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Trashy Skyscraper

Steven Weissman


Another reason Seattle has gone to the dogs. Seattle is reserved? Kurt Cobain is turning over in his grave. The films "Swingers" "Harry and the Hendersons" and "American Heart" those are reserved? Nirvana. Mudhoney, Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters are reserved? If Seattle wasn't reserved then it sure will be soon with the loss of everything cool from Belltown eateries to Capitol Hill's iconic Value Village to Post "Gum" Alley. But thats ok, with all thIs "reserved" attitude, comes Amazombie Hipsters, over-priced housing, a cost of living comparable to San Francisco without half the class and shootouts on Seattle's iconic intersection of Broadway and Pike on a Friday night. I hope its all worth the paycheck because eventually thats all you'll be paying for to live in what was The Emerald City and what is becoming urban sprawl that will eventually look like Detroit!
@1: "Swingers" took place in LA. Maybe you were thinking "Singles"...?
@1: Good grief, open another can of PBR and then buy a one way ticket back to California or whatever shithole you immigrated from.
@1: San Francisco has class? Who knew? SF is a lot of things, but 'classy' isn't a word that comes top of mind....
@1 can fuck all the way off. @Anonymous can follow, right behind, in fucking off. The lights on the Columbia Tower are beautiful and actually make the black towers a dramatic backdrop to the lights. My favorite new piece of public art.
I'm with @5, the lights look good. @1, don't get mad, get incoherent!
The Seattle Good Taste Police don't like any sort of showiness. They're the reason Westlake is so ugly and the 5th Avenue Theatre went without a marquee for so long.

Me, I like the lights. I wish we were more like Chicago, with all the signs on the roofs.
I like the lights! Columbia Tower broods right outside my bedroom window, and it's become a pleasant nighttime idle activity for me to look out at them and wonder what the different colours on different days "mean".
Could someone show me what Anonymous is talking about? I couldn't find it on the Googly machine.
I'd vote for pink flamingos every time!
I liked renting in Seattle, but buying sucked. Ballard may as well have been a less diverse Shoreline, capitol hill is only open to techsters, belltown is silly, Rainier valley has all the worst of a city and none of the good.

Hello, Tacoma.
Thanks @12. It's beautiful, no?
is the stranger running out of good submissions? this article is crap. Vegas?
Just think, without those lights, you'd have to direct all that venom and hyperbole at something else. So on behalf of the Colombia Tower - You're Welcome!
Meh. As timely and relevant now as was Spaceballs when it was released.
@11 WTF are you talking about? Have you ever actually spent any time in any of those neighborhoods? You couldn't be more wrong. But what do I know? I'm just a musician living in Capitol Hill and a life long Seattle resident. Have fun in Tacoma.

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