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Thank You, Planned Parenthood!

Steven Weissman


You're most welcome, Gen X'er for your healthcare! Your's truly, "The Taxpayer who hasnt seen a cost of living raise in 7 years and gets to pay for your compassionate-partnered-reproductive-rights too"!
Yeah like seattle bcc said you are quite welcome and I for one am glad that such a program exist, too! Slight history note there were multiple neighbor engagment meetings when the cap hill facility was built 15+ years ago. Study the building it was designed so self rightous a holes like above?below couldn't take their anger out on the innocent they were "trying to protect" with a truck bomb. Now they claim it's budgetary. Nothing is so dear as tax loopholes for the the rich and decreased social services for the Aholes, not even the reality of why they are not getting a raise... When they should consider someone else like Anon is professing and let's work our selves out of this economic mess... then we can work on the enviromental one. Oh yeah on Communist China sees value in that.
sorry no spell check on the site. Keck geez! I'll own the grammer though.
Hey Seattlebcc -- I've received a cost-of-living increase every year for the past seven years. Maybe you're not working hard enough. Maybe those invisible hands of your precious market economy have decided the skills you posess aren't worthy -- maybe you should work on improving them, instead of being such an asshole!
I guess the one question they wouldn't ask you is..."will we be harvesting parts from your unwanted human???" I'm glad you see only the good in life.
#5, you need to get your facts straight. The mother featured in the anti-abortion group's video (who is pro-life) has already stated that her baby was a stilborn, not aborted, and that it wasn't delivered at Planned Parenthood.
Also, #1 get your facts straight. Planned Parenthood does not receive any federal money for abortion. The $400 million they receive is from reimbursements for health services under Medicaid and title 10.
And here are the facts, which you should read before forming your opinions on Planned Parenthood based on the fact that you simply find women annoying:…
@1 & 5: Who let the eastsiders in here?
@osage and @seattlebcc while all the recent reports of planned parenthood's organ harvesting have been repeatedly proven false, I feel we might still want to investigate where you all were born as it appears your brains were harvested your brain shortly after birth.
I am also a devoted fan of Planned Parenthood, who were attentive enough to catch the early warning signs of blood clots being caused by the hormonal birth control I'd been taking. I went to them when I lost my parents' insurance in college (pre-Obamacare years) and couldn't afford to continue seeing my regular OB/GYN--who, by the way, knew about the warning signs and never told me it might be my birth control trying to give me a stroke. PP gave me some of the best medical care of my life, at a time when I was least able to afford it.
You're most welcome, Gen X'er for your healthcare! Your's truly, "The Taxpayer who hasnt seen a cost of living raise in 7 years and gets to pay for your compassionate-partnered-reproductive-rights too"!
Why is it my problem you have a shitty job and lack the drive to advance your career to a better position?

And yes, Seattlebcc I do want fries with my meal. Ch0p, chop.
If she has a job then she doesn't need to thank anybody as she is also a taxpayer.
Thank you for sharing your experience, Anonymous. Mine has been similar. It's a great place to go for healthcare. And yes, I am a taxpayer. And no, that shouldn't matter. Even kids, SAHMs, unemployed people, and retired people can get care at PP.
What pronoun would I prefer they use when addressing me?
There's more than one second-person pronoun now? You just can't keep up any more.

I mean, a person just can't keep up anymore. Sorry.
Folks, Planned Parenthood accepts insurance and many patients pay out-of-pocket. While they get reimbursed for services rendered to patients who qualify for Medicaid and Title X, they offer a lot more than "charity health care." People choose Planned Parenthood because no one is better at reproductive and sexual health care. Or because their regular doctor is too judgmental.
@1 If you haven't seen a raise in 7 years, maybe it's because you're not part of a union, or your union sucks -- both thanks to Reagan and Republicans union-busting for decades.

Or maybe you're just a lazy ass who doesn't know what hard work is.

Finally: the Anon pays taxes, too, so STFU about acting as if you're the only taxpayer in the world, and everyone else is just a parasite when they get services that THEY have been taxed THEIR ENTIRE LIFE FOR.

Seriously, why is an obvious Republican reading The Stranger anyways, except to sew discord? And to get their moronic views into the debate, so we can't have a debate focused between reasonable people?
Do people really believe that organ and tissue harvesting is happening? It's amazing to me, when I was a kid conspiracy theorists were considered crazy now it's like everyone in the US is being fed crazy pills. It's as if the pills are in the water... perhaps put there by the government...
If only the babies could be asked those same questions before they're killed . . . .
Paying for other people's health care is one of the costs of living in a society and enjoying the benefits therein. Supposedly you pay for national defense as well, even if other cities are more likely to be bombed than Bellevue. You are free to live in some overgrown jungle or abandoned island if you wish to live tax-free.
I used insurance to get services at PP because, as @16 said, my regular doctor was too judgmental. And I didn't even need anything fancy or controversial. Then I got a new doctor I could more easily talk to, but that wasn't easy to find.

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