against ageism but overall, I enjoyed this read.
By way of answer to the question posed, "What is it like trying to be intimate in public, among trash?", I refer you to the first chapter of the article, sex on the beach.

Would the spooning couple in the doorway have been less charming if they had been fucking?

Would the fucking couple on the beach have been more charming if they had been "fresh-faced and serene"?

I realize these two observations are probably from two different staffers. I just think you two should hash this out and maybe make an article out of it. The homeless still have the right to have sex, right? Where and how shall they do it?
For the very first time, I disagree with Catalina. In this case, more is funnier (and, in a few cases, sweeter). I like this old-school Stranger column!
This is old-school Stranger editing (i.e., no editing). If Pepe Le Pew is the pervert who takes pictures at Seattle Center, I'm excited to hear he's in town - can't wait to catch up.

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